Psychological First Aid Training: From self-care to helping others

A couple of years ago, they would have been told to suck it up or you’re not even wearing a sling, what’s your problem and so Psychological First Aid has really enabled that community to
holistically support their members and make it okay to talk about mental health.
Hi there. I’m Don Marentette, Director of First Aid Education programs with the
Canadian Red Cross. So Psychological First Aid is a program that is geared to
supporting people’s psychosocial wellness and mental health. It’s
resiliency based because it is a program that focuses on people’s self-care,
understanding some of the concepts of loss, grief and stress and what that means to
them and how does that affect them and then we begin to explore it and open
that up into how can they help others. The beauty of Psychological First Aid is
can be used before, during or after a crisis event because it really is case
based learning and is really relevant to the audience that wants to take it. My
name is Christian Clavelle. I’m the president of Canadian First-Aid Training
and a Canadian Red Cross training partner. Psychological first aid has
helped me a significant amount. In the past couple of years I’ve lost two
younger siblings. The trauma that stemmed from that was significant, from as
simple as the the self-care component to be aware, the self-awareness that
there’s a problem. Psychological First Aid training has helped me to better
appreciate that this thing actually works. It helped me to get back to living. This course is for anybody. The first way to take the courses is in a blended format which means that
there’s an online component and there’s the classroom setting.
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