Psychosis Tips + American Health Care Is A Joke

hello hey fellow crazy person so if you're experiencing psychosis and you found this video I would just like to point out some good points to you as a kitty cat right now ribbon again this is my phone so a lot of people may experience psychosis they believe that they are Jesus now Jesus is you you are Jesus and you live within him but everyone is Jesus in a way you know what I mean so one I think that's an important point yes you are God so am I so is everyone so be careful to humble yourself in a way you know what I mean to just watch it don't try to grab at it don't try to really explain it to other people I'm still struggling with trying to stop explaining it to every everyone we're trying to tell everyone what it is it's gonna take a while to gain that wisdom and for us to gain that balance to just kind of stop trying to tell people and to just be a living example of it which is you know love which is God so yeah you're Jesus I'm Jesus you're God I'm God don't try to grab at it just just watch it just breathe stay in your body stay in your present moment as much as you can something else that I think is important is that congratulations you now know your potential you now know that your Creator but it's not all going to come together next month yes you have the potential to be like the grades but it's not all just going to come together at once and taking psychedelics over and over is not really going to get you there it's going to help you a lot but sorry to break it to you you're gonna have to you know find some way to be of service to your community you're gonna have to find some way to create writing books to start painting to start singing to start remembering your talent in your skills that you had from past lives so you know there's no reason to be nervous or well there's reasons to be nervous but you know I you know what I mean there's no reason to like rush it or I think that everything has to be done like there's no apocalypse like I mean the world's not really ending your perception of your world is just ending there's been people throughout history you know Shakespeare you know people who have realized and woken up imagine waking up like three hundred ninety years ago and being like what the fuck you know everyone's just technologies like not as advanced and you know imagine imagine waking up in the midst of eternity three hundred years ago you know it's been happening for a while the ancients have been writing about it for a while there were a whole culture what's up what's wrong buddy what's wrong there were whole entire civilizations and cultures that were based off of this no link of energy so now you're not crazy the doctors are probably basically not going to know what the fuck they're talking about just seeing 333 I see 246 which is a multiplication of two to two you know this this entire universe is built off of numbers you know what I mean it is a matrix I sense and when you're in alignment you're gonna get sent certain frequencies codes and numbers so you know I went to a doctor's appointment the other day and at this point in civilization at this point humanity the doctors are just acting they're just playing a role honestly they have no idea what's going on with humanity with spirituality you know another thing I think is important is that everyone's not in on it everyone's not out to get you there's no reason to be paranoid there are Clues left for people at our level for a reason so that if we wake up we have the Opera to climb higher I'm not really sure exactly what kind of mind control what type of brainwashing exactly is going on I know a lot of it isn't metaphysical I know you know a lot of people are using witchcraft Satanism the government I know is using it they're putting spells on people they're putting shit in our food putting chemicals in our food that we have no idea what it is all types of things you know and people you know if you're denying the fact that magic is real at this point if you're denying the fact that all of these things are reality then I mean I'm sorry for you you know things are evolving and changing so that's just how life works you know humans never stop evolving I think a lot of people think that you know because we're in America and we're in this civilized society with technology and you know we've been told this lie that we're the most advanced people to ever exist which is a lie it extremely it's a lie you know we think that our evolution is done we think that we know everything a lot of people think they know everything they think that's not possible I'm just going to shut it out or they're brainwashed have just not taken any information other than what they've been told in elementary school in high school in college which is things that have been repetitively taught for 200 years what about your ancient inner knowing what about your heart what about your gut what about your intuition oh but that's not logical right keep on with that logic see would that get to you just saying so everyone's not in on it some people are just you know conditioned to attack anyone who wakes up most people who aren't aware if you've ever seen the matrix it says you know anyone who's not unlocked is a potential agent which means that I mean negative entities demons can kind of come in and out of their body whenever they please kind of say shit to you and you know people have said shit to me that I'll ask them if they said that I'll be like you know you said this thing that one time and it really hurt my feelings and they'll be like I never said that to you I don't remember ever saying that to you especially if they drink alcohol you know alcohol is called a spirit for a reason a lot of people get angry when they drink alcohol some people get when I drink I don't drink that much but when I do I just get really giggly or I just get really sleepy but I don't drink that much at all so I think definitely if I were to drink more and more I would probably start to get more angry so I don't really drink especially because I have Irish in my blood and addiction runs in my family so I try to stay away from any toxic or addictive drugs you know LSD marijuana are not toxic for your body they're not addictive not saying that there's no negative consequences to those because there's negative consequences to anything that you can you know ingest into your body and do it a lot like that's just common sense but yeah that's mainly walked been ok with taking plant medicine obviously and countries that are legal you know where you can go try those things like ayahuasca and State's work legal like California or Las Vegas where weed is legal but those are just some things I wanted to tell you is that you know that might help you because I wish that I would have known that along my early psychosis mid psychosis thing you know meditate every day you know look up some cord-cutting meditations to cut off any energetic chords that you may have had some trauma abuse you know daily meditation journaling your experiences and you know you might have to go full-fledged psychosis and have to go to a mental hospital and have to come back down or you may be able to get this information early on and and be able to balance yourself out I'm not really sure but so deeply wanting to help you guys wanted to write about childhood abuse how it can lead to mental health issues and and how it's it's a beautiful seed of knowledge your trauma is a beautiful seed of knowledge if you can water it and if you can you know let the Sun Shine and let the light glow on it if you can you know water those seeds they can grow into beautiful things but if you keep trying to bury those seeds and bury those seeds I mean they're never gonna grow and it just you just end up you know addicted to drugs or killing yourself or being depressed there happened five kids trying to heal the same cycles of abuse and then never really being able to escape from it so you know I'm not even I'm kind of done like explaining myself to people who get mad about the things I say because I just don't care anymore that's honestly your problem you know I never say anything with the ill intent to hurt people or to be rude I just say what the damn truth is and a lot of people are so irrational and their emotions because you know we're in a society that views emotions as weakness and so we're not there's no handbook on how to deal with the emotions there's no handbook on how to healthily you know deal with your emotions there's a lot of books that people would actually read books but a lot of people don't read books so you know that can be hard when you don't read books and you just don't know how to deal with your emotions you don't know what an emotional body is we have a lot of adults now with undiagnosed mental health issues you know a lot of people walking around with undiagnosed mental health issues and a lot of people understand why they don't want to go to the doctor because they don't want to be put on medication and it can just be a lot we're at a really weird time and humanity right where there's a lot of really fucked up things going on and people are just walking around like this is normal you know what I mean so I definitely want to be one of those people 11:11 I definitely want to be one of those people who is a pioneer and figuring this shit out because the doctors have no idea what they're talking about when it comes to childhood trauma me as a 19 year old when I go talk to a doctor who has a PhD I can know that they don't know what the fuck they're talking about they have no idea how childhood trauma is correlated to mental health I mean it's like they know but they're not doing anything to incorporate that into their medical practice they're just giving people pills you know it's like therapy is a whole different thing but they're not even incorporating the emotional body the spiritual body your third-eye your heart how that has spiritual significance on your health social media you know exercise eating healthy it's like shouldn't a doctor tell you to you know you need to eat healthy you need to exercise maybe you'll feel better I've gone to doctors and none of them have told me to eat healthy none of them to be able to feel better to be able to feel less depressed none of them have given me the advice to eat healthy and we're paying doctors how much money to go just get prescribed medication at this point I mean I'm so serious it's ridiculous honestly it really is and in the price of American healthcare I went to a mental hospital for ten days about a year ago and they have a four thousand dollar bill on my credit right now and I didn't even choose to go to the mental hospital and now I have debt because of it and now my credits fucked up that's America for you you know what I mean that's America for you so I'm gonna get that shit figured out I'm gonna try to do something about it but that's just weird you know what I mean some weird shit is going on in America now in the world and no one say anything about it I went to I tried to go get checked into a mental hospital a couple weeks ago because I didn't have anywhere to stay and I just wanted to be somewhere quiet and they wouldn't let me go into the mental hospital because they said I'm perfectly mentally healthy so but what something I was really weird was when I was there they didn't have any fruit they had so they gave me a banana and an apple but they didn't have any you know oatmeal any green tea not really any healthy food and mental hospital you know what they gave me potato chips they had a vending machine with gummy worms all types of candy and they gave me sprite and a turkey sandwich no healthy food barely any healthy food and and yet we have a healthcare system that's supposed to be helping people be healthy but we're giving people basically fucking heroin and pills chemicals that are extremely toxic for our bodies something has to be done about this it's not okay and it's not healthy and I'm gonna be one of those people who does something about it so I don't know how long it's gonna take me but you know if you have psychosis keep doing the work you're doing get as much help as you can if you have a doctor that's incorporating spirituality that you can trust then you've found an angel my my friend you found an angel so I hope you have a good day I'm gonna keep doing the work keep fighting guys keep keep doing what you're doing I love you guys bye


  1. Like me there trying too
    Get me in the mental hospital
    Label me for what I am already
    Really label like a human
    Those doctors give me a headache

  2. The way we think about
    Everything makes it difficult

    But everyone is together and
    Everything is connected on
    A hateful way when deep thinkers
    Speak out about the truth who
    We was in the past there want
    Us to be silent and stop spreading
    There the real truth about life

  3. I went through the Jesus phase in psychosis. I learned from it that we don't have to be like jesus or a superhero. Just being ourselves is already it. The universe keeps everything in balance already…

  4. I don’t think I’m Jesus, sorry but I don’t think we are all god but I do think we the creation of god. I think psychosis is just-a test from god. I do think there’s black magic but I don’t think Government is poisoning our food.i don’t recommend weed when your going through psychosis it will fuck you up even More. Most of the shit you saying is kinda true

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