I come back to where I grew up that's my mother place the lion itself talks to you it feel like your name is embedded in there that makes you part of that the nature and then I you can you have harmony around you I cannot stay too long away from him I get sick I get mental sickness when I say I'm homesick this is home this is what I miss in 1973 Albert laughter was taken from his home in the domaine Navajo Reservation in Arizona and drafted into the US Army for service in Vietnam I didn't go by choice a lot of us did we don't do it we is called as an order military orders to go to serve your country when they said serve my country this is one thing day that I can't go over there for this area where I grew up there's that surrounding that you grew up with and you that's what you protect that's what I have even though your word a uniform your Native American during World War two Navajo soldiers created an innovative code based on their language military commanders credited the code with having saved the lives of countless American soldiers in contributing to the u.s. victory in World War two Native Americans have the highest record of military service per capita compared to other ethnic groups more than 44,000 Native Americans served in the Second World War in over 42,000 saw duty in Vietnam today there are nearly 190,000 Native American military veterans but many soldiers never returned home and the ones who do must live with the trauma of their experiences well we went to military some went in on their own summon when it got drafted in they're not known what they're what they were going to face they did they're taught how to shoot how to pull that trigger what to shoot at so with that they go through a lot a lot of veterans are still in their home area but they're not all together because they're mine are still over there and that's going to follow you it's going to haunt you unlike mainstream society the Navajo people have elaborate ceremonies to assist veterans in purifying the traumas of war the ceremonies are meant to reconnect a veteran with the elemental forces of nature it was Albert's father Hubert a respected herbalist medicine man in World War two veteran who performed these ceremonies for him I know Heidi's in height fields so that's why when I went when the rhetoric of Bedford maybe they get hurt and they need help I know I know I didn't so then I had to pray for them to cleanse Albert of the traumas he experienced in Vietnam Huber conducted a ritual known as the footprints ceremony hubert had the same ceremonies done for him when he returned from the battlefields of Europe the ceremony required Albert to leave his military uniform in all his associations with the war behind it's so sacred so between the individual coming back and getting back into the spirit world the introduction back into your life and then leave the other life over there leave that uniform back over they don't don't touch it leave it alone that's why some of us thought we don't talk about it we don't talk about that war that we were that says the route that's the reason why you make that footprint you don't look back this particular ceremony is really inspired me back it it real put my heart and mind back together your sensitivity it's been put back together here then and you're reconnected Albert began his recovery and started to learn about ceremonies and herbs from his father so that he would be able to continue the tradition of working with veterans it's kata utter Kosovo be become actually my father he grew up with this ever since he was a little boy he's that's all they had during that time as ceremony ceremony sir help in the medicine man d behind is oh goody dupa I knew making him as my medicine man is fathered he said you're now a medicine man for the veterans and he's doing the same thing to me what he has learned first of all I like to welcome you come in the back and what I want to do as I said a little prayer and then now the corn paw or your return from from servant when they're coming back so this got to be to mine mine 30 months got to be fixed that first so that's what a given Bay they're giving the same prayer sort of gives up on the medicine they try to clean them up you've been dry and have that corn paws and put back in your mind and then you come back into the real life that's here that's your family life they had to be cleanse first before they able to come back into the family and what I do is get them back to the original get them back where that song is getting back where that drum is be with them again creators make them well have them go and a beauty way Albert wanted to give other native veterans the same opportunity for healing as his father had given him that meant sharing the ceremonies he had been time in new environments in 2003 Albert was invited to work at the Veterans Hospital in Prescott Arizona to counsel veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD Albert brought a unique perspective on the causes and treatment of the illness PTSD is a among the Native American as part of a spiritual illness the spirituality has the one that that sheila's we gave up that shield so the PTSD got in there good morning Jerry sometimes I had to leave my personal feeling and be there for the individual that's what my father says you had to be there full almost hundred percent for your patient and there between your patient and you have that connection that's the only way that ceremony works that's the only way that herb sort has it stripped because your strength and his strength and then the individual is the one to say he or she is the one to put her or he's 50% in he got didn't have that belief that he gonna get well they have to learn how to cure themselves the Kira has to be mate from you the healing starts from you the end again Stanley knee and the corner I kid you get a corny Johnny were you hot nothing Ito lipids is all we do we done reconnect them with the song with the prayerless well we're in that's all we can do for you and give you a little earth and that's a medicine Iraq veteran I built trust between the doctor the side psychiatrist it took me time this uh patient located at inch in the area well I don't have their locations but a lot of them are on the Navajo Reservation and the hope reservation I live in two world marks back and forth if I just always remember which side I'm at do they prefer the Navajo teachings more than a well just Native American disease more than the way the white people would counsel them they want to go back to the Native American teaching that counts in Portia's so they're more at ease in their all Native American they come back to song they come back where the herb is they come back where the drum is and where the healing is there though so she ate it so close to the nature itself always tell them that you're from the earth due to Earth's people do what I raised it raised up the flag okay the site part of the healing process that Albert initiates is to have veterans work together as a community week on this in definitely put on already when you put all the posin and then you wrap that teepee to canvas over the pole and then he telling us that this is for a purpose do you think about you're on the site we have veteran teepees we had cheap veteran ceremonies they've been thought about they're being remembered our fallen the Warriors that did not come back they went over there to serve and they never came back they came back to the homeland in a box and all the other veterans in the wheelchairs that are in the nursing home there are in the other hospitals trying to fight for their life they're being being remembered this is part of the teacher this is part of dia getting together Brotherhood we've become a family there for each other so that's the sense of putting the TP together this is where the healing begins it's putting something together and for purpose and working together we're gonna talk on week on trade we're going ask the Creator to uplift some of these what we're going through this is what we're going to be talking about brothers and now again thanks for your present welcome


  1. Ditto to ALL of this. Unfortunately I have had to fight my entire life for EVERYTHING I have. I have dealt with the ramifications from abuse, neglect and things too horrific to share. I have been labeled as Bipolar, the crazy lady in the current neighborhood I reside in and bullied daily by neighbor’s that don’t have a clue. Many of them have had many similar struggles and instead of helping they have added to my trauma and daily grief. They are not even human in my opinion. They are jealous haters. Many have broken my heart and hurt my soul because they have the same roots. I hope and pray this New Year brings change, peace and restoration to ALL, especially the Natives. Tribes rise up. Represent, learn your heritage and be proud.

  2. Thank you for sharing, there are definitely some beings that we cannot see. Some Tibetan Buddhist monks also take trance of special beings to give advice to people. bit{{dot}ly/700meetbuddha

  3. I loved this, loved the message of caring for each other. It all comes back to love every time.

  4. had to serve a country that took your land and great grandfathers and mothers just all your people.that is so wrong I'm ashamed of my people for doing that

  5. I would love to talk with you on my podcast. I'm really trying to show people and my culture that there are various routes of healing as it relates to mental conditions. Would you be interested in talking with me?

  6. I share the same home sickness my family is Navajo my grandfather lives in Arizona. I am from Oregon. But I need the help of a medicine man also If you can help me plz I would love to travel to Arizona to meet you

  7. soldiers don't get ptsd only, the citizens of the united states get ptsd due to being witnesses of murders ,or gun fights, or bullys

  8. people who really know the land, no wonder the white man likes to hire native people and pay them very little because they have no clue of the economy and they know the land. I rather work the land for myself and plant my own food, I don't like the white man, they've always tricked my people into working hard and getting paid little money in the farms.

  9. I'm a vet, and a white guy (not sure how that matters – to me an American vet is a brother or sister, now and FOREVER) I. Despite this, I've been wanting to meet him so he may try and heal me. I trust him far more than the VA and it's typical solution of cramming pills down veterans throats. I need to be at peace.

  10. OmTerra would love to have you as a presenter at their annual symposium!

  11. Hi Albert I'm a Vet in the UK and I walk the Shamanic path I work with Vets with PTSD and would like to know if you could teach me this Ceremony. Ho

  12. Proč!?! Proč se stále válčí a zabíjí? Je na Zemi málo místa? Není..Tak proč? Proč se stále někdo sere do druhých a nenechá je v klidu žít tak jak byli zvyklí?

  13. "Wars are fought to see who owns the land, but in the end it possesses man. Who dares say he owns it- is he not buried beneath it?"
    Chief Cochise

  14. Montagnards native people Central highland of Vietnam thousands of them die during Vietnam war, I think you know our Montagnards tribes .

  15. So basically after most of the Native Americans were killed off then we sent them to fight in our wars.

  16. wow its soo weird to see and hear my grandpa..Herbert . when i picture him in my mind i alway see him wearing that shirt. its an honor to have known him. He was a genuine human being. The world never knew what a treasure he was.

  17. This Ceremony is beyond all things we understand. GOOD Medicine. FOREVER. As long as grass grow and wind blow

  18. We all moved away from realising the strength to heal naturally native indians have known for hundreds of yrs how to heal. we are finally swerving back around and many are waking up to the power of healing naturally thank goodness. Realising we are all interwoven like a web. that we must see beyond ourselves and reach out to others as one. Love videos such as these. ive got ptsd its difficult you dont look disablewd so peoepl dont seee the struggle.

  19. how do i get in touch with this medicine man im in desperate need i have bad ptsd i have been fighting cancer for almost 5 yrs now and im a blackfeet indian im crying as i type this i genuine need my heritage in my life and need this healing so bad .im reaching out for help please someone tex me back .thank you lori

  20. I am dealings with PTSD . Childhood trama I'm native. We as native got to heal the next generation. I learned it"s always starts with your self

  21. Entheogen – real connection to 'divine' and original , people think its just a thing… until they try it themselves, this aint mumbo jumbo, real natural natures magic that can cure the minds of the world.

  22. To the Laughter FamilyThank you for sharing this very heartfelt medicine. I have been trying to find…. well… this is too personal (for me) to post in such a social setting. A'ho

  23. it's a hard pill to swallow having to be forced to fight your own kind because the Vietnamese and Viet Kong or how ever you spell it are dependents of so called Mongolians which are related to native Americans or turtle islanders so I'm told so that is insane

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