Public Health Sciences at Penn State College of Medicine

[MUSIC PLAYING] I became interested
in public health because I always
had a fascination with infectious diseases
and their pathogenicity. So when I was looking
for MPH programs, I wanted a program that had an
excellent research reputation, faculty whose interests
aligned with mine, and also a program
that really had a strong student-centered focus. The MPH program really
broadened my horizons to the entire
public health field. I developed very strong
research and analytical skills that I can use in my future
job to hopefully develop effective,
evidence-based policy. There’s a very strong
diversity of students here. Everybody has such
different backgrounds, health-related,
non-health-related. And so being here just really
develops different perspectives that you’re able to use,
both in academic terms and in the real world also. The Master of
Public Health degree is very, very relevant to
the medical profession. Having a dual medical
and public health degree really opens your eyes as a
physician to kind of see things at a different perspective. And also allows you
to identify factors which may contribute to
your patient’s health that may not otherwise
be so obvious. How the hospital is set up,
how the health care system functions, and how to draft
community programs or form coalitions are all
very important aspects. I think is vital for, really,
any physician to understand, regardless of their specialty. Penn State understands the
importance of public health. With the new
curriculum, now, there is more focus on public
health infrastructure and the basic principles
of public health. And also, you get a
lot of opportunities to do research with many
of the professors here. Here, everybody knows your name. They say hi, they
smile, they ask how you’re doing in conversation. The school has
actually been really great to bring in a lot
of the professionals here, at the Department of Health, to
do sort of seminars and talks to us as doctoral students. A lot of the work that
I do here actually intertwines with what I
learn in the classroom. And a lot of times when I’m
hearing what they’re saying, is it actually matches. How do I want to address
public health issues? How do I want to, once I get
out of here, affect change? Education can get in
the way sometimes. We always want to do
something for the tests or get to this point. But it’s really the
people that invest in you that you find out
later on in life that those are the people
that are going to help you get to the next level.

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