Pulmonary and Critical Care Physician Imre Noth, MD

My name is Imre Noth, and I’m a pulmonary
and critical care physician here at UVA. For this stage in my career, I’m actually
mostly focused on seeing and treating interstitial lung disease patients in the outpatient setting. Within interstitial lung disease, which is
a broad umbrella of uncommon diseases, is something called idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. It’s a pretty deadly disease, on par with
how many women die from breast cancer is how many people die from pulmonary fibrosis, to
give you some idea. I’ve had the opportunity to be on the cutting
edge in the development of treatments in pulmonary fibrosis, and diagnosis of categorization. And so that’s what I’m really known for. Patients should come to an academic center,
and UVA in particular, because an academic center is going to offer things that they’re
not going to be able to get in a private practice. What academic centers bring to the table above
and beyond that, and their reason for existence, is really to bring that higher level of sub-specialization
that only comes from volume. So, here it is, I take care of rare diseases. You only get good at taking care diseases
if you see a lot of them. It’s very interesting to discuss what new
patients can expect because we’re actually building it out. With my arrival, we’ve refocused the interstitial
lung disease program. We’re really trying to get them that additional
expertise they’re not able to get on the outside, and partner with our outside docs.

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