Pulmonologist and Critical Care Physician Dana Albon, MD

I am Dana Albon. I am the adult medical director of the cystic
fibrosis program. I see adult patients with cystic fibrosis
and also adult patients with Bronchiectasis. I had some very good mentors in pulmonary
and critical care in residency. I really enjoyed working in the ICU, but I
developed a love for pulmonary during my fellowship. I think pulmonary is very interesting and
very diverse. All our team members see the patient, especially,
we are trying to see everybody on their first visit and introduce ourselves, so it’s a
long clinic visit, but hopefully it’s worth it. Taking care of cystic fibrosis patients is
a wonderful opportunity. They are a very unique patient population. They are young and they go through alot with
their disorder. They are very knowledgeable about their disease,
they’re very interested in staying healthy and learning about new therapies so that’s
very rewarding.

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