1. What if he was kidding? Why are you all so critical? Geezers….. Dr. Sandra Lee! I watch you every night before bed! I'm one of those weirdos!

  2. God how ignorant of life and all it contains, do you have to be to not know what a blackhead is?

    I think Id kill myself If I was him, and had a realization about just how much I had missed due to watching TV, or whatever the guy did to miss out on 'Skin Lesions 101'.

  3. "What is it called,a blockhead"? he says…. Come on . You're telling me this kid has never heard of the term "blackhead"?!? Must be home schooled or living under a rock.

  4. Dr Lee-I love that you love popping pimples, black/white-heads, cysts, etc as much as me! I'm jealous U made a career out of it!! Lol.
    PS-I know you treat much more than that! No was just joking with you!! You are so sweet to your PTs-esp the elderly ones. Great job

  5. Oh I was definitely wonder why you had to use that punch biopsy tool….. So thanks for the information Dr. Sandra Lee……………….. Yes some large blackheads do leave a large hole.

    Once again great job and excellent video! You are the best!

  6. As I was watching I thought the punch was overkill but then my pea brain kicked in (in my defense it IS very early here on the East Coast!) and I realized you did this exactly right: no huge sagging hole afterwards! Love your videos as they are professional and educational.

  7. In this case, the blackhead/open comedone is so wide, if I just pull it out it would leave a larger hole. So I used a punch biopsy tool which is the same diameter size as the blackhead itself. I used it to get straight edges so I could put a couple of sutures and give him a small linear scar that hides in creases of the neck.

  8. That hole puncher is so cool.
     Now why would you need to  remove it in this way rather than using your  usual method (nick with scalpel tip and then squeeze)?

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