PWSH 2019 one minute Clinicals video- Dr.Wong

hi today I'm going to be talking to you about dr. Wong in the pediatric specialist of Plano the office is located across from the Presby Therapy Center right behind the CVS and you'll see a big sign that says pediatric specialist of Plano when you're at the office you'll see kids of all ages patient and parent consult with the doctor and counseling lots of checkups exams and vaccinations and also the friendly stuff that works there so what will you do when you go well when you're at the office you'll help take vitals height and weight you'll ask lots of questions because they're a great resource most importantly you'll observe all the doctors and the staff and be helpful whenever they need so what are some good questions to ask while you're there well you should ask why they decided to go into pediatrics what are the age groups they see most of or what are common illnesses or injuries that the kids come in for why should you go well the staff loves having students there and it's so fun it's great for a hands-on experience and super interactive and you'll see lots of great kids and learn a ton but make sure you wash your hands because the kids have tons of germs and you do not want to get sick have fun you'll love it

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