Q & A How I Turned it Around in Medical School

today we talk about yeah – turn it around in medical school hey yo uh well this is more specific to me I don't know that this is affiliate Q&A but someone someone did ask me how I turned it around because I constantly do reference that and yeah long story short as I've referenced in earlier part of this particular killin a series who I I really didn't study much in medical school it was stupid it wasn't smart by some miracle a path every theme but it was literally Biola and for as little as as I studied that I was able to pull it off that was impressive but in the grand scheme of things wasn't smart because if I just put him more consistent the little bits of time over the entire period as a as opposed to just binging the material last minute just to you know pass the test you know I probably would have retained a lot more information and done better on my board put myself into position for a better opportunities but everything kind of shaked out pretty good I gotta say so I can't see how things could have turned out much better to be honest with you but he what did he know I get through medical school not really studying all that much by some miracle you know passing in getting a medical school but then I showed up to residency my first day they put me in the ICU rotation yeesh and I quickly realized how little I knew because you know I'm being expected to do things now you know it's one thing in medical school well no one's expecting much of you and you're just kind of there especially in the latter half when you're doing these rotations and you don't really know what's going on but no one's really even paying attention to you because that you're sort of in the way all the time sometimes or at least you feel that way so you know no one's really looking to you for any kind of responsibility so you just kind of met at least that's the attitude I had which wasn't good so then with residency all of a sudden I'm being expected to write notes you know suggest diagnoses and come up with treatment plans and I'm like at a loss I'm like I don't even know what I'm like so I actively took it upon myself to say hey man you're not gonna be some punk doctor this is not isn't that gonna be acceptable you expect better of yourself you went through this whole – darn track only to be some below average doctor yeah with that yes so I decided I would take it upon myself to do things the right way now so I basically put myself through Medical School all over again on my own my intern year of medical school or my intern year of residency which by far was the hardest year of my medical career so far as a doctor your first year as a doctor your intern year in residency should technically be your hardest year because you're the lowest on the totem pole you are the grunt of the group you are doing the majority of the what do you call it paperwork grunt work busy work mindless work like you're you're doing all these notes you're you know you're you're you're coming in earlier than almost everyone else you're leaving later than everyone else tying up loose ends putting out fires that you know are not hard to do but like they are time-consuming and and doesn't require a lot of expertise to do so like you're put in charge of doing those kinds of things and it just eats away at you man mentally physically all that ish you know most your weekends or consumed at work like we used to call them golden weekends in residency because you rarely ever had a Saturday and the Sunday off usually you either had to come in on the Saturday or the sunday and flip-flop with the other team members that you were working with with the rare exception being electives but even during some of those electives there was some Saturday and there were some day responsibilities that fell on you that you had to cover certain calls so it was super rare to get like a full weekend off which is so crazy to me in retrospect is like I would never go back to that but uh but this is what a tee so so we call them golden weekend's if that ever happened now with all that said I'm just committing all these hours and somehow I find the mental capacity to just say nah dude we're going to we're gonna do this right and I would come home after exhausting long days in medical and intern ear and I would just push myself through all this medical content that I didn't do so I was putting myself through goalie on golden audio lectures I would listen to them on my 55 zero minute commute and sometimes our commuting on Russia or home I would listen to the the audio lectures over and over and over like three four or five times and learning new things each and every time I was I was going through the entire dr. Najib youtube series or video series and and all of a sudden my mind got opened up to the fact that like dude it's the issue was a you were motivated during medical school B didn't know what was like important and not because prior to becoming national doctor I've had like I said no responsibility and then those first two years of medical school you're not really you're not putting things in clinical context you're just being taught things like acid-base and you know you don't really put together like why is this so important and then you end up in the ICU you see someone on this ventilator and you're checking their blood gases every day arterial blood buzzes arterial blood gases ABG's and now all the sudden you got to put these numbers together and understand okay this is good this is bad this is why the acidity is happening this is why the base is having blah blah blah and and once I was able to start connecting people and patients and sicknesses to medical conditions and the math and the science of it then all of a sudden things start to click better another thing and and I also realized that just learning from a different style was all I really needed like I learned very quickly how much more of a visual learner I am as opposed to like just static crappy PowerPoint slides that were just a maturity put together with just a ton of text on it no real context to it and you know a lack of pictures let alone animated pictures or at least diagrams that kind of demonstrate what's going where why is it enough run working this way what's going on here and dr. Najib did such an amazing job with that because he's drawing he's taking his time he's reiterating some things he's adding little smiley faces and little characters to kind of add life to the image that he trying to create and that helped it stick so much better so I learned that you know just and dude I can only imagine what kind of medical content is out there now on YouTube but there's like some bare bone ones I remember just starting to come out when I was in residency and I would just watch those but now I can only imagine there's got to be some great content creators that really do a good job of you know medical knowledge teaching compared to like just what your what you may or may not have been lucky or unlucky to get in medical school with whatever professors or teachers or whatever you got you're not always gonna get good teachers you know some are really good and everyone knows who they are but then there's a lot of bad ones or forgettable ones which is unfortunate you know it's like it'd be nice if we optimized all medical school to drive all the knowledge learning to who's creating the best content you know I think that'd be a lot more efficient and a lot more helpful overall to teach people medical context at the end day you want well-educated doctors you know there would anyway so dr. Najib lectures powered through all those found dr. Fisher lectures from Kaplan so all those Kaplan lecture series they also had their different style to it especially dr. Fisher himself who's got this specific energy and way of phrasing things that makes things stick so that was super helpful and I just quickly realized mean like audio-visual is way more of my cup of tea than sitting there reading a chapter and trying to learn or just busting through like 80 90 slides of powerpoints with all just all Textron like PCI like what what the heck is important what is it so so I was doing all that what else there was the path book that goal gin going on put out I'm free Drive forgetting the name now but I was little by little you know work my way through that whole book my intern year and I don't think I really used much many other resources obviously I was using step three first aid for step three because I'd already finished step one and step two a medical school barely passed them but then with step three I was like one standard deviation above the mean so I made a drastic turn around for step three you know that coupled with gaining more medical experience in the real world coupling that now to my newfound interest in actually learning medical knowledge so I pretty much put myself through medical school again just in my engineer that toughest year of medical doctoring and and I look back now even just last year in my fellowship when you know I was busy you know as a fellow they keep you busy but at least I had golden weekends and I was coming in later than I ever did during residency and I was leaving typically earlier at least on time most things especially if I wasn't on call comparative residency so and even each year of residency as you progress you you know your your time commitments weren't as constraining is that were they engineer so it really impresses me that I was able to you know really commit to that and come out of it really you know really a much better doctor than a lot of my colleagues in my opinion you know I was I really consumed a mass of information very quickly very rapidly and just with the new appreciation for the style of learning that I now had was able to have more things a stick so gonna hey now where does that leave us is that good enough yeah I mean that's basically what happened guys I just found my new style of learning I had a new purpose with you know having more actual real responsibility and and just telling myself hey man I want to be good at this so you know everything kind of worked out next thing you know I'm matching it to the most competitive medical specialty GI and and you know people out here really dig my style really consider me a big asset to the community and that's you know it's very rewarding you know and that's good right yeah let me know if you have questions otherwise you


  1. How I turned it around in medical school? I looked at all the shitty shoes that people were wearing around me and it SCARED the hell out of me!

  2. Thanks man! I think I was the one who requested this. As a fellow former shitty med student I'm looking to turn things around before I'm out on my own!

  3. Thank you for sharing this it feels soo good to see an average student become successful, what made you studying during intern year. Did you get pimped a lot by attending or residents during intern year?

  4. Lol so they aren't technically in the best hands when they see u come thru the door? Lol I kid brother. But nawww seriously.
    How did u do in medicalschool?
    Ummm i winged it! Now I'm the best there is..
    Lol ur the best ever. Totally someone to admire and strive to b like. Ur as real as they come. Don't ever change.

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