Q1 – Medication Dosage Calculation Practice Questions

what's going on guys this is gonna be a new video series that it's just gonna basically be a bunch of practice questions there is the best way to learn concepts like this and definitely probably the best way to learn for studying for the NCLEX so let's get sorry there's gonna be wrote ten questions in the series to start and if you guys like them I'll put up another ten shortly practice question number one a patient requires 75 milligrams of metoprolol every morning you know how's 50 milligram tabs of mataró available how many tabs do you give so let's pull up our formula here and let's get started let me just pull out my pen here okay so let's start with the desired dose the desired dose is what the patient needs so patient requires 75 milligrams let's put that up here in our first fraction second part the amount on hand so what does that you and I have available obviously if the unit had 75 milligrams tabs available we would just give them one tab but it's not always the case sometimes you have to do the math so in this case the unit asks 50 milligram tabs available so we're gonna put that in the bottom half of our fraction right here so moving on the next part is the vehicle in this case it's rather simple as tabs but in future videos it's going to be more complicated it's gonna be like liquids milliliters prefilled syringes patches and the like so we'll try to go through as many different scenarios as we can so let's start with this so 50 milligrams per tab so obviously it's going the vehicle is going to be one tap we're gonna start by solving this so the answer is already popped up 75 milligrams divided by 50 if you're paying close attention to the math the milligrams cancel out 75 divided by 50 gives you 1.5 you're going to multiply that by the vehicle which is one tab and that's going to give you one point five tabs so you're going to give this patient 1.5 tabs in order to get 75 milligrams of metropolis which is the patient's required if you want to back check this all you have to do is multiply whatever answer you got by the amount on hand which it would be 50 and if you did it right you will get this original desired dose which is 75 milligrams so 1 by 5 multiplied by 50 obviously gives you 75 keep practicing if you didn't get it try another one it doesn't come easy for her a lot of people so like subscribe comment and try the next question


  1. Thanks so much. After watching NUMEROUS med calc videos I came across yours, and thank the Lord for that! Your explanations have been the most clear, concise and easy to understand by far. I like the simple graphics as well as the non-distracting look of your videos. Again, thank you!

  2. I want to say THANK UOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING THE TIME TO POST THESE VIDEOS! I am a nursing student who is only a week into my Pharmacology Term and I was really NOT going back to class on Monday after horribly failing my first test on conversions. I usually do very well on my tests, so that failing grade absolutely freaked me out and math also has always been my Kryptonite. But you literally saved my life with these well structured, easy to follow videos. I have already shared your page with the rest of my class. You are awesome!!! Again…. THANK YOU!!! Subscriber for life… or at least until I pass my NCLEX exam.

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