Q4 – Medication Dosage Calculation Practice Questions

medication dosage calculation number four so let's take a look at the question a patient has ordered 10 milligrams of mocs l & q 6h maka salon is supplied in 125 milligrams for five milliliter vials how much do you give so let's start all we got to do is fill in the formula and we can figure this out pause the video if you have an idea of what to do come back double check if you've got it right so the desired dose the desired dose is what the patient needs in this case it's 10 milligrams that's what's ordered we're gonna put that and that top part of our fraction right here the next part is the amount on hand how much does this wherever you're working have available well they have it available in 125 milligrams so we're gonna put it a 125 right here next what's the vehicle so how are you getting the amount on hand well if you were to give somebody a hundred and 25 milligrams you'd have to give them five milliliters so the vehicle is going to be five milliliters and we'll put that right here now all we have to do is solve it 10 divided by 125 is 0.08 you're going to multiply that by the vehicle which is five milliliters and that's going to give you a final answer of zero point four milliliters so you're going to grade this individual zero point four milliliters in order to give them their desired dose of ten milligrams keep practicing like subscribe comment if you didn't get it right try another one that's the only way you're going to learn


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