Q&A – Cosmetic Line, Anxiety, Kids & Collabs

kids kids kids all people are asking about is when are you having kids IRA automatic okay hey guys for today's video I'm going to be doing a question and answer for you I jumped on snapchat and I said I was going to be filming in my Q&A today so to leave me your questions on Twitter and the tweets are rolling in so quickly right now so I'm gonna try to answer as many questions as possible and not dilly-dally along on my answers um I hope you guys enjoy I love doing q and A's because I just get to kind of like chill and give you guys answers I sound like an idiot let's get started people please don't mind my overly tan hands I know it's not cute I'm fully aware of this I put on the 8-hour Tanner last night and I applied way too much on my hands and now it's like the dead giveaway that I solved in sharing like a lil prettier by putting some rings on but I'm like I don't think anything's gonna help at this point so as I'm scrolling down Twitter I see overall the number one ask question is am I going to have my own cosmetic line is that a rumor or is it true so I figured that that's the question that I would start with since it is like literally every other tweet and yes I am going to have my own cosmetic line I have been dropping hints and I've been talking about it for years now my mom and I have been working on it for three years I am doing everything every single little tiny detail on my own I am the only one paying for I am the only one in control it has been such a learning experience it has been so hard my mom and I are working our butts off but I wanted to be able to make sure that whatever I put my name on is like fully mine and I can take full responsibility and can be my creation so that's what we're working on right now the launch keeps getting pushed back back back back back because we keep running into walls and it's just been it's been a learning process for sure it's been amazing I'm so thankful for uh but you guys will see it next year Alex Simpson said I absolutely love you and your videos thank you Alex and she asked what is your favorite thing about being a youtuber and honestly there's like two different aspects to it my favorite thing about being a youtuber for myself personally is the self-confidence that has given me because I when I started YouTube just like every other girl basically which is very insecure and like my own skin I hate the sound of my own voice I hated the way I looked on camera my face just looked so crooked and weird I hated the way my mouth looks like I was just so hard on myself and now that I've gotten so used to seeing myself on camera all the time I've just gotten more comfortable in my own skin and it just made me like love me more now of course also looking at myself on camera everyday I'm also like I want you to fix this about my face oh that doesn't look cute Oh a little nip and tuck it also makes you harder like harder on yourself in some aspects but it's also made me love myself and the second thing like overall about being a youtuber is the connection that I have with so many people that I've never met I think that it is truly a beautiful thing when I'm just like walking through the mall or walking down the street I swear to God it's like I will see I will feel something like I'll feel something on the right hand side and I'll turn and I'll see someone looking at me and I will know like we know each other I have like this connection with my subscribers even though I've never met you and you've only seen me and I've never seen you I swear it's like 99% of time when I see a subscriber I'll like look across and I'll be like hey girl and we'll make eye contact and it's like I just know I know you it's so crazy but I just have this connection with my subscribers and I love it I absolutely love it like any time I've ever anywhere with a friend a family member and I meet a subscriber whenever we walk away they always say the same thing they're like I would have never known you'd even know that girl like you guys just had such a connection I'm like I know that's how it is but that's like my overall favorite thing for sure hailey Coogan asked what's filming camera do you use girl I am currently using the EOS 5d so I have gone through so many cameras and I am now at the 5d so it's like it's like a camera like you have to plug in I have like a viewfinder right here like I'll literally show you what my viewfinder looks like like this is what my view that's kind of creepy looking right but this is what my viewfinder looks like it's literally a TV that I got for like 30 bucks and I have it plugged in with an HDMI cable and then I use the Canon EOS 5d and I go back and forth with different lenses all the time for those of you who are curious saundra asks if you could be one of your dogs who would it be it would definitely be franki because I have a soft spot in my place for Georgie for sure like to me I'm like Georgie's the like misunderstood awkward one who's just special and you know like he can come off kind of mean and aggressive but he's got such a sweet heart whereas Frankie is just like stupid and loves his life like he will just like trample over everything and not even notice with his little tail wagging just so happy to be alive like he lives with his head in the clouds so I would be Frankie I shot or maybe her name is pronounced Ayesha I'm so sorry if I don't have that right girl but it's a she said was there a point in your life that you thought that you were in love with someone else besides John like a boyfriend absolutely I made a video all about my ex-boyfriend that I dated for three years before John it's called my dysfunctional relationship and I talk all about that but yes i 100% thought I was in love I still think that I was in love with him to a certain degree like for sure like that was my idea of love that was the most that I was able to love him but yeah I mean I believe that you can love more than one person in a lifetime romantically like that's just my beliefs I don't think that there's like only one person out there for everybody if you guys watch the show friends Monica one time makes a statement to Chandler and she says like I don't believe in soulmates she says I believe that you find someone and you fall in love with them and you work your ass off to make it work and that's what I believe in like I believe that you find someone you have a connection you fall in love with them and you have to work very hard at keeping that relationship Clarett –i asked will you ever do a meet-up in london I love you so much I want to beat you so bad thank you so much the fact that someone wants me to like travel across the ocean to come meet them is like so surreal and crazy and sweet um I would love to do a meet-up in London are you kidding me I would love to go to London I'm very scared of traveling over water I finally got over my fear of flying in general like I can fly anywhere in the US and not be scared anymore thank you God and essential oils and my iPad um but I'm still scared to travel overseas that turned down so many opportunities to go anywhere like London and Greece and Dubai I've turned it down some I know it's stupid I know I know what it's like I have to get over that fear I have to at some point and once I do I will go to London Laura asked if you had to choose one favorite pinky nude lipstick of all time which would it be love from Argentina oh she's part of snapchat fan love you girl um one favorite pinky nude lipstick of all time I think it would be blush new by Tom Ford honestly blush nude or she by house of dolls how do you keep your hair color so perfect and how often do you color okay so I don't feel like I keep my hair color so perfect um but thank you I'm her name is Heidi I get my hair color like religiously every five weeks if my hair goes six weeks you'll really see my roots now it's not even because the color that I get it color that often but it's because once my roots growing it's very ugly like I don't know if you can see my roots in this light they're like a sin of centimeter long right now um but once my roots come in it is not good like the red with the roots and I'm very picky about that so I get my hair done religiously every six weeks I'm sorry five weeks um and as far as keeping the color up I wash my hair with a red shampoo and conditioner that really makes a difference in the vibrancy of it before I use that my hair would dole out very fast but now that I use that it lasts a lot longer and I'll leave the the name of the shampoo and conditioner down below it's called davon s but I always get questions about it so I'll leave it down there in the description bar ooh Gabby asked the hardest question of all time JLo or Beyonce oh I know that everyone out there is gonna say Beyonce but I can't help it you guys I saw Beyonce live I saw her performance and I saw JLo and honestly after seeing JLo she made me love her a hundred times more like I cried so many times watching JLo it was emotional it was amazing she's so talented she's so happy doing it she smiles the whole time she's just so zesty and full of life and when I met her she was just so kind and yes I have to say jingle oh my god I just like JLo but it's JLo I love her she's my queen Abbey Wendell asked what was your favorite part about collaborating with Becca I love you so much I love you too Abbi thank you um my favorite part about collaborating with Becca I would have to say is the facts again my answers are going to sound kind of strange to certain things but for me personally it was just kind of a thing of like just then believing in me what it did for me on the inside like just the way it made me feel was my favorite part about the collab raishin just the fact that like they gave me a chance and Sephora gave me a chance and the fact that they just reached out to me and wanted to work with someone like me it just made me feel great about the world that we live in you know it's like this someone will just take someone so small and be like here let's do this it just I don't know I don't know my answer might sound weird but it just made me feel like amazing made me feel amazing and just so blessed and I see my basic before was really cool too but like what it did like um to my heart like was more important to me so yeah anyways reefa I think that's how you pronounce her name I'm sorry I suck so bad at name sometimes she asked would you ever write a book slash autobiography I would totally buy that actually Sony's is I my mom and I keep saying that I'm going to write a book soon like not soon meaning like this year but like I'm searching turn ting what I'm turn taking up I'm turning at 26 and I would like to write a book by the time I'm 30 um just like talking about everything cuz I'm very honest and open here with you guys but I mean I haven't told you everything I've given you like quite a bit but not even 50% of my life and 50% of what actually goes on off-camera and I would love to one day just like tell the truth about just like not like I've ever lied but just like tell my truth like where I came from and what my my background has been what goes on when the camera turns off and like my real life and my issues and try to help it to encourage other girls because I feel like everything can seem so perfect on camera and it's not like that at all and I know that some people hate that sometimes when I tell everyone like oh yeah social media is just smoke and mirrors I have people commenting like I'm unsubscribing because you're saying that it's smoke and mirrors and people don't want to believe that people want to believe that like my life is perfect and everyone's lives are perfect but I mean it really is like we're such normal people like such normal people we get in fights with our husbands and like I sit on the couch and I eat ice cream and I'm like up such a fast like I read my comment sometimes and people make me cry about things they say like I'm a person so I would like to write a book all about everything Alison frost asked when have you felt the most challenged oh that is a good question um with what I'm currently working on there's some stuff that I'm working on that no one that I have been working on with someone for a full two years it's going to be it's about to be a full two years that I've been working on this and it has been so challenging like oh my god like every obstacle every speed bump every roadblock that we could have hit we have it was supposed to only take less than a year and we're about to hit the two-year mark right to a year-and-a-half mark we're at a year and a half right now of how long it's been really challenging you guys will see soon though you'll see Mary asks if you could travel to any place or city in the world where would you go and who'd you go with love you love you too Mary um that's a good question I've been I've answered this before and I feel like it changes all the time but I really think that I would go to Santorini um Greece but I my entire life my entire family has always wanted to go to Bora Bora like we've talked about Bora Bora since I was maybe like 13 years old and we've always thought I wasn't we're gonna go to Bora Bora and like when I get over my fear of flying and like something amazing happens I really really want to just take my entire family to Bora Bora one day like that'd be incredible but it's so far from me it's like I almost two days of traveling so I'm so scared but a Santorini I am like dying to go to Santorini and I would want to go there with Jon of course I mean but like I'm the kind of person it's like the more the merrier like I want everybody to come let's go together one of my fan pages asked Jaclyn are you still planning on moving and yes me and Jon are still planning on moving to a new house but I mean it's just it's not it's not in God's time it's just not happening right now it's obviously not supposed to happen right now so I have put the house hunting on hold and figured that we would just wait until 2017 the house that I live in is not ideal it has its issues we're renting I'm dying to buy I'm dying to be a homeowner but there's nothing in the area that I need to be in that's popping up right now so it's just not meant to be so I am I have this feeling that 2017 is going to be my year I haven't feeling like next spring like that's going to be my moment like the right house is going to pop up and it's going to happen so in the meantime we're fine we live in a great place we're comfortable we're fine Alena asked will you be collaborating with any other makeup brand soon Schuyler asked if or when you have kids do you have any names in mind and I've said before that John I don't know if we're gonna have kids it's really not in um in the cards for us we have four nieces and nephews and especially now that my sister lives here with her two kids like me and John are around children all the time we have been ever since we got married we got married married we got married Talia um which is now the oldest she's ten she was three so I mean like we've been around kids forever we've been here as they've been born and growing up in birthdays and all that jazz so we definitely have like the fulfillment of children around us but it's just not in our plans to have kids people are obsessed with having kids like I can't even tell you how many tweets and comments I get every day from people asking me and John are gonna have kids but here's the thing is it's like if I had a baby do you guys realize that I wouldn't be able to do what I'm doing like I'm doing it like I want to be on snapchat every day like hey I wouldn't be making youtube videos probably as frequently like if I was trying to start a company and be a youtuber and be a mom like I'm the kind of person if I'm gonna have a baby I'm not going to talk to my baby off to my husband and a nanny like I'm going to be a full-time hands-on dedicated mom that is a human being that is a huge responsibility and I'm gonna be like obsessed with pouring every moment of my love and time into that child and it would take up a lot of my time and I wouldn't be able to do everything that I'm doing right now so if I had a baby it would kind of mess up my plans right now if I accidentally got pregnant like would I like freak out and be devastated no a child is always a beautiful thing you know but everyone is always asking about kids it's not my plans right now but yes John I actually have discussed what our kids names would be if we had a boy and a girl and we already know the names that they would be if it happened we've had them picked out for like six years uh but yeah I mean that's if we ever get pregnant but I don't know if we will Neffe asked what Disney villain would you be I mean my initial reaction is Maleficent only because I think she's so amazing but that's not actually who I would be because I'm not like that fierce and quiet and refined feel I could probably be like Ursula like George was I'm gonna grab Maleficent you know because I feel like the other ones are just like shady assholes but like Maleficent like she's justified like I'm T Maleficent Mady asked where do you see yourself in ten years with YouTube in ten years I don't even know if I'll be doing youtube I have no way I would know if I'll be alive ten years I mean I'm always thinking about the fact that like there's always something new and better and brighter there's always upcoming stars like that's just how it is uhm I'm gonna work my ass off to do the best I can with everything with my youtube channel my subscribers with everything else that I'm working on my upcoming projects and everything but I mean it's only a matter of time I feel until someone else comes out with something that's even better than YouTube like I feel like they're probably working on it right now as we speak something that they're planning to like eat YouTube and take it over you know and it's like when Google Google like runs this world who knows what's up their sleeve next I don't know I mean honestly it's dive into my power like I can wake up tomorrow morning and my youtube channel could be shutting down like YouTube could crash and everything could be gone which is like I'm not gonna have nightmares about that bit Courtney asked how do you feel about wearing makeup to the gym beach and pool is it bad for your skin or are there only certain products you can wear how do I feel about it I don't wear makeup to the pool the beach or the gym I mean I don't go to the gym but I'm actually going to start going to the gym very soon though what scared um I personally don't wear makeup those places just because I feel like what's the point I'm gonna sweat it off at all three of those places and I'm gonna feel disgusting and I'm like oh my face like I don't know if you guys follow anri's on snapchat but I swear to God that girl goes on vacation and she's out at the pool just like slaying and like a hundred degree heat with her makeup just looking perfection I'm like I'm hi teach me your ways because that is not me it's literally like expectations vs. reality me at the pool or at the beach I'm like a beached whale like sweating my ass off like I have like a beet red face cuz I'm so sensitive and it's like I'm sunburned even though I'm wearing like a hundreds like SPF it's not a good situation so I kind of just skip makeup for the most part unless in a climate where it's not super duper humid humid if I was one of the beach in California like in the springtime when it's like perfect at the beach like maybe 70s and no humidity and then I might wear some makeup but for the most part like here in Florida it's like with humidity like swampland and like that face don't stand a chance girl like I don't do it Maddy McCool okay that's an awesome name is Maddy McCool said she asked what has been the most rewarding experience so far in your makeup journey oh that one's easy that is being able to hire my family like to work for me and my company and my project and everything I'm working on absolutely hands down the day that I got to hire my mom and have her work for me and to be able to give her a job to provide her a job she loves you know and she left she loves working for me and seeing her so happy I mean it's been the best reward absolutely hands-down over anything else that I've done erica asks what lipstick or gloss are you wearing on your snap today funny that you shall ask I actually can't talk about that quite yet Miriam asked one food that you could eat every day I feel like it'd be sushi or pasta like pasta carbonara with bacon oh my god I'm so hungry right now if my sister was here right now she'd be like fruits grapes smash grapes liquid grapes actually wine I I would eat one every day Oh young Z said do you think you'll ever stop doing YouTube videos or when probably going to be the worst day ever that is so sweet I mean yeah I'm gonna stop doing them at some point I don't think I'm gonna be like a 50 year old lady like still doing YouTube I don't think anyone's gonna want to watch me but I do not have like an end date I'm not like December 27th 2017 I'm done like I have no idea when YouTube will start to die out and when I will start to die out it's a matter of time you know I'm not like the bee's knees it's not like everyone's gonna watch me forever so I don't know you guys but I want to do it as long as possible and a Beth Swanson asked what video editing software do you use and starting I know I'm wanting to start my own YouTube channel and don't know where to start I Final Cut Pro now but I just finally made the transition I've edited maybe like before a month ago and it is like four videos with Final Cut Pro but I always went back to iMovie just because I movie is like basic and simple and I've always known how to use it but like Final Cut Pro is like iMovie is like hot older sister so I finally made the transition and I've been using that now so like the past four videos I think and I'm finally starting the hang of it Manny totally helped me at first and now every single 10 minutes or I'm editing I'm googling stuff and asking questions and watching YouTube how videos on Final Cut Pro but I'm teaching myself and I'm learning and I'm growing and that is what I'm using now and I have to say Final Cut Pro is so much better like there's no comparison how much better it is Mari asks do you play pokemons go no I don't but everybody else in my life does my husband is always playing pokemons go and he's now been playing it with our nieces and nephews and they're like running around the neighborhood playing pokemons go and I'm like what is going on I just found out about it like two days ago honestly I was like I'm sorry what but it sounds like a really awesome game and the fact that it's getting people like off their butts and you have to like walk around and do it I think is super super cool it's like bringing people together which is awesome Menna asks do you have any tips on how to deal with anxiety woo I have gone back and forth back and forth back and forth on making a video all about anxiety depression panic attacks that kind of stuff and I just keep telling myself no don't do it I just like keep psyching myself out because I think it's a video that I could easily get worked up about and I could easily get offended because I know it's any one of those videos where people are going to have some stuff to say about it they're gonna have some stuff to say about me and it's like one of those areas of my life that I'm fine with admitting that I have anxiety I'm fine with admitting that I deal with this stuff I'm human hello um but I am NOT okay with people like there's been a couple of comments I've received in the past from people coming at me attacking me for having anxiety like putting me down and using that as their weapon and it makes me so angry I just I can't handle it so that's the thing I mean it sucks but that's like the one video that I'm truly afraid to make because of what people will say tips on dealing with anxiety there's so many different things I have dogs anxiety my whole life I remember literally kicked in when I was 15 years old I remember the day not anxiety I had anxiety ever since I was a little girl I remember the day that panic kicked in like I was 15 years old and I remember had my first panic attack and it's like from that moment on like I was just like screwed it was just a bad situation I've tried everything you know um yoga and praying and God and going to church and essential oils and deep breathing and taking time for myself and honestly more than anything the number one thing is for me is to get out of my own head because people for the most part me and so many people that I know the people that I know my world in my life that have the worst anxiety they seem to be the most creative and the coolest people I know but yet internally they're like they're dying inside their soul just ripped up and tore apart on their insides but they look so fun and funny and put together from the outside but on the inside it's like miserable if you have anxiety my number one tip to you is to put it to good use I understand what it's like to be glued to your bed and so full of anxiety and panic that you can't take a shower I've been there I'm not even kidding it's been bad like really bad and my tip is to get out of your own head just get out of it like realize that you are okay you're going to be fine worst case scenario what you panic so hard that you pass out okay so pass out go ahead pass out right here on the floor to do it pass out like it's gonna happen where's Kissinger you're gonna go to a hospital they're gonna say um you're fine this is anxiety go home like the worst-case scenario isn't even that scary we're so scared of losing control we're so scared of not being in control but we all need to realize at the end of the day we are in control a meteor can hit us right now poof we could be gone like the world could end you are not in control and it's so scary to accept that it's so hard but once you do that's where freedom and happiness lies is in the fact that you are not in control just let go and let God I know it sounds cheesy but just let yourself live I could start crying talking about this because I'm finally at a place where I feel like yes I have control over my mind because that's all I can control so I tell myself I can't control the situation but I can control how I handle it so when I get on a plane if there's terrible turbulence I'm like you know what there's turbulence right now you can't control you're here but you can control the way you react so calm down turn on a movie sit back and shut your mind up and relax because you're gonna have to go through this and that's how I have overcome anxiety is I've just been very hard on myself I know it sounds mean but I am way too hard on myself like every day of my life my mom my sister my husband is always telling me stop being so hard on yourself I'm always upset with myself I'm always coming down myself I'm always tearing me down that's what I do best but honestly that's what people with anxiety do like they have a little issue and then they're like oh my god I have an issue oh my god it's worse and then you make a big big baby of it and it takes over your entire being and it's like just let it go just let it go so what if you have that issue everyone has issues when you're walking down the street there are people all around you to have the exact same issues as you just let your mind go let it come to peace let it be peace do something you love find something to do with your hands if it's makeup do makeup if it's drawing or painting or sketching do something with your hands start organizing do something to keep your hands busy and as you're looking at your hands busy now your mind will get busy thinking about what your hands are doing and not so focused on stuff that you're creating so wow that just went wrong to another level but yeah I mean I've I struggled with it very hard so if you shovel anxiety hard I'm not gonna say look at me now I'm amazing because I'm like I still have work to do in all aspects of my life Hummer um but I'm just saying like I'm not kidding there was a time where basically for six months I did not get out of my bed that's before I did YouTube but I'm not joking like there was a print of my body in me and Jon's mattress because I did not get out of bed my panic was so bad I couldn't breathe I had cold sweats all the time like I would burn up and I get freezing and I would think like oh I'm sick could need to go to a hospital nothing but anxiety like it was cool it was ridiculous but like my life is nothing like that now like I have overcome it and if I can overcome it you can because there's nothing special about me that you don't have within you so you got this Sierra Garcia asked peanut butter and jelly sandwich or grilled cheese grilled cheese for sure but it's hard because peanut butter and jelly sandwich with Cheetos are Oh Lord like I don't know why I just like remind me my childhood like mmm give me that Jif peanut butter yes with that Smuckers grape jelly oh my god and then I take the Cheetos and I put them in the PB&J hmm am i a weirdo for doing that is there anyone else that puts their chips in their sandwiches because John has seen me eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before and I stick my Cheetos in the sandwich he's like that's disgusting and I'm like you're disgusting this is amazing um but I actually choose grilled cheese because the fact that my mom has taught me how to make the most amazing grilled cheese in the entire world like it is so bomb um it used to be like my mom's thing like all my friends would come over in high school for my mom's girl too that they call big hey I'm coming over for your mom's grilled cheese like we've always said that she needs to open up like a grilled cheese place like a restaurant that's just nothing but her grilled cheeses like I swear I'm like mom you have a line around the block for your grilled cheese Kiki asks you still use dr. George's dental white gel and mouth mold guard for your teeth update oral care tips yes I do still use dr. George actually my teeth is so long though like every single night when I brush my teeth my I need away my teeth and then I forget so I that is my absolute favorite ills dr. George balm if you guys want me to make a video on like how I do my teeth tray molds and everything and how I went in my teeth I'll show you like my entire what your routine is like the $20 or less but yes that is my favorite Devin Miller asked if you had one night to be a kid again what Disney movie and food item would you choose to curl up with on the couch oh I mean I want to do that tonight it sounds great a Disney movie and food item okay well I would definitely have a fruit roll-up for sure because my mom never let me ever roll ups my mom was like that mean annoying mom that wouldn't let like junk food into the house like it was such special occasion if there was like soda in the house would be such a big deal so I would definitely have a fruit roll-up and I would watch Beauty and the Beast cuz Mutina beasts is my favorite Disney movie favorite I love it the Beast is so sexy Alison asked what does John do for a living like I know he's a musician but does that make money he it does John is a drummer he's a musician he went to school he graduated in sound engineering and he works at a studio and he does studio sessions so he's like a session drummer so yeah he keeps himself pretty busy doing that he's also working on some other projects on the side but yes job makes money doing that Haley asks how bad the lip injections hurt so it's interesting because first of all there's numbing cream put on and I'm like honey load me up like they put the numbing cream on and actually made the tip of my tongue numb because it like seeped through and got my tongue numb which was a really weird sensation but I've heard other people say that they've actually talked too much and gotten it in their throat and their throat it's not and I'm like oh my god I'm so scared of that but anyway so your numbed and it hurts in certain places but in others it doesn't so like on the outer side of the lip it doesn't hurt that much at all like I actually got them touched up two days ago which is why they're swollen right now if you can tell what they're swollen here and there you're a little swollen but anyways so I got them touched up and when she put the needle here on the side I literally did not feel one thing I'm not being dramatic I didn't feel anything it just felt like this I felt nothing I was talking to her when the needle was in my lip I was in wait it's in my lip right now she was like yes it's currently in your little zit oh my god I feel nothing but when they do the top lip that's when it hurts and it's not even like a level 10 pain it makes me do this every time it hurts I go mmm that's my reaction it's just one of those pains we were like huh but it's not like a like it's not a pain where you're feeling like miserable she's like a sting and the guy and it goes away the second they take the needle out and the needle is only in there for a couple seconds so it's not good to live with that pain forever Nikki asked what did you spend your first YouTube paycheck on groceries I remember that moment perfectly I got paid I got my check in the mail from YouTube and I jumped on John's back and he started like running around the house he on his piggy back and I was going back with the check in my hand and we literally got straight in our car and we drove to Publix and we spent every penny of that check on groceries and that is what our first check went to very exciting makeup and cocktails asked why haven't you moved to California why Florida there's several different reasons and I noticed this is the main reason but I'm terrified of earthquakes I was so scared when I was in California last time the night before I left at like 1:30 in the morning there was a baby earthquake and the chandeliers she like were shaking and the like the ground felt like it kind of just did like this little roll and I'm not kidding I almost passed out I literally was like I thought I was truly going to faint like everyone was dying laughing at me cuz they're like oh my god we almost lost Jacko there for a minute I'm terrified but that's not the reason why the reason why I don't live in California even though it would be better for my business is because business and money and my brand and what I'm working on is never as important to me as me my life my family and I have my brother and his family here and then my brother's wife we have her mother here we have all their kids here we have my mom and we have my sister now who just moved down here with her husband and their kids so this store my family is so I'm not gonna pack up and leave like this is where we are here I just I get to leave like my humble life with my family and it's just quiet out here and for us so that's that's why I stay here if that completes this video you guys I really hope that you enjoy thank you so much to everybody who went to Twitter and participated in this video by asking me questions I really appreciate it it would suck if I like snap say hey can you can off any questions and not one person tweeted me I would like no one cares about me so thank you so much for caring and asking me questions I hope you enjoy and I will see you in the next couple of days mmm bye guys


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