Qi Gong Routine for Stress, Anxiety, and Energy w/ Jeff Chand

begin in the ready position take a big in breath as your hands come up and around and breathe out as it come down the center breathing in big in breath as the hands get up and around and breathe out because it come down the center as you breathe in your palms should be facing the direction of travel as you breathe out you should feel as if you're pushing the key down breathing in trying to draw all the cheese from the sky into the body breathing out compressing it down to the down ten this is an excellent exercise to do any time of the day it's very good for cleansing and moving all the Chi throughout the body if you need more energy this is very energizing but also if you need to calm down this can help bring the Chi down and calm a busy mind deep in brass is your hands come up and around feeling as if you're gathering the Chi and energy into the body breathing out forcefully letting go of any stress any tension or any pressure that you're experiencing it's possible it's always good to practice chi gong outside in nature you draw more Chi and energy into your body and into the dawn ten gone Tien means lower heaven and it's this energy center that's below the belly button and it's considered to be the root chakra of the body last one breathing in and your hands come up and around breathing out as they come down the center and come back to the ready position take a big in breath as your hands come up the center and breathe out as your hands go out and around breathing in as your hands come up the center turn and breathe out as your hands come down and around this exercise is almost exactly opposite to the opening exercise it's very good for drawing the Chi and the energy up through the legs and out through the top of the head – very cleansing exercise and it helps move any stagnant Chi in the body as you breathe in imagine you're drawing the Chi up through your feet through the body and out the head breathing in forcefully and brooding out forcefully as well breathing in drawing the cheek up through the center of the body breathing out letting it all go through the hands good last one begin breath hands coming up the center turn and breathe out as it ends go out and around and come back to the ready position take a few deep breaths and just center yourself in your body take a little bit of a wider stance reach your one hand out to your side and make a big circle with your hand so drop your weight down slide across let your body come up and around your palm is facing the direction of movement your upper body your arm and your legs are also making a big circle this is a very good exercise for balancing the body coordinating the upper and lower part of the body and moving the Chi throughout the neck the shoulders on the back this exercise looks very simple on the surface but it takes a lot of coordination and practice to master it it should feel effortless and the movement and the energy should be coming from your legs and not just your hand and just breathe where it feels natural when your hand comes down try to let your weight sink down try to mean relaxed within your body good last one and come back to the center and other side reach your other hand out drop your weight down your hand makes a big circle they come up and around breathe naturally try to extend your energy and your Chi all the way throughout your fingertips you should feel connected to your feet your knees your hips your back your shoulder and your hands your body should be relaxed but strong at the same time you should use your feet to push your hand in the direction of movement this is a great exercise to practice if you're feeling all out of sorts if your mind is feeling very busy and you're feeling a lot of anxiety and you need to calm yourself down from a lot of busy thoughts could continue breathing deeply breathing naturally that last one breathing in making a big circle with your arm and coming back to the ready position back to the center you'd relax your body take a few deep breaths and come back to the ready position turn to one side one foot forward the other foot back your back foot is at about a 45 degree angle your hips are facing the direction of your front foot face your palms together and breathing in as your hands come down the center and breathing out as you push forward breathing in and breathing out as they push forward breathing in making a big circle towards your face down the center of the chest down to the lower body and pushing forward reaching forward as much as you possibly can breathing in as a hands comes towards you breathing out as they go away when your hands are extended your lungs are empty and when they reach your chest your lungs should be full so in this exercise you want to try to coordinate your body your breath and your hands so the very balancing exercise it helps move all the stagnant Chi in the body in virtually every Meridian it helps to calm and soothe the mind when it's busy and it helps to really rejuvenate your energy from the inside out breathing in as a hands comes towards you breathing out as they go away last one breathing out breathing in coming back to the center and we'll do the other side turn to the other side one foot forward one foot back your back foot is at about a 45 degree angle face your hips towards your front foot palms facing each other breathing in as hands comes towards you breathing out as they push away your hands are about six inches apart try to coordinate your hands your body movement and your breath all at the same time the prayer wheel looks very simple on the surface but it really can take a lifetime to master as you get better at the prayer wheel you'll start to feel your hands warming up and you'll almost feel a little bit of a pressure in between your palms as if there's an invisible ball there once your cheese starts moving you'll feel warmth all throughout your body in the lower back and the shoulders and in the legs you have any problems with your knees or your legs just take it easy and listen to your body if you feel pressure in your muscles that's okay if you feel any discomfort in your hip your low back or your knees then just adjust and stand a little higher greeting in as the hand comes towards you breathing out as they go away nice full deep breaths trying to draw the chi into the body and as you breathe out letting go of anything that's unnecessary good last one breathing out breathing in coming back to the center back to the ready position and shake out your body cloud hands involve shifting your weight side to side think about dropping your weight down and sliding side to side try not to move your head up and down bring one hand up to the side of face one hand down slide across your body and switch other hand up add your hand down slide across and switch slide across and switch now as you move a little faster the movement becomes a little bit easier your palm is facing your face and it comes across and your bottom hand scoops along your lower abdomen this should feel very natural and very easy once you get the motion is very good for moving any stagnant Chi in the chest and the throat in the mouth and in the stomach it's very good for calming down any anxiety and freeing up stagnant energy sometimes when we feel tired we might think that we have low energy but in reality it just might be stagnant so this exercise is very good for moving a lot of stagnation that's in the body if you feel any stress irritability frustration or anger this is a very good exercise this helps move the stagnant Chi of the liver if you'd like you can challenge yourself a little bit by dropping your weight down and bending your legs this helps build up the Chi a little bit more forcefully and it's also good for the legs the back and the hip stability just make sure you don't feel any strain in your knees when you look down you should always be able to see your toes but just continue at a comfortable height but give yourself a challenge every now and then we deeply breathe naturally I think this movement is very lovely and it feels like you're just making clouds with your hands go ahead and come back to the ready position now we'll finish with horse stance take your ready position breathing in and the hands come up to the level of the shoulders and hold the hands there as if you're holding a big beach ball or a tree your arms are rounded your palms are facing your body your fingers about six inches apart your knees are slightly bent and you're drawing in the Chi just like a battery recharging you're drawing the Chi up from the earth and down from the sky you should feel a little bit of pressure in your muscles but no strain in the joints just breathe deeply and naturally try to relax shoulders relax your arms relax your back relax your hips relax your legs loses little forces necessary to hold your arms up the previous exercises that we did in this routine are good for moving stagnant energy this horse dance is great for building up the energy and storing it into the down Tien breathe deeply breathe naturally draw the Chi into the body in through the feet into the hands into the head take a big in breath raise your hands up to level the shoulder and breathe out as your hands come down and you are done your revitalized and re-energized if you've enjoyed this video please feel free to share give us a like and subscribe for more Qi Gong routines really appreciate it all of these clips were part of the Qi Gong for vitality community here we have a growing library of full Qi Gong routine similar to this one a Q&A section and a welcoming forum where you can connect with like-minded people please visit the description box below and come join us in the community thanks for watching Oh


  1. Beautiful practice, so relaxing and a wonderful feeling of energy and warmth. Thank you so much Jeffrey, much gratitude for these well presented videos, so easy to follow and understand the benefits. Truly wonderful 🙏

  2. This is really fabulous. As a TCM student, this is my practice to remain steady during my studies. Thank you so much for a wonderful free experience!

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  4. Great video! Question: this horse stance was longer than the one in the Boundaries video. I found it generated an enormous amount of heat, such that I got woozy and had to end it early. However, my husband was not as affected and could complete it. Was this normal? Or did I take a wrong turn somewhere? 😉

  5. This is a beautiful day exercise and the calm I felt in my body after practicing it is most welcome. Thank you !

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  7. Is doing this twice a day alright? Can we combine two routines or do one in morning and other in the evening?

  8. I've only started doing Qi Gong recently. This video was so lovely. I finally got the Cloud Hands routine which you explained so simply. Helped me get into a gentle meditation flow.

  9. This is one of my favorite videos. It really helps with calming my energy. It helps me feel much more centered and grounded. Thanks so much for your terrific videos.

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  14. I'm not sure if I should breath do I I heal with nose and exheal with mouth I'm not sure I'm confused please help

  15. I am a Taoist tai Chi instructor, on my days off I like to practice Qi Gong with you. Most of our foundation exercises are the same or are similar to Qi Gong. Thanks for your help keeping my qi flowing.

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