Quaity Multivitamins | Part 1 – WHAT TO LOOK FOR

Hi everybody, my next three videos are
going to be little miniseries three videos explaining to you how to find
high-quality supplements today is part 1 and we’re going to talk about how to
find a good company who formulated your products and what are their credentials
so if you want to stick around see in just a sec we’re serious about finding a
high quality multivitamin which should be your foundational product a good high
quality multivitamin will give you the entire spectrum of antioxidants vitamins
and minerals that our bodies need to have every day but you’d be surprised
about what goes into vitamin supplement companies and the quality that is
lacking from a lot of them so the first thing you have to do is ask kind of
company is it is it science-based do they do Studies on them do they do
clinical trials what kind of ingredients do they care to put in what kind of
testing do they go through what kind of manufacturing facility do they have what
is their rating on the Better Business Bureau do they have a customer service
department that you can call do they have any guarantees for their product
and something that you can also look for right away is do they have any specific
certifications on their label or on their website so essentially you have to
do your research the Council for Responsible nutrition and recommends
shoppers look for a quality seal or third-party verification on the product
that they looking at minimum you should look for a USP certification an SF or
ConsumerLab on the bottle USP verified means for things that it contains
ingredients that are listed on the label and in the declared potency amounts that
it does not contain harmful levels of specified contaminants that the capsule
or tablets will break down entirely and release into the body within a specified
amount of time and lastly using sanitary and wella
control procedures in their warehouses and manufacturing facility essentially
low quality standards destroy the scientific basis of a supplement formula
and it affects the composition safety and efficacy of the end product in fact
it is in this area that manufactures and supplement companies hide the most from
you and you don’t even know that’s why it’s important to do your research
dietary supplementation in the United States are not regulated like drugs like
pharmaceutical companies are tested and regulated to the highest standard
so supplement companies often put a seal or a stamp of approval on their website
or product labels with words such as certified GMP FDA approved facility or
see GMP or CG and P inspected facility essentially in the United States there
is there simply is no approval process for dietary supplements that companies
absolutely have to abide by they aren’t like drugs we have a lower
standard for dietary supplements than some other countries say Australia New
Zealand and Canada they simply just have to have a manufacturer or distributor
responsible to ensure that the dietary supplements they introduce into the
market are safe that’s all but what happens then is because the testing and
these all of these standards and facilities you have to go to cost money
so companies who are more concerned about a bang for their buck don’t spend
the extra money on the high quality products or they need raw ingredients
that are necessary to fully absorb by your body that gives the term for bedpan
bullets so a lot of people think they don’t eat supplements because they’re
just going to end up in the toilet and it’s wasted money it’s not true if you
truly understand the raw ingredients the quality ingredients ingredients to look
for the companies that care about it and the testing that goes on behind it but
this process costs money so look for companies that care about these
processes take the time and the effort to do the testing look for these symbols
that I’ve told you about on the label USP verified NSF iso 9000 is another one
that stands for the International Organization for Standardization it
essentially means that the raw materials come only from quality certified
suppliers most suppliers who meet the ISO 9000 or higher certification are
awarded only to world-class companies just know too that many grocery store
brands use less expensive forms of nutrients and their supplements than if
they sell why how to on the label that if it doesn’t specify a kind of calcium
for example or vitamin A such as in the form of beta carotene stay away from
them because they are probably defaulting to a less expensive point but
companies that are proud of their high standards their high quality ingredients
will spend that remaining happily put them on their label you know the kind
they are using I hope this video has been helpful to you if so stick around
for the part two of this mini series which will be all about bioavailability
its importance and what that means in the meantime you guys have a good night
bye bye

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  1. This is Part 1 of a 3 part mini series. Part 2 will be about bioavailability
    and it's importance, and part 3 is covering resources you can go to that rate good and bad supplement companies and then I will tell you which company I choose and what I take at the end of series 3. Vitamins have really helped me have more energy and I truly feel better when I take them, along with a health diet of course (most days).

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