Queenie wants to take over her husband’s pharmaceutical company | Parasite Island (With Eng Subs)

Oh my god, oh my god.
Hold this please, Miggy dear. The heat is ruining my outfit! What? The Internet connection
is still poor here? – It’s so hot.
– I’m coming, ma’am. – Finally! I can go online now.
– Here you go. What are you people staring at? Do you want my autograph? Wait, ma’am, maybe they’re
just stunned by your beauty. – Yeah, right. You’re right.
– Of course. Oh my gosh, it’s so hot here. Miggy dear, can you, like, ask
somebody how much from here to your grandma’s house?
Come on, go, go, go. No one’s coming
to pick us up? I thought Lola knew
we were coming. Miggy dear, we want
to surprise her, remember? Asking her to pick us up
would spoil it, right? – Go.
– Okay, Tita. Mom, I’m still dizzy
from the ferry ride. Don’t we have a ride
to grandma’s house? Princess, look,
what about those tricycles? It’ll be fun. Come on. Oh my god. I’ll never ride
a cheap tricycle. I might get tetanus! Sorry, she still hasn’t gotten
her tetanus shot yet. Mom, Lola’s birthday
is tomorrow, right? Then we should’ve
just waited for Daddy. Princess dear, your daddy
told me to use my charms so I can convince
your grandma to tell me about his and your inheritance. And if it’s not in our favor,
we’ll do something about it before she informs everyone
about the division. Oh I like that. Tita, I’ve talked to the driver.
Everything’s ready. Okay, good, then let’s go. – Come on.
– Okay, let’s go. Off to the hacienda! You know, I came here
to ask for medicine for the earthquake victims
in Batanes, not hear stories
about my child’s mother. Kuya, if you think I’m wrong,
why does it bother you? Don’t test me, Gary.
You don’t want me as an enemy. Kuya, we’re not enemies. Jessie is the one
we should be worried about. Why? What about Jessie? You know that
he’s Mama’s favorite. There’s a chance
we’ll only get a small share. Hello, froggies! We’re here in our hacienda ! Mommy, how big is this again? I don’t know, dear. But I know
your Lola’s property is huge. I hope your Lola gives
the hacienda to your Daddy. That would be lovely! It’s going to be
Princess’ hacienda ! Put it down! Put it down! Yes, Mama? I don’t want that. I don’t like mingling
with farmers. Those poor rodents. I don’t like mud! I don’t like the smell of
cows, pigs, and goats! And I don’t like hearing
frogs croaking! I don’t like looking at
trees and crops! I want your Lola’s
pharmaceutical company. Classy. Posh. I’ll be the boss of chemists,
scientists, and botanists. Actually! Your dad has every
right to that. That’s true, Ma’am! – You’re amazing, Mommy!
– You’re the best, Ma’am! I love it! Hey, your froggies. Oh right, our froggies. – Back to our froggies!
– Hi! See how nice our hacienda is?
My God! Mama dear! Surprise!
Advance happy birthday! We brought your favorite
milk candy from Dumaguete City! Thank you, thank you. Where’s my kiss from
my dear grandchildren? Happy Birthday, Lola. – Advance happy birthday!
– Thank you. Advance happy birthday,
your majesty. Thank you. Wait, where are your fathers? And why did you go here early? Lola, Mommy said she
wants us to have time to enjoy your home town. And at the same time,
we can also bond with you before your birthday tomorrow. Oh, that’s good. Well, Mama dear… Our travel was so long!
We’re so hungry and tired! Can we eat first? That’s right! We want to taste
the milk candy we brought you! You and you.
Go get some food. Now! Tina! Yes, Ma’am? Prepare the food
at the table. – Let’s go!
– I’m hungry! Tita, my bag. Queenie… – Queenie…
– Yes, Mama dear? Melba and Lia are
not our helpers. You’ve always known
that, right? Melba is the caretaker
of the hacienda . And I see them as
my own daughters. Oh. Sorry, Mama dear.


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