1. I don’t have an account so this is the best place I have. It’s not really entitled. Just more like these bum holes who are mean.
    So I went on a field trip the second to last week of school, so of course it was hot. It was the ENTIRE sixth grade that was there, and we were all getting ready to go back to the school. We all had to line up with our classes. (This was in middle school, so our advisory teacher) My teacher was trying to figure out what we had to do, so she went around just kinda asking, but staying near us. After a few minutes, some kids in all the classes (including me) look all annoyed that we can’t get on the buses. (It’s hot) My teacher then comes up and tells us to start heading back to our bus. It wasn’t far, so we were only about 8 feet from the bus when these three bum holes (A.K.A parent volunteers) I mentioned before started yelling at us to get back in line. Something like this.
    “Hey! GET BACK IN LINE!!!!!!!”
    Second parent volunteer “GET BACK!!!”
    They were all YELLING at US poor 6h graders who DIDN’T KNOW WHAT WE WERE SUPPOSED TO DO!!!! Ya. PARENTS YELLING AT KIDS WHO DIDN’T DO A FRIGING THING!!!!! My teacher luckily was there and heard the whole thing and calmly said “Stop yelling! They didn’t know! I sent them! Stop!” But they continued like we were wild animals!!!! (not saying anything bad about wild animals😁) Finally they stopped. I was STEAMED at them. Another one was when I was littler, I went to a National Geographic type of deal in the city with my grandpa, cousin and brother. We went to this little kids area, and were unaware it was the little kids area because there was no sign, and I was little, and still not the best at reading. But I was big enough to not qualify in the toddlers. Anyways, we go into the area and start playing around. They do their own thing, and I do mine. There were these tubes that would suck up rags in tubes, and randomly drop them somewhere else. I was chasing one, watching the little kids. I almost was about to catch one when a mom or whatever comes up to me and says “This is the LITTLE KIDS AREA. You need to get out.” Keep in mind I was little mkay? I start crying and slowly make my way out. My grandpa didn’t even try to help. Like it was MY fault for not reading a SIGN THAT WASN’T THERE!!! My brother and cousin who are the same age cane out after me, a little sad, but not crying. I assumed another parent told them, even though they weren’t much older than the other kids. Not fun experiences!

  2. Just noticed the Mister X name change…or I re-noticed it and forgot…I have a bad memory for a 35 yr old woman 🙁

  3. At first I was like "oh Pirate X hasn't made a video yet" see this in my featured, was like "new person?" clicked it and was like "ohhhhhh"

  4. I love the fact that you have periods where we see your cam after you read a story, it makes your channel feel a little more personal than others in my opinion.

  5. If you're going to put your meds in a different container, you need to take the label off the original container & put it on the new container so as to avoid any confusion. If you get pulled over (for any reason) and you're found with unidentifiable pills in an unmarked container, you could get in real trouble. (I just take a label off one of the old bottles and put it on the smaller container, just to avoid any problems).

  6. Every restaurant,subway,malls and other EP spawning grounds,security shall shoot at will to all EP’s if they rant about police shoot them,if they scream shoot them. This is just a protocol no need to worry non EP’s, Good day

  7. why'd you change your channel's name (sorry if it was explained in a previous video, but I've been trying to catch up on other channels recently)

  8. No specific anti entitlement meds but we can definitely successfully treat it. So if you're struggling with these things, please get professional help.

    Your life can be so much better if you do!


  9. The best part is I’ve read most of these but it’s nice to here someone puts voices over the characters

  10. EP: I'm a single mother!
    OP: I'm not surprised!

  11. Depression is no joke guys. 9 times out of 10 people are very serious when they admit to having depression and or anxiety.

  12. yes as a matter of fact there are "anti-entitlement pills." They are called ARSENIC! GUARANTEED TO CURE ENTITLEMENT! PERMANENTLY!

  13. I can’t be the only one who noticed this but like every other Entitled Parents story the OP has anxiety or depression or PTSD or something else but in every story they “feel brave” like just a little suspicious

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