r/maliciouscompliance – "I DEMAND this medicine that DOESN'T EXIST!

hey everyone and welcome to story time my name is Jake and today we are gonna be looking at the subreddit our such malicious compliance where people conformed to the letter but not the spirit of a request if you new around here please do hit subscribe down below so that you never miss out on another video but for now let's sit back relax and enjoy some malicious compliance you want a big discount on this medication that can't be found anywhere or else you're going somewhere else okay good luck finding it for context I work in a pharmacy in Canada and the way pharmacies make money is to charge a slight markup which varies on a medication and also at a professional dispensing fee which can vary store to store but most are around nine to ten dollars per medication of course people ask for discounts all the time because of this variation I tried to work with people as best I can especially someone who takes multiple medications very frequently I do my best to charge them a reasonable amount because I know these fees can be hefty and medication is important often people ask to match Costco's pharmacy price which is a round of one to two percent markup and a three ninety-nine fee anyone in the industry knows that this is basically ridiculous and Costco is not making any money from their pharmacy their pricing is to get people in store to pick up other items on the way in addition finding parking navigating the aisles and hordes of people and having to wait a very long time before you get your prescription usually deters a lot of people from going so a new lady M whom I've never met comes in to my pharmacy with a prescription for a medication let's call it drug X it's an older medication that's been phased out several months because there were other similar medications introduced that cost significantly less so demand dropped and the companies stopped producing it however there are a few people who still swear by it and still want drug X because it worked better than its alternatives for them when these patients on drug X heard that the drug manufacturers was stopping production many people got prescriptions for months a year and bought out basically every bottle so all the major stores had zero stock left over I just so happen to have a few bottles in stock that were good for another five years likely the final batch made so I tell em that she's in luck and that I happen to have it in stock she asks me how much and I give her our standard price which has a ten percent markup on the cost and a twelve ninety nine dollar fee it's a moment pop store so usually the dispensing fee is on the higher end she scoffs at me and tells me I better match Costco or she'd never come back I said look I'm sorry if you were taking other medications frequently I could work with you and help reduce the fees but I can maybe bring it down a few books at the most since it's just a one-time pickup she literally starts screaming that she'll give us the worst reviews etc etc how I'm being completely disrespectful and she'll never do business with me again I knew this medication was likely not available anywhere so I stuck to my guts I told her again I'm sorry but I couldn't match Costco we'd basically be making no money if I did she asks for her prescription back literally snatches it from my hand calls me rude and that I had the worst customer service ever and I just lost a ton of business and storms out over the next few hours I received four calls from four separate Costco pharmacies asking me if I could provide a source of where I bought the drug ex from because their wholesalers don't have it and they have a patient who claims I had it in stock poor employees were just trying to help this lady and of course I told them it was honestly just extra stock and I had the same wholesalers as them they all thanked me and went back to dealing with this lady she was clearly shopping around for it as luck would have it a very frequent patient of mine came in and had a prescription for drug X for her son but he's been looking everywhere for he had tried every pharmacy in the area and had his mum bring it to me I filled it for her and she happily paid the full price and was so thankful and even brought me some baked treats the following week two days later as I'm at work I see em would come into the store not making eye contact she gave me the same prescription now crumpled up and stained after likely being handed by several other pharmacies she says all right whatever I'll pay your extra ridiculous fee thought I'd give you some business after reconsidering at this point there were three others waiting so I told her to have a seat and wait because technically the prescription still has to follow the workflow which involves an electronic stock check even though I know we don't have it I'd usually give people a heads up if they knew in advance to avoid waiting but she can wait 25 minutes go by and it's her turn I call her name to the counter and with a pretty big smirk I said unfortunately ma'am we've completely run out of drug eggs and you have no way of obtaining it at this time you'll have to try another pharmacy she interrupted and said but you just had it two days ago I was just here I informed her that another patient had depleted our final stock after she insisted on going elsewhere she hung her head down meekly took her prescription back and went out the door without a peep dragging her feet the whole way she had wasted at least four or five hours going to pharmacies for what basically amounted to a fourteen dollar difference and in the end she didn't get her way oh it felt so good it would be so good if the people from the Costco like the four or five different people actually saw this video or the story and was just like laughing because they deserve the malicious compliance as well want me to answer every call sure thing enjoy your way background part of my job involves taking calls from the public to offer various types of support this can range from tech support to helping people find services in our County that they need my team is and one other person between us we have to cover 732 732 Friday and weekends as well because of this and the fact that the company won't invest in a call waiting for us we can only take one call at a time our voicemail quite clearly states that we're a small team but if you leave your name and number we aim to get back to you within five minutes normally people are rather understanding of our situation and are happy to wait for us to call them back but as the world is full of impatient douchebags we often get voicemails just criticizing us now this happened today and I've been wanting to react this way for a long time and finally got the opportunity to me me and douchebag caller AC AC in a voicemail this is ridiculous I was told to call this number but why is the point in telling people to Coral if there's nobody to answer the phone AC then calls again hello you're through to customer service crack bear speaking how can I help you oh so now you answer the phone what is the point in having a number if you never answer in ah did you leave us a voicemail I've just listened to it but unfortunately you didn't leave any contact details so I was unable to return your call thank you for calling back how can I help you should answer every call that comes through well unfortunately there are only two people in my team including myself and there tends to only be one of us in a time so if I answered every call I'd end up having to keep putting people on hold and that really doesn't seem fair regardless though you're through at the moment and I'm happy to help however I can you can help me by doing your job and answering the phone when it rings at this point I'm like screw you lady so sod it I'll comply okay sure I'm sorry that I've annoyed you I'll make sure to answer the phone whenever it rings now how can I help the douchebag Cola starts to describe her problem then the phone rings oh I'm sorry the phone is ringing I'll have to place you on hold wait I put her on hold I then help this person calling take my sweet sweet time like going above and beyond just to keep this other woman waiting plus you know it's nice to help people I then take the douchebag caller off hold thanks for your patience now you were saying how dare you put me on hold especially oh I'm sorry the phone is ringing I'll have to place you on hold I put her on hold you can see where this goes I think I managed to keep this going for about 15 to 20 minutes before she hung up and I'm in for the next 10 hours god I hope she calls back you see I think they got it all wrong she's only supposed to answer when that person calls everyone else is irrelevant it's just this one caller I don't care who the eff hired you I was working as an assistant for a photographer in the automotive advertising business we had a big client in the auto supply end the supplied original equipment om parts for the car manufacturers every car in the world uses these parts the only problem is that the product never photographed well it always looked like the wrong color bland plasticky it just didn't pop when photographed so I took a few home with me and worked very hard to make them pop I showed the ad agency my technique and the client loved it and that's how we photographed them from there on it saved them a ton of money on expensive retouching pre-digital days they liked it so much that they would fly me to events around the country to make their product look good they would even send their product to me so I could make them look good and then send them around the world to different events the art director asked me if my technique would work on motion film again this was pre digital and I told him it would he asked me if I could work with them on a TV ad that they were going to do and I said yes he told me to be at such in such studio and what time to be there for a pre-production meeting I showed up early and there was only one of the person there and he told me his name and that he was the director of the commercial I told him my name and what my job was going to be he said he didn't care who hired me that he was the boss and I would do what he told me to do I said no problem we had the meeting and were to start filming the following Monday I showed up Monday morning and he told me to start doing whatever it was that I do he also mentioned that if he didn't like it he would scrap it I said no problem I started doing my thing and he would come by and make some snide comment and then walk away the next day the set was done being Bill and the product was ready I set up the product and the director started to light the product and kept saying it looked terrible I told him that if he moved one light to hear another there he stopped me right there and said again that he didn't care who hired me and to just shut up the art director showed up just after that happened and he said that it didn't look as good as it did in the still photos that we had done previously I told him that it was the lighting style that they were using he told the director to let me light it and after some grumbling he said okay I started to light it and it was looking good the art director had to take off and he had brought another art director with him a new but experienced guy as he was leaving he called us all together and in front of the director and the new art director he said I don't want one single frame a film shot unless me says it's okay the director was angry livid and I Rea then the art director said to the director I'm the guy who hired him then he laughed commercials as with moviemaking time equals money I am made sure to take my sweet time and cost the director a lot of money the commercial looked great and I was brought in on many other commercial the director was not I'm not sure how he knew about what the director had said to me but it was great to see the directors face fall wow that guy sounds like an amazing person to work with you know just walking in first time meeting him and he tells you to shut up like oh okay I'm probably not gonna be friends with you hey everyone I hope you all had a really good day and that you enjoyed that video if you want to check out some of the videos then click on screen right now or check out the playlist down below if you enjoyed that video then please do leave a like and if you want to submit your own stories then you can do so by joining the discord in the top link in the description but thank you so much for watching and I will see you very soon


  1. I dont know what to think about the medicine story. I mean, 14 dollars extra is a considerable amount right. And this was MEDICINE. I wouldnt gloat the fact that she couldnt get her medicine, thts just mean. She could be the patient, n her irriating temper even could have been a symptom of what she had. And i really think its unfair for pharmacies to not to have a fixed price. Its like they are allowed take advantage of patients. My husband had a similar experience at a private hospital in Sri Lanka. I contacted chicken pox while pregnant,so the doc prescribed me some pills. When he went to the pharmacy the bill was 14,000 (around 2300 dollars) rupees. He had the money and was about to pay, but called his sister who was a nurse. She told him that it could not that much. So when my husband asked for the prescription back, the pharmacist refused and ofdered a CHEAPER alternative (meaning,they have the cheaper version but offer the patients the expensive ones). My husband had to make a scene to get it back. He then went to the state pharmacy who had the pills for 850 rupees(about 4 or 5 dollars)! Lucky that my drug wasnt a rare one. Servws us right for going to a private hospital.

  2. I enjoyed these stories, especially the second one! r/maliciouscompliance is my favourite sub, to be honest..

  3. In that last story, the Director was probably complaining to the Art Director and said "I don't care who hired him, you need to fire them and let me work".

    Or something to that effect.

  4. Reading Reddit posts aloud is pretty basic content creation, yet there are loads of mistakes in the first story.

    1:47 Missed out the word 'over'

    2:07 Pluralised manufacturer for no reason

    3:18 Changed 'was likely not' to 'Was a likely not'

    4:45 Said 'handed' instead of 'handled'

    5:27 Added extra word 'you'

  5. Story one would've been better if he lied and told the woman: Appearantly someone heard from a Costco employee that we had some stock left, since a customer had come in to tell him about it and he decided to buy our stock out, I'm sorry.

  6. the lady walking away dragging her feet made me have the image of Michael Cera walking with his head hung low with the sad charlie brown music in the background XD

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