Rags II Riches Promotional Video

Beauty to me is about simplicity. Just about all of us have medicine cabinets
overflowing with wrinkle creams that we bought on a whim, thinking hopefully this time they’ll
really work, but they rarely do. We keep searching. We keep buying. The truth is you don’t need a lot of products
to have beautiful skin. Introducing the Marie Reyes RAGS II Riches
Luxury Skin Care System, an effective yet surprisingly simple, skin care regime that
accelerates skin renewal, increases skin hydration, evens skin tone and eliminates fine lines
by using just four RAGS II Riches products. Retinol cream exfoliant derived from vitamin
A to build collagen, accelerate cell turnover and brighten skin. Antioxidant (Vitamin C). Antioxidants fight damaging free radicals
and help prevent skin aging at a cellular level. Growth Factor and peptides to keep your cellular
material young and restore healthy skin. Sun Protection blocking harmful UVA and UVB
rays from damaging the skin and causing premature aging. Make your skin care a priority with RAGS II
Riches Luxury Skin Care System, the science of beautiful skin.

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