1. this make me angry! very very angry! when women gets rape, the whole fucking judiciary system goes haywire! but when a boy gets rape by faggots! THEN I WAS TOLD, ''no, it didn't happen! you are all making these up! these people are good people, we've known them for years!'' psychological shit fuck, begins to kicks in, slowly in me! pain, nightmares, things that reminds me! I AM THE ONE WHO CREATED THESE PROBLEM?! YEARS PASSED BY, THE SAME SO CALLED STRAIGHT MEN, FRIENDS OF THE FAMILY FOR MANY FUCKING YEARS WERE CAUGHT, SEXUALLY MOLESTING A KID! i need to be there to testify against these sons of satan! now i'm a young adult! traumatized what they did to me! that no one listen! even my very own family?!

  2. Good job लेकिन इंडिया मे जो महिला कहती है वो ही कोर्ट मानता हे मेडिकल रिपोर्ट नहीं देखता मै खुद रेप केस मे 2 साल जेल मे रहे के आया काश कोर्ट मेडिकल रिपोर्ट को मानता

  3. Was able to happen is nothing Ali in Mamma Mia nevermind I guess getting I just get the off thing oh my God he stole my superpower SpongeBob SpongeBob

  4. Was that a 110 camera ?
    And why is this coming up
    on my tablet after I typed
    in exams on tick bites for
    dogs ????
    Well thank God that wasn't
    creepy !! WTFK! Frickin mustache
    rider , oops forgot my pants !🐰

  5. The way he pats her pussy and says everything looks fine.. … Barbara 🤣 😂 then he starts finger banging her.

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