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wouldn’t Lee Wednesday Wednesday’s here that’s right
went there was them Wednesday wisdom I don’t know what the winds but the one
day Wednesday is you haven’t got too many wisdoms today not a bit
no no not yet working all day head’s all clouded one of those days and I hope you
guys this day wasn’t like wow hope you guys had a great day hope you have a
great time great stories from today we are getting some rain I’m praying and
praying and praying and I’m gonna praying man that we don’t lose power
Toronto got hit with a really bad storm a couple hours ago
mm-hmm really bad washed out on storm yeah that’s crazy
not nice weather at all so we’re hoping that the same doesn’t happen to us we
are getting rain right now but let’s hope it just stays in thought and this
is my late tree tab Breezies is our life right now
Arta morbid Kiley suggests for your weather and so hello hello now I’m ready
oh how are you tonight good to see everybody here either you are lying yes
we are violet I’m how are you welcome welcome welcome welcome to you
all Earvin the paid tourists were yet
tonight my friend are you parked for the night are you still rolling on are no
more but man your seaweed breakup livestreams a lot but eggs in E and I
are sitting a like beside each other run separate coaches we’re always on
some live streams break there you go oh man that black and white you’re running
looks so sick I had to tell you though I every time I see it
I’m imaged you’re here I just wanted to take that chance to tell you
so classic so you love that old black and white I remember from the eighties
like bands though those underground bands like something frost and those
guys they used to use that type of black and white really rich that’s great
Anna yeah tomorrow between wink-wink dirty dirty here to secret is such an
amazing creator photography beyond and we have sent you’re awake in the last
couple streams we’ve been talking about vlogging and photography and yo and
especially about your amazing mini camera and we have sensible people
you’re a way to check out and your box of Chicago streets you scared the poor
boy because he said oh no because he was just humbled naked and then your table
with mini so you terrified them I’m sorry
always gonna put at least two sentences between that and anything that contains
me I’m sorry I didn’t know it’s a secret I thought it’s part of an ad for a
single guy looking I want to steer this one free
your back Nathan likes drums how you doing my friend good to see you
Tyrell the original as always you’re so fantastic I don’t know what we’d do
without Joe I really don’t know you’re one of those people that even when I
everybody does we lose hope on the internet sometimes we think we think I
don’t know the web is a hard place and it’s a place that sucks the life for you
sometimes and you’re just one of those people that always kind of brings me
back about a whole youtube scene when I need it so it’s always great to have you
here yeah and are part of it also has a new video out today – that’s right thank
you I’ll alert I hope you see oh no I haven’t seen it yet catching up I wasn’t
a livestream and I’m catching up definitely going to look because I’m
very inspired by his covers the festival I think so I mean was in the house we
are talking dirty are you naked you’re not single but are you naked now artim
orbit is secret all gods are no more but you’re way too kind I can see which way
this trip is gonna be going yeah yeah but you guys think of that picture today
for our guest tonight I love that video there’s a guy who’s really upped his
game on doing videos yes really good I must say he went back to what he and
that’s true yeah true amazing yeah that’s a fair so he’s a really good
especially lost couples she’s right going back to your old stuff and that
just it’s killer it really is we also got in the air who
else we got in here you want to do roll call on yes of course let’s see who is
in tonight an hour look who just showed up I was wondering what you were doing we
are just thinking of you yesterday how are you doing hello Wow Rhys Rhys is
back welcome thank you very much sir no more but I’d appreciate thank you very
soon oh you he’s such a such a pleasant guy ah
we need more like you on the YouTube my friends yes so our department of course
beauty in the borough which one of the ladies is in today Devine Tiffany
welcome urban debate tourist of course I’m Neil from healers and heathens
Nathan likes drums welcome panicked evideos you are guys out on your travels
love your photos on Instagram now looking for a video and stream on
Saturday our guest for tonight Rizzo nian buck welcome welcome welcome
welcome my friend sorry I’m doing some secretarial original of course and
violet Byrd and for those of you who are not in the chat right now
hi as well say hi if you can if no I think you’re just listening to us and
your headphones or while you’re doing busy some thing that’s okay too
hope you’re having a good evening that’s where my knees in as well are you doing can appreciate you check and buy and
that man life comes up we understand that and anytime you can drop by like
we’ve always said we appreciate any time you can spend with us but real life
comes first you know it was so I mean I I was very I was thankful but and
touched but at the same time I thought oh my god I slide first down the rabbit
hole was comment in yesterday’s stream she apologizes she couldn’t make it
because she was an emergency spending waiting for a doctor she had a blood
clot in her leg and she was apologize the reason why she couldn’t make the
last three mister day and I thought oh my god guys I mean it’s great that you
come in we love having you yeah
you know it’s amazing to hang around with you but you know life comes first
Internet is internet and and life comes first and especially something like that
please don’t be sorry just come say hi when you can
you guys always have a home here and we always think about you we care about you
and we hope to know if something ever happens your life if you can ever let us
know but real life comes first family comes first all those things so it’s
always a pleasure when you’re here but like she was a great example of it today
I know I seen that and I’m like oh God and yeah we miss you two helos I’m
secretly planning a trip down there for the summer go to two yes W be moderate
in and yeah W a monitor is our guest tomorrow yes that’s right I’m just
looking at it again my all excited about bikes ever I wanted to ride one this is
a guy do you want to follow and you want to come tomorrow and see keep talking
about that and talk some music to definitely that’s tomorrow oh man ever
humid this rain I hope we get it I don’t want to get as bad as drama but enough
that takes out of the sky yeah you really gotta check that hashtag on
on storm our check out Twitter I actually retweeted one of the videos
that people posted and this just came out of nowhere and just swept literally
swept everything away so um early debate port tourist does OBS cost or hedge or
have to sign in first there’s no cost to it it’s open source I don’t know a lot
of what Neil actually from hill and he’ll maybe give you a bit more advice
under what that’s one person I know right here that use it I believe are no
more but uses it as well yeah guys message them anytime I’m sure they will
mind right yes that’s I don’t know why you’re getting the error message long to
work yeah I shouldn’t be it shouldn’t be that problems any yeah sure
I’m not sure at all what did we do yesterday uh what did we do yesterday
what did we do yesterday yeah on through the day or on the show last night on a
show last night for those who haven’t yesterday Oh are we gonna get them to
those guys as well well I couldn’t get my banner out because I it’s not on
social media and I don’t know email okay okay now I’m waiting tonight maybe I
will get the contact okay we were making thumbnails for people we were putting a
request we did holes here yep did was was on time am yeah yeah we were uh were
showing kind of live tutorial about how to do a thumbnail or youtube channel art
on Photoshop or canvas so as you can follow along how we do it and at the end
we gave away the product or the person so anything to send but that’s what we
were doing yesterday and some also other questions or some other questions about
video of course and YouTube as well but that’s what we mainly we’re doing
yesterday so if you’re interested in follow a long tutorial that’s what we
were doing yesterday and guys seem to be quite satisfied with what they got
hopefully channels as well that’s Brian you took footage of 40-foot tree that
fell over in my yard last Saturday squashed my daughter’s trampoline and I
have the footage oh wow Wow uh yeah I will I will definitely check that out
that’s crazy helos you are so sweet um yeah I
remember Pinterest was asking about OBS they’re having some troubles so I just
maybe you know something more about that yes Rhys I did see your comment you’ve
been working hard so it’s a we’re brodeo we’re very proud of you I know it’s hard
it’s hot and this long days but we’re proud of you so keep it up and thank you
for joining him to me we we’re just glad to know how you were
doing we do wonder about you we’re always wondering and I’m glad you’re
keep them busy so guys can you hear the fan in the microphone just out of
curiosity trying to find the spot where I get it as close as possible but
without messing with the sound I can’t hear it okay guys last month’s not like
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what is wrong hello Julia Julia or bourbon girl how are you and they can’t
hear the fans I’ll see wife is always right yeah I’m gonna on a weird mood
today oh that’s the understatement hey you
guys you only have to hang out with me for a couple hours and you know it’s not
them mandatory always just click X I appreciate your devotion and patience no
problem this time it’s a labor of love labor okay so no I’m gonna go and reshare one
of my posters for today so you guys can do that too let me dig in sure thank you
so much in advance so yeah let’s see let’s do another round here participant
it’s got a morbid you got beauty in the burr we got Benjamin Chavez is here the
island man Ben now by the way did not so long ago down the rabbit hole called him
out or for summer vacation tank and he did a video on it just come on days ago
so can go check it out job on to it am that’s piranha the 40-foot tree that’s
not gonna see that video by the way a divine Tiffany is here do ya pillows
hammock D Missourian subscribe to my new channel Rhys Mel off-road adventure I
like that and Terrell the original just to name a few
yesterday if you and why this kids will definitely catch up in a little bit like
I say I’m sad because the rain was coming down decently and it stopped
skies are really gray I’m hoping it rains hard enough to get this so we
don’t pay for the next couple of days and intense you made it here because I’m
just gonna be hot but not enough that it knocks at the power would and I would
knock on something too but okay what do you want
not that I mind I just still gonna be there any comeback and the project were
here oh you are do a blue run selfie yes oh
yeah I think she’s been watching old 70s game shows lately trying to mimic their
excitement first I don’t know my phone Oh Oh No okay so hashtag blue ranch
salfi group no hashtag oh I’ll give it to us I got me a shot blue wrench group
you post that on Twitter right and let everybody know especially if you can do
a selfie with yourself watching the live stream if you can that’s out that’s even
icing on the cake Andrew who rent group there we go oh okay okay yes would help
I switch the screen there we go your porn is better for them it big it what should one work your
magic make it up the thing that’s really good all the wrenches are the same size
that’s true hey Costa Coast drones how are ya
welcome how you doing hey W bark we’re gonna pay tourists this error means you
don’t have permission to download the file from the server just never see this
message well yes I hope that shouldn’t tell in there that’s strange really
strange I don’t know what to tell you that one how about login back in and try
again maybe just a glitch Bree says don’t be proud feel sad my parents I’m
running them like crazy lol and have to go cook dinner I might be back later
well if you can make it by love to have you love to have you sir how are things
with you coast to coast that’s a really good name I’ll just oh my god you guys
can wear some really good ones I also wonder I’d like to do that some might
just have already shooting the doing the shit home about how they came up with
their names and stuff yeah it would be interesting there is a story just did
not like how you just came up with it cuz it is a commitment I mean yes you
can change them for sure but I mean once you start building the Bram you know I
think it’s pretty cool yeah I tweeted out our so tweet out your so let us see
how you look today and Arkham our mascara day we day why do I call you we
try I don’t know W J welcome my friend good to have you you were doing some
furniture shopping tonight and everything and I hope at all what well
coast to coast pretty good came to see how you guys are doing been taking bids
on a new deck would have rather been here a whole well well I hope it went
well though once again guys I’ll put up a hashtag yeah we just stopped for those of you
just came me and we’re just doing go over our pre-talk bar preach at a
preacher yes we also are tweeting out to selfie or if you can do a selfie of you
watching our live stream and just that we develop is hashtag blue range group
and then you can see other people as well when you click on them so you can
even like I say it especially if you can take one of yourselves watching a live
stream we love that kind of stuff very very very cool and we’re gonna bring on
our guests in just a moment just a moment so I’m gonna pick hello hello how
are you doing tonight hundred selfie just got out of shower that’s the exact
time to do a selfie it’s your face Earl wet hair face oh that’s so nice
yeah I got some big whoever couldn’t put two hearts in there yes you’re
definitely gonna go and check out who ran through hash tag click on Anthony
you’re gonna see you’re such a sweet picture oh my god yeah that’s I want you
to go see it if you can as this definitely does there’s a hard chair but
just because like case you don’t get there I destroy this is not nice yes oh
sweet my goodness Robin epic are you doing well I have fun Olympic likes drums –
excellent well I guess it’s that time what do you think huh
yeah I think it’s that time it’s there you go resilient
whenever you’re ready my friend come on I think the tools I think it was like a
gas leak and yeah no no no no it’s not a hint
don’t anybody think like that see our how is the merry vibe going
welcome hashtag blue runs group selfie out there picture of you guys
selfie watching the live stream welcome Regan live laugh love how are you your
blue ranch groupie groupie selfie challenge tonight panic dee oh my god
happy trails hiking hello hello yeah yeah yes yeah um yes yes yes yes hashtag
Mirage group it’s crazy yep Brooke is sick oh no sorry to hear
that knowing great Brooke is sick um what’s
wrong it doesn’t sound good gone doing great
Brooke is sick mm-hmm I wanted to laugh at the
statement since the most in the same sentence but I really hope it’s nothing
serious though groupie yeah and Reagan is Miss Orion buck roofie that’s great
yes perfect that well he’s gonna be on in a couple of minutes and well
well we are waiting for him to come there is time for you to tweet out that
selfie of yours let everybody see who you are let us get to know you
Josh that blue ranch group check it out other people as well she just got a cold
oh ok ok well yes summer is such nasty time getting colds especially like we
don’t try Nancy but especially with I see everywhere liking the malls and in
the cars you know you go from hot to cold and it’s so easy to get hot and you
guys went on here our daughter was really badly sick like a week ago for
the whole week so um she had a stomach virus though but no it’s it’s just so
many people are getting resorting I just sending a link it should open
automatically if you have any trouble just send me the email address for your
hangouts account and I’ll send you that and it should make it connect faster I
just sent it to you in Twitter o –jc and you can’t do that
oh yeah you’re working tonight oh that’s right that’s right yeah I’m not a good
time to be working on that okay by the way for those of you who are Instagram
BAPS just while I’m doing some sharing here did you know that you can share
your Instagram story directly to your Facebook story as well now you one of
the recent updates when you put a story on Instagram once it’s posted you can
just click on the bottom on Facebook logo and it will automatically share it
to connect account on Facebook which I find is really good because don’t have
to do double work Instagram I know the people here I know lots of people here
like home life has multiple accounts there I know are too morbid hands in
reserving back to and then of course and pinion burger girls has it so just
cheering for you and you can share a story if I tag you in the story like I
did to that today with Rosario and buck and I do with people have Instagram and
are are on our lives I on you in you can
actually share that story on your own story as well which wasn’t possible
before hey I love that how are ya hello welcome how’s it going good good
I’m dark I like it you always have he’s got the mood thing going on I never
know what you’re gonna bring to the table when I see you or wide good I just
gotta check something here I got the stream going some okay we’re here yep
yeah I had to turn the stream on so I heard you guys talking twice and I
wasn’t sure if you want though what’s that you can pause the stream and leave
the chat running if you want to see what’s being oh yeah that’s what I meant
to do I was just a minute and you’re watching the controls as well so how are
you guys doing good find the stream again now so I got the chat because I
saw lotsa awesome people in there and it’s here somewhere I’ll find it
good yeah it’s good to be on two wheel fix is listening to us tonight while
working so I just wanted to say a quick hi to you and all the way and over there
so I’m so happy you’re here great channel guys by the way really great
content mother glad to check you’re all great content of course so I hope you
saw through you’re not connected with each other do if you’re somebody new and
connects with us please leave a message so as we’re done the wide stream I can
go check you in as well are we allowed to support yeah you can go over and
check the channels we don’t do here are there like a you know subscribe it’s not
like a free fall that’s not the main thing here but definitely get the door
who can tell you not you and thank you for asking by the way that was really
yeah so you’re right I’m good now I think except for the whole dark lighting
coming in good though I can still see you well well you know what I got the
settings here for my camera and I thought you guys are so good at your
color management in your video maybe you could help me out here well see let’s see
I got gain how’s that you bright a guy is that too bright
yeah I got this this is what I got to work with exposure gain brightness
contrast on contrast contrast alright see ya again from the pros here yeah
already your face you’re getting more color by doing it alright
how do I ask you look amazing so I could have prepared it a little bit more for
the stream but for some reason I decided to pull out a box of Lego and I made a
couple I made a couple Lego figures here hmm I know it’s a little blurry and then
Andrew I got I couldn’t find the hair but I got your face pretty good oh and
you got a little guitar there you gotta take a picture yes yes do it I will you
a selfie put it up I will I’ll do that for sure I
love that’s what I love about your launchers I never know what’s coming
next you got me hooked as soon as I go in
even before I go in I’m like I’ll see your time I’ll be like because yeah why
not yeah well I also don’t know what’s coming next either so it’s it’s a
neutralist I’ve been your mantra in your life pretty much yeah yeah I know
because you’ve talked to her too before near streams and that there’s always
like a bit of like this spontaneity we’ll call it like always going on yeah
a lot in the music so like I’ve done like music for 25 years now and when you
try to rehearse something really really well then there’s just more stuff that
can go wrong yes but when you just play it by ear you know then I don’t know you
just deal with it the issue at hand right that’s right that’s so yeah but I
mean that’s a common thing with not even just musicians I mean most people who
ever are strong arts background scheduling is not their favorite thing
usually they don’t like to be tied by anything it’s a it’s a blessing and a
curse you know like everything else there’s a give-and-take and the same as
a corporate driver is very regimented but very poor at letting go a lot of
times I had to double check to make sure that the this was today
because schedule because you Andrew it was you that was in the stream writing
you’re like wanna be on and I was like okay yeah I’ll just take a screenshot of
you telling me and then that that ended up as you know a JPEG file in a folder
somewhere well they’re glad you made it no yes yes me too
this is long long overdue because I mean we’ve known each other pretty much since
we’ve gotten into this whole thing we’ve had you on with the Manic Monday with
with Rick and everybody else yeah that was fun I talked before
um yeah I didn’t mind waiting as like oh I know that these guys got something
going on that’s really good you know and like that’s like limb fine let’s live
like tuna you know and then don’t jump on I’m breaking up yeah you broke up
yeah you said just a boat we just about something and then we lost you yeah I
don’t know I was saying but we had something going on you said you were you
didn’t mind yeah yeah I didn’t mind waiting to to be on the show right and
let you guys fine-tune everything we’re still doing that if you wait for the
fight I’m afraid that could be the people more episodes down the road but
Oh like we said we were just good that’s the whole point of it is the
conversation and like eggs Enya does a lot of digging when she gets a chance
she’ll go in to find blogs that people don’t usually talk about they had like
your other two channels yeah pictures of you playing guitar yeah I got a couple
other channels but the vlogging challenge trying to move over here
because it doesn’t make sense to have like three channels going especially to
do with the way YouTube is now right yeah that’s so that was a 2014 idea who
was it I just seen one of the big ones talking about that you know like – Rob
2014 you know everybody had like 5 de PUE deep I was saying up that’s exactly
what’s sailing oh really yeah one you know one that they’re
gaming channel man that the vlogging Channel then they had to have they’re
talking just like there was eight channels you know by the time they were
done but yeah but when I when I first started getting into YouTube one of the
people I used to watch all the time was Matt Santoro oh yeah he was one that
kind of like I tried to focus not to be like but as far as separating the
channels and all this stuff well I mean that was a good guy I was on the point
for him and also like he’s from Toronto and mm-hmm yeah we’re in Canada so it
was kind of cool for that reason to do well I think that’s the thing about it
like aliens are doing quite well in YouTube I
think yeah pretty high-profile guys going at the moment we do and not just
on YouTube but also just music wise oh yeah definitely
even like you know we were timeless people getting Norse in YouTube as much
everybody hates them and don’t come cheating on me when I mentioned his name
anybody in the time already know where this is going yeah you thought they
wanted to it’s either a band or a singer in capital yeah and it’s the singer but
do you mean notice on YouTube I mean you know it does show you how things have
changed I mean I’m not saying I like his music I’m not standing up for him but it
just shows you how YouTube has taken over in that’s where people are getting
notice now a lot it’s changed the whole face of music for directors we’ve spoken
about from Norway with Norway yeah I got notice when I was making feature films
and stuff yeah lights out I don’t know if you heard about it no I was just a
regular guy so to say just posting like horror clips little clips like three
minutes with his wife in it you know just amateur kinda stuff but and there
was one three-minute video called lights out and somebody Hollywood noticed it
and approached him asked him to make a full feature of movie in Hollywood from
it like based from that three-minute clip and now yep and now he’s in
Hollywood on his third movie right now earning the millions and millions of
dollars just a random video on YouTube so you never know right my new friends give them a wrench but he’s just shows I
just gets to show you you know that you you’re just gonna creep keep doing what
you’re doing you know and eventually you know somebody might notice it you never
know and it’s a great forum like you’re you know you’re not I think I’m still
older than you but it’s believed but still you know we come from a time where
we didn’t have this platform this platform does open you up for anybody
playing music acting whatever it’s a whole new option
that never existed before no we had just myspace yes are hard father by the time
myspace came out so but for the wrong reasons man who is it that purchased
MySpace and never got back to where it was supposed to be her they think they
wanted sent you know that would never fail I think sometimes I purchases just
just question out of the car the bigger ones do with this one wanted to run with
it I remember it was a musician wasn’t it like some famous artist that bought
it yeah rapper something I can’t I don’t know it is but yeah they thought it was
gonna be the the golden eagle and know most Golden Eagles and ends up crap
honey in the end you know but it was big at the time I mean it was huge MSN
Messenger nobody ever thought I would ever go away
yeah you remember I see you know Timberlake Justin Timberlake that really
well that’s who bought it that’s right oh really
oh yeah well that’s probably pennies for him so let’s hook that and he was
featured I’m self when he bought it like every time you go on to it that’s right
it was him all the time in the front I couldn’t remember who but I remember
they were getting ply I didn’t know yeah my spews still open for sure it’s yeah I
had to go back there and find all my old photos wasn’t easy the layout was
different it’s changed yeah I know it’s amazing that is still running
though it’s one of those old things are still running when you go back that are
yeah just message like I mentioned that was an old messaging system from the
beginning of the 2000s I can still remember my number seven five six a week
for one Oh John I forget everything else in my life I know nothing that’s
important and mostly anything that’s unimportant as well but for some reason
that stupid number still so I went on two years ago and tried it and sure
enough I got in with my old password Wow that’s reflected for everything and
there’s still one guy I know for Toronto that’s still on and and their shows
it’s like god help me please tell me you came on the exact same time as me to see
the stupid thing still works and you’re not using it it’s like I don’t know
where everyone went I’ve been here four years
oh yeah primal fanatic 867-5309 so I I decided to move my webcam up higher and
but the video is way down here with the chat so it’s like we’re I’m trying to
look up yeah whatever you’re down at the same time and eggs and just watching the
chat as well she anything that’s questions are stuff like that she’s
gonna have so that’s true guys if you have any questions for res Orion I know
you guys could just come live wat citize where there’s anything you’ve always
want to ask him and Evan please yeah I’ll answer any question Benjamin Chavez
says I used to do mIRC me too that was a lot of fun and a flub an epic head and
like you know I could not like you number God before so I’m gonna ask you
the big question right away and you’ve seen this question I never heard this
question before I’m sure being here 16 inches are you talking with that bat
that’s on the picture oh yeah man I gotta get into that after I definitely
want to talk about that but I want to go back where you feel and this is where
you feel comfortable like I was saying everybody that’s cool but where you were
born high school and just kind of give us a few minutes just tell us all about
yourself where you want to kind of set the history with you yeah okay so I grew
up in Vancouver and in high school I learned how to play the guitar after
that I joined all like band and started doing the band thing after high school
and I don’t know after years and years and years I had a
bit of success but not much you know had a core group of people kind of like this
coming to shows and but it never took off you know when you’re a little kid
you wanna be a rock star all that never quite happened and but
I’ve been in a punk band and I still kind of am because we’re like family so
the band’s never actually over but the band is called Coco’s and Friends where
I played guitar and did backup vocals and then I wanted I started doing solo
projects because musicians can be so flaky that like it’s hard to keep a band
together but when you’re doing your own stuff then you can only blame yourself
right yeah so I’ve done a whole bunch of albums I got a whole stack albums I’ve
done and four years ago one of my good buddies his name’s Dan and he has a
YouTube channel called crazy bag Qbert and as you his youtube channel is quite
big he’s got like a hundred thousand subscribers or more something like that
and he told me I should get into YouTube I was like I said you know that’s your
thing you do the YouTube thing I’m the musician kind of guy he’s like no I’ll
help you out and all this I’ll get you started any questions you know oh pass
on what I know so I was like well okay I’ll give this a shot and I spent months
trying to think of what my YouTube channel would be about and I wanted to
be open that I can make any type of video that I just felt like making at
the time I didn’t want to limit myself so the thing that kept popping into my
head was Seinfeld they had a show about nothing so I thought why don’t I make a
channel about nothing which in retrospect respect it like wasn’t the
best idea because it’s really hard to take your videos and get noticed when
every single video is completely different
Asch like nothing hashtag show but this is not a lot of people searching nothing
on YouTube but it’s a comedy tower I’m it just make fun and stuff and yeah so
but every video is about something different
and yeah that’s kind of where I’m at right now
well that was your music side but I want to touch a little bit more and like I
say don’t you know doing all kinds of okay but also to about like just like
what you were like growing up you lived on okay in Vancouver you pretty much
lost your dad childhood and teens correct yeah well
this this is the even a more interesting story like NASA when I left high school
and you know I had to go into the working force and I worked and tried to
do this band thing I don’t know I didn’t like working a lot and so I’d always
have a job for six months and then quit and then get broke and then get another
job and then eventually you know our family’s been really pouring stuff
through our my entire life so eventually my mom decided that she was gonna move
up to empress Alberta and I was I decided I was gonna stay in Vancouver
and just figure stuff up so she left and I actually moved on to the streets and I
was living on the streets for six months Wow
land area I know that that was way too much for me yeah kind of like Burnaby a
new Westminister right and you know did couch surfing and stuff and was in the
band and I remember playing shows at like clubs and stuff and my singer would
come with a big green van and just picked me up on the side of the road and
we’d go play a show and then he always said he’d feel really bad because he
used to just drop me off somewhere so I’d be like okay you could draw
fear and so I’ve had I don’t know it it was kind of my own choice you know where
I could have thoughts back that’s easy yeah I mean I just want some like I
don’t know I needed some life adventure like I you know there just needed to
experience some things I never experienced before so rock musicians
have those story but I find with Punk and those more niche markets there’s a
lot of self exploration that’s going on all the time and like wanting to feel
like not just out of the box but like kind of out of the box looking in and
there’s more craving for that I’ve heard many stories in that area more related
to what you’re just saying in there than mainstream rock even metal you know yeah
definitely anyways I did that for a bit and I’m would go up to Alberta and visit
my mom for a bit and then I go back and try to be musician and get a job at a
liquor store or something and then then I met a woman and ended up getting her
pregnant and I was happy about it and I was like oh wow then it’s like big
change in life like I got started taking things seriously here now right so still
did the music thing made a bunch of albums but tried to stick to it job best
I could and stuff but yeah that didn’t work out which you know a lot of
relationships don’t so and so my son Levi when he was about three or
something is when we broke up and then I would take him on weekends and stuff
like that and there was also a transition point where I was acting
stupid you know and then clean freaking out but after you know time went by then
things get a little bit better and easier trying to work with each other
for the sake of the kid and now I was my last job I had for like three years
cutting steel and copper and stuff guys I just got tired of it just because I
don’t know you you make enough to survive but you don’t ever make enough
to like get anywhere right right so I just and my mom phoned she
said Leah I’m getting older I could really use your help here in Alberta and
I was like well I don’t really want to cut copper for the rest of my life so
it’s a win-win situation so I moved up to Alberta to help look after my mom and
my son just do things that happened end up coming with me now I got on full-time
you guys got such a bond between the two you and I’m you can see we are not I
don’t want to say making up time you’re making good time
you know like for the weekends that you’re the weak parts that you didn’t
have your more than making up for it now you guys are really like connected your
friends and father and son all the same he’s in the other room and he might stop
in but I told him I said this is not a live stream on my channel so we can’t
just Kratts you can’t just crash the party do you see it all coming yeah you
can see like a game like oh yeah I give him five minutes but his nice darn happy
for you and I like I am I’m divorced and my oldest son is 20 and that was hard
and I moved out to Saskatchewan for the simple reason was easier for immigration
for eggs and I and my son used to come out twice a year and one time he came
out and we were making good money out there was good work I was working the
oil fields and I wasn’t home and I’m not much of a home person I can live
anywhere in the world that would be my home but my son was the only thing that
could make that feel on a place and he came to visit us in the summer yet and
he was leaving Monday morning by plane we had to drive into scotch to
I need to get the earth to the airport we were living in not your Yorkton at
the time yeah yeah so he had the leaves Monday it was Friday morning and I
wouldn’t eggs and I’m like I can’t do this anymore I can’t
and she knew this already she was well prepared and she was you want to move
back I’m like yeah I can’t be this far from he’s growing too fast so we planted
out went on Kijiji found an apartment in Montreal agreed to it called them got a
u-haul he only packed up took him to the airport and we fall behind them we had a
four month old and the four year old in the back in the car drove three 3,500
kilometers to Montreal Wow yeah we were driving to God the first part we left we
loved Saskatchewan we never stopped we at Thunder Bay you know back then like
when I take them on weekends or something it was more like rather than
father-and-son it was like two friends hanging out yeah I you know his weekend
you gets you know stay up all night play video games and stuff now that I have
them full-time it’s like I have to make that weird transition where it’s like
now I have to put my foot down and stuff like that right and that has probably
been the hardest thing from hit to learn how I know I know I’m not gonna see that
in you too like sometimes you’ll tell him like okay now we’re gonna stop and I
see you it’s almost like you’ve taken like a minutes worth of breath before
you get you know yeah but this is the best thing for him at the same time you
know it’s a mix you know it’s you don’t want to lose the friend side but yeah
first of course before most your dad in your year taking it on well thank you
how long has it been since you guys been in Alberta
well we got appeared last year oh you moved here I’m relieved do you do you
want someone to sleep on your couch it’s so okay I’ll give you a second this
is what I love most about you I know what’s going I love so I live in
this small town it’s called Empress Alberta and that’s
by Saskatchewan and the population is like a hundred and sixty-four people and
there’s horses and cows and chickens and bunny rabbits and old people and that’s
all we have are you north or south I don’t know we’re right on the
Saskatchewan border so I don’t know I don’t know myself in DC or are you close
to the states are you up more like to the US I don’t think we’re near the
border empress you said right yeah my curiosity unlike that continued I’m
gonna look it up at the same time the Saskatchewan border is actually across
the street from our house so like god there’s a barbed wire fence if I jump
over the fence I’m in Saskatchewan wow they’re not kidding yeah you are on the
Wow yeah you’re down more towards Medicine Hat that okay yes sometimes
people here make fun of the Saskatchewan but we we’ve yet to build the giant wall you’ve heard your folks things are
getting rough and emperess yeah your mom does and she wants to stay there uh yeah
but I don’t know it’s like there’s certain stuff she can’t do like she
needs me up here it’s like you know when who cuts the grass right she’s not gonna
pull a lot more kind of thing right right so but eventually we’re looking at
other options so I cuz I have a sister and a brother
too that lives not too far away Vernon and Calgary right so we’ve been talking
them and we’ll see what the future is so well yeah cuz you need options for you
as well so you know the older they older or younger your sister and
brother I didn’t know you have some wings yeah they’re both older and
they’re I don’t know I don’t know them too well I kind of knew them more
growing up but then Vegas you know got older moved out and you know got married
and had kids and all this stuff so and then I’ve got careers so though each
grab them between you yeah there’s a very huge gap and and I don’t know them
that well so I can’t I don’t even think I could tell you the rage with my oldest
son versus my other kids cuz like our oldest is 20 our yah our middles 11 our
youngest a 7 and I wonder sometimes how we’ll play oh look when they were
younger there was more bond and they still love
each other and it’s all good but just my son now is 20 on his own so it’s not he
doesn’t come over like every single day or anything like that the lens is a week
or two in between I wonder how that’s gonna turn out in the future that’s why
I find it interesting what you’re saying right now yeah well my mom she’s she
really wants to get everyone together what us have a closer bond so she got
really best why have her goals – right so she’s kinda trying to put it all
together well I think that’s any parents log you
know when we do you know we I catch myself sometimes I feel like a
cheerleader oh come on guys we’re gonna go do this and what’s I do I go do stuff
I don’t want to do just so I can bring all three of them together you know that
might be the reason I’m up here well I would be nice if a works out I guess
from a parent site I would hope that – that you guys do get closer I mean you
know she’s thinking one day she’ll be gone and she still wants you guys to
have some good contact and connection when that happens you know you know and
we don’t have we’re not super crazy apart or nothing you know like I got to
numbers and stuff but I guess the most important thing is not to lose what we
already of all having it further all right and
that is a good point because it is sometimes it does happen that way
unfortunately yeah and I don’t know it one thing that always bugged me was wake
when someone older passes away and then the kids come and they like just sell
off all the stuff yeah it’s like that stuff is like that’s like you know
there’s some probably important stuff there and you got to go throw it like
for that splittings Indian eyes are very different that way or she’s more
connected I don’t get such a connection to most material thing but certain it’s
a few things that I do like I got a truck than I bought in 2005 a Mazda
Tribute was the first new vehicle and I’ve just never sold it that’s got three
hundred and forty five thousand kilometers on it province at least one
except Newfoundland and I said when you strained from yes that’s right that’s
change and I usually doesn’t happen I gotta say that what’s that bottle caps
dismay it usually works pretty good but it is trying to get rid of it and I
inherited that houses spring from my cousin and I got his truck and all this
stuff and I’m still finding it so hard because I I know it’s like the first one
that I let my son drive into I remember picking out from school first ones weird
you know when Chris and Nick Zinna first got over here all these things you know
it’s that’s one of the few things that I actually do have a sentimental
attachment to I find you know one of the things that we have here in Empress is
we have a lot of pianos really stand up pianos and I don’t know why they’re just
all over the place and I mean not like we don’t have like
hundreds but like there’s got to be five or six in this community I think people
bring them here then maybe sometimes people pass away and leave them or worse
or they just don’t want to get rid of them right because where are you gonna
put it well you know it’s just funny you just
go everywhere and there’s like a piano and I’m learning piano too so I gotta
get in there use some of these you’re doing good by
the way yeah I’ve never seen your cheers one till today she was really impressed
I was rooting it again like two times today because I really I really enjoyed
it and you put like putting together the guitar playing with a piano yeah oh yeah
oh yeah I tried singing it but his home is so bad I couldn’t put that on YouTube
but you know what’s you know what’s interesting is that video got a
copyright strike driver not strikes but you know yeah yeah where the where you
can’t monetize it ever yeah they can monetize it exactly but I I didn’t think
they’d catch it for me playing playing it but that should be exactly the
YouTube yeah I guess I’m in 51:26 says those old pianos probably come from old
western saloons that would be nice well I if I ever wanted a job here I can
learn how to tune a piano yeah and then then the thing is because it’s such a
small old town that I could just sneak in and unto NIT whenever I need money yeah so one of the first stories I got
from here was we do have like an ice rink kind of deal people play that was
it that game where they throw the brick down the ice and then they have to sweep
up after it Oh curling yeah so we have a curling rink here and the guy the guy
who owns the core story says oh you should go check it out and I still
wolves to anyone there you girls know but just make sure you
turn the lights off when you okay it sounds like where I grew up I grew up in
a small town to a 200 and some and yeah it’s a lot of those so really up here in
Montreal that would make there era curl like we were young if you went
to a friend’s house and they weren’t home you always know oh yeah they went
to get groceries tonight’s or night you just went inside
their house till they come home you know they come home and you’d be watching TV
you know just a normal everyday thing or you come home and find five your friends
playing in the yard waiting for you and stop them
yeah keys and vehicles not anymore but it used to be like that well we have
people here they come in like come in and they like need my help to move
something or you know and but they give me no notice cuz I’m from the city I’m
used to like notice yeah but it’s like come with me now it’s like I got stuff
to do I can’t just get up and leave like it happened right before this livestream
I’d say no you know and they want me to move a compressor machine or something
like I’m not showing up to this live stream all filthy dirty and stuff all
over my face story oh yeah I did consider that part you
should be doing some videos on the town’s yeah I well I thought about doing
a video of just the fact that Saskatchewan is cross the street
especially water fence that’s amazing of itself right there yeah and I got some
other things I’m working on I want to do we had a thunderstorm here recently
I heard you said you had like a thunderstorm yeah almost swept away like
five minutes check it out centers got big crime and if there’s water war like
going down five stories all three escalators Wow yeah okay well ours
wasn’t that bad but I wanted to capture the lightning and the Thunder but it
doesn’t work out so well on video it turns out it’s kind of boring well not the equipment but you need to
manually yeah you need filters or manually set it up in order to do that
even though photography can’t just you know your contact is the same as
particular of the moon Northern Lights I did catch capture a
couple pictures of lightning and what I do is I set the time lapse and then set
for 30 seconds or whatever so it captures you know and then when the
lightning strikes it just captures that yeah so no but that’s not I’m not into
making videos they’re just photos I don’t know but still you could use as an
effect or something like that in – it’s always good to have as much b-roll as
possible so yeah that’s true I aim is from Saskatchewan we lived in
Webern most of the time in the flatter part over on the east side where the oil
fields are mm-hmm and I’ve never seen sunsets like that in my life that would
just like engulf the whole terrain you know with nothing blocking it massive
you never realize how big the Sun is it’s we got some really good scenery
here like we just have hills all around us for as far as you can see all that
stuff but it gets old – well everything does wherever you are you know and I I
think Alberta is such a nice mix of everything and BC – to an extent as well
Alberta just seems to have it all I don’t know what it is about that
province I always liked it a lot I mean but the scenery believe me I know and
NBC is fantastic I’ve been through a good few times and I mean there’s never
disappointed but they and all the candidate does – we’re such a big
friggin country yeah vast I mean our life in Montreal is nothing like Calgary
are nothing like Vancouver and vice versa or Sudbury Ontario or Toronto
wherever Toronto is a day of driving just to go across it you know is it I’ve
never been there it’s only – you wouldn’t think it but the trans-canada
highway is only two lanes across most of Ontario huh the whole way around Lake
Superior everything like if you because when you go around a lot of people think
you go by Toronto from here but you don’t you go up by Ottawa and then from
on Hawaii go up to Sudbury in the North Bay and then over the others to st.
Marie or up to hers – people on the upper side and that’s all – Leigh in the
whole way through it and it’s only once you’ve
passed through maybe you’re not that far from the Manitoba border before it
becomes four-lane again well a couple of the places I really like the scenery is
Victoria hmm and in a salt spring do you know where the that is it’s more of a
touristy place in BC yeah let’s bring in the nameless million I can’t place it
I don’t know I think their lake is cool or something I don’t know you know every
like touristy place wants to sell you on something I think Oh whoo I think Landseer trout Canadian
Lancia yeah whatever just did a video from there and I think so yeah I never
been to the very edge like to the Victoria that’s so we’ve been apart I’ve
been as far as golden NBC but I felt bad she’s got kind of ripped off on that one
yeah only seen all the other ones all the other provinces and no no eventually
eventually it’d be cool to be a travel wall hugger but yeah I have to have some
money for that that’s the thing about it to get going and it–and it’s hard with
kids and stuff like that we look because it’s too bad all those countries I
visited and never had a video camera with me and now I look at them and thank
God I could have taken so much footage have I have you know been set up for it
at the time we don’t travel through the summer though more you know try to move
out yeah the city hopefully we’ll get somewhere maybe just this you know when
I was skin ready for this dream and I saw that was number 67 I was like wow I
can’t believe you guys gone on so strong like 67 yes that’s quite a number yeah
it’s like everyday success there’s a week I think we did toe saying this we
have done to some guys yeah this is two and a half months of streaming yeah
started a two and a half months ago and yeah it’s quite
we love it what we’re doing it but we never realized it was so much work you
know like like booking people and you know like the other day and there’s
cancellations a lot of times that’s when I’ll go hit live streams first okay I’m
like okay I don’t I’m hitting the live streams because then I can ask them
right away if they’re interested or not but then it’s going to look for new
channels and people will recommend Channel so some people asked to be on
and then they’ll say like well I live here so I want to do it at 3 in the
afternoon it’s like well we can’t do it then right we kind of get into that
we’re already stretched to the gills because we do it six times a week and
and Tuesdays we have to talk you know there’s basically every day where we’re
working so it has become part of our work Christina nice we didn’t have
guests we would never be able to do oh no I don’t even know where the em were
kind of like I don’t know what else to say yeah yeah I get that way with my
live stream sooo yeah I please somebody say something in chat anything get the
hands are like this I love your live streams they’re really people say here
it’s like sitting at a table and talking and I reach but yours is like kind of it
reminds me of playing it you know when you play with guitar people are getting
whatever instrument with people and you go over to their place just to kind of
jam for a while it’s like leaning on your guitar and
just kind of talking you know no real rhyme or reason just taking a break
between everything that’s what it reminds me of okay hmm I don’t know I
never know it’s like on the other side but I know but that’s really what I find
and I like that it’s kind of an easygoing Sun can I have some water
please sorry my son’s here I’m just taking advantage in the thank you we
trained them well yeah please don’t no you’re right if you can write me a
manual like I need it well I remember when your life’s dreams he mentioned he
washes Bish’s it’s all about responsibility
speeching responsibility no it’s because I I when I started to get more good
pains and sick and stuff they started to help me more so it’s part of getting
gaining independence for them but it’s also taking some stuff away from me as
well so I gotta try that yeah also the hardest trick is to get them to do it
it’s not for money that’s nothing we don’t give our kids money before anybody
else for anybody freak some of us thinks we never give them anything no no we
don’t give the money for doing this yeah we don’t pay for chores ever you’re
doing it you know the same as I do or Andrew does it’s part of contributing to
the family so we never good marks but that’s our decision and everybody has
their own ways of doing it that was just something we were pretty much staunch on
to how’s the chat doing porn life is here Ben is here ben is a great guy oh
yeah yes bill you guys are all great yeah sometimes I feel weird like calling
somebody oh because then I feel I should be calling everybody out
even if I miss somebody no I’m gay I’m not doing a roll call I’ve seen how much
work it is for Vernon and James Cox through the roll call it’s like hour
long and so that’s why we do at the beginning we usually vote a man’s inner
sole England and then we’ll touch just when nobody’s here yeah does some nights
oh my god some nights it used to scare the hell out of me come on and then be
like to people it’s like oh god this is the end of it tonight you know we’ll end
up when the egg on your face you know that’s when I’m gonna fake like a power
failure we have a few questions about your videos that I oh I have questions
on Twitter as well as well as here I guess people are very excited about your
next video coming up a question about you and lemon challenge
really and there was comments on Twitter of you being a spy
oh really what about that which one first well I started this spy
thing I was so intrigued I I I didn’t even know where it came from
yeah I was like I do a live stream and it was the good cell life he was on
there and he said like I said at some way did he say he was like a secret
agent I don’t know if he is or not but I I said what you would normally say I
said are you hiring alright cuz I’m gonna be a secret agent so I’m sorry
going through a you know my skills I said I could jump over fences and and if
I were to be a secret agent you know and talk to your superiors for me I want to
be like that guy who like can’t jump off like a roof and like grab on to a rope
and then he smashes through the window with his feet and then goes like woo and
does that whole thing right I think I could do that I think I’d be good at it I’ve seen you wrestle with your tongue I
think you’re quite right yeah and I don’t know I just I’m not sure what my
secret super ninja weapon would be because you can’t have one that somebody
else already has right can I have like two swords and the other guy has two
swords so so what do you do about that oh yeah imagine the kind youtube channel
I would have yes want me to get you where you got a ghost far CGI stuff and
everything it would be interesting I think they could
so life hasn’t covered if he can get me a job this is true well every time I see
him I asked him I said yo did you talk to your superiors yet but I don’t know
it kind of sounds like he’s tiptoeing around it like he’s already got the
answer but he doesn’t wanted to tell me maybe his crew will come pick me up and
I’ll have a bag put over my head and I’ll show up somewhere we’re gonna call
you like I do for today no son that’s your safety yeah
after now they’ll be like oh he said too much thanks a lot guys bunny rabbits
bunny rabbits I don’t know bunny rabbit sound think we
have some here so so Regan live laugh love she did the lemon challenge and she
nominated me to do it okay so I’ve filmed the video it was intense it was
crazy I don’t know what to say and it’s a lemon so yeah that’s the next video
coming out I’m just editing it now and it’s gonna be entertaining I don’t I
don’t want to give anything away and I don’t know yeah pretty much Island aesthetics on and he did it
before that so I’m like oh let’s do that too and let’s do it live instead
the video we’re doing so so I just had 11 and just like him from to challenge
let’s do this it was like what they’re not eating this lemon yeah we did it
anyway and everything it juice on the like you know go and then you instead
they’re trying to do a life like I could feel it for a few hours after yeah I
told her I said you look out for because next challenge that’s gonna be a
challenge I said you’re lucky the ice bucket
challenge is like old the next one is just gonna keep getting worse worse
since it’d be like the sword eating contest or something yeah the awareness
of rabies well some people have tried starting some very weird challenges and
we already know on YouTube that some of them gone terribly wrong it’s amazing a
youtube I will not you to the science fair the Internet in general has brought
at some of these sheep in the world they go blindly into so many things without
of Tanja like I mean I was bad when I was younger I got no lots of shit but I
didn’t sit down on everything of eating like a tide pot I know they didn’t we
had a full one in front of me common addicted this doesn’t this is not gonna
work out very well in the end yeah I know we actually you know we have this
small communities and we have like a small little corner store that has just
bare necessities right I look there and I see ty paws is my head just like mmm
it’s like this looks it seems like a great idea
no wait it’s a terrible idea yeah worst of the worst then I good and I mean
there’s not just say oh you know young people young people but not just young
people but I mean people old enough to know the damn difference between it like
it’s yeah it’s just chasing the views yep look at that
guy that the young mother I don’t think they were married but they had a child
the guy that yeah yeah that’s kind of was referring to as far as sort of crazy
colleges but like look at that life right in front of his child shot dead by
his own spouse and for what yeah four views yeah anyway if from dude
a gun through a book and they thought the bullet the book would stop the
bullet and did it well whoever does that and why not to try it without putting
yourself behind it first look I mean like don’t ever do it but if you’re
stupid enough to do it and excuse me for something want about it
put it up against the goddamn rock and sugar first get two books for the price
of it versus your life and see what happens I mean it’s awful one kids
though do it and they’re just not supervised so they do different stuff
but when adults do these completely nonsense things like yeah I’m like
you’re adult like really yeah are you thinking you know but just don’t see
what the psyches turned into because they’re all doing like years ago we
wanted to be in a band or an actor now the new thing is to be a youtuber well
they’re saying what a youtuber in and a lot are gravitating that one cuz it’s
quick fast cells as well as we can shock somebody we’re gonna make it rich yeah
common sense goes right out the window including their wife somebody yeah it
was a desert eagle lodge exactly yeah it was insane and it’s not the only story
of that you see you hear these things happening all the time yeah yeah people
jumping off buildings and stuff like what this is you this guy that thought I
would be funny just throw water in people’s faces but compliments acid
yeah London a great day in this world to do something like that when like
Homeland Security is the number one thing and most people said especially in
places like London than that well especially they just had a couple of the
acid attacks yeah just before that I mean obviously people would be you know
reacting that way you know maybe yeah and then the guy says well it’s a trendy
topic now’s the time and in their head to think all this is
the one that’s gonna make me beg this is gonna do it you know yeah and the sad
thing is the Internet forgets like a couple weeks later oh gone that’s why
you have five stories are the same idiot do a different idiot doing the same
idiotic thing and you’re like does nobody learned it you’re not here that
just guy went to prison for but no they got no time for that story you know yeah
I’m gonna do it better than him I’m not gonna get caught even though I’m showing
my face on camera putting it onto a channel that’s connected to me you know
like a live feed of feral cats giving birth and get like millions of views and
and then like some like well edited video or movie or something like that
you know doesn’t get almost anything like how do you compare these things
even you know I don’t know I like washing the cats with lightsabers videos
are awesome have you seen those in the things cats
with lightsabers Oh always brings out the best in people
cute kitty videos yeah I know anything with animals and if you can add an
effect to them or them not being an animal like interactions you’ve pretty
much got Internet gold you know oh yeah – it’s these other brothers one over the
head with like a plastic shower or something like that yeah
I went in the wrong field above nothing thinking well I have to do is put
something there anything I’m thinking something with pianos and the border of
Saskatchewan that is good crossbreeding the two for bunnies yes yes will you run
with the bunnies so I don’t know what the bites we have bunnies here but I
mean I don’t own one or anything so I never thought that
hmm are there is your place like rampant with bunnies you know well we have a
small little baby bunny living underneath the house right now um I just
took a picture of it so I’ll show you if it works I don’t know but um I don’t
know as far as bunnies goes best thing I
could think of that was just good at bunny stories now you won’t probably
won’t be able to see this unfortunately I’m good there you go yeah
in the corner there you talk to it don’t hold it and you talk so you’re yeah when
I hold it in talk you mean there’s a bunny video but you really I felt like I
was there you’re really this is where you shine my friend always so what’s
coming for you uh I don’t know I you know our punk band we recorded an
album and I made a video on it but the Hilton never got released it’s on a hard
drive somewhere in Vancouver because musicians are musicians
it’s like lost I don’t know you know someone smoked something and put it
somewhere and now we got this finished album with like 15 tracks sitting
somewhere lost in Vancouver oh no well so if I were rich I’d say happy hunting
but so there’s that I don’t know I haven’t done a whole lot of music lately
cos it’s just there’s only so much time I’ve been focusing on the YouTube so you
like your channel like you like working with it not you so yeah I really like
the live streams are really nice because you get to you know the same story year
from everybody actually get to interact with people but also I really like the
fact that I can show people that I’m not like always the character that I portray
in my other videos that there is some intelligence there only to people
sometimes yeah but you I do it’s good to have like you know no I’m sure to
communicate as well and stuff like that it’s you know I find people with more
similar I grew up in a small town and I would have killed for something like
this back then you know because it was hard to find as many people into stuff
that I was into all the time oh yeah and I actually learnt a really
cool trick that like when you’re doing your live streams and you don’t want to
fill up your entire feed on the on your main page you can set them to unlisted
but then you can make a playlist that way all your videos are still in the
playlist and people can find them but on your main page you can still have your
main videos yeah oh so that way you know my main you know like my music video
will be like the main focus on my channel yeah I don’t because I am in
live streaming every single day thank you know that that’s a really good tip I
didn’t know I didn’t know that yeah I learned from I can’t remember who yeah
I’ll come back great is it Linda’s safe heavens that was that Betsy YouTube
channel or something that told me about it anyways yeah it’s pretty cool that’s
a good part like that we’re always you know
you’ve been to our tech town and that’s exactly what we’re saying we don’t have
all the answers and I love hearing stuff from you guys that I didn’t know as well
yeah we’re all learning from each other that’s why why I really wanted to bring
it up because not a lot of people know that another thing I’ve been testing
also HIPAA you know I know it’s where I’ve been
going live for posting videos sometimes I’ll like lose a couple subscribers like
just automatically it’s almost like YouTube does a scan of my entire channel
every time I upload a video so I want to do a test and what I did was I did like
five live streams back-to-back just see if my subscriber Berg would drop so I
went like live for a minute then turned it off I went live turned it off went
live just to see if anything dropped and it didn’t really I lost like one but I
that was just a test I wanted to see what would happen I know you know I
admire you I admire people who did take those extra steps to really understand
the platform because you’ve got to understand this platform to do anything
with it and I mean we’re not making millions on but nobody is right now that
we have here at least mostly but you still didn’t understand what you’re
doing with it and not just like oh whoa I go on I talk or I go on and I post
pictures of my cat or whatever a lot of behind the scenes like God we’re always
preaching what analytics to people you know it is important god to pay
attention to because that’s real see where you’re going wrong most times the
answers are there yeah you know what are the big guys look at how many times
they’re reference to them constantly they’re their analytics or their Bible
for this they’re there they got them in their bike walk and they check them
multiple times a day unfortunately half the time it’s like looking at the matrix
just like it’s hard to tell what anything is
you’re just looking for patterns once again anything like that I always tell
them there’s a great example the same as anything else you do what they’re
editing or stuff go on YouTube there’s some really great videos that really
break it down like an will show patterns and show how to understand them enough
and it is because it is a lot of information and it’s all yeah so it is
confusing but it would by list don’t be able to be
like I say you were real running a business instead of a YouTube channel
you would want to know how much you’re making how much you’re bringing in what
products are losing money which ones are gaining it’s this yeah like our
demographic is so weird I live to this day we cannot understand why the day we
went to live streams we lost so many women really we’ve done the exact
opposite yeah not the regular average YouTube demographics is 70/30 for women
and men and just they’ll said oh my gosh she’s not single for everybody like in
general for YouTube and we you know and then once we started it like now it’s
like 90 I think it’s even less than that I’m looking it up right now because I
was you know well do live streams I’ll come in because I wasn’t really doing
the videos and do what I’m doing them you know so there will be we’ve been
talking as well we’ll get more women in well know that scared them off can see
wow we’re at 4% women now down from 30 since we started the live stream yeah so all your friends call our friends tell
me what I’m doing wrong am i scaring you girls off do you want me to start crying no but seriously it is a puzzle because
I don’t I don’t I really live stream should be either acting women more just
because of the way in live streams are right it’s you usually that’s how it
works but if we’re completely opposite for us
for some other reason I blame myself unapologetic says what really one day
YouTube told me that my demographic was under percent mail which I know was not
true it’s not but like to have that big of a dip that we had yeah I mean if
it’ll have couple women it’s not gonna you know is zero zero point it’s not
gonna show off as a percent but it is huge difference and you can see even by
going into like the subscribers that we do have you can see that their majority
more always threw me off because it happened from the live streams that’s
where always kind of surprised because I thought it interesting that the music
video that I put on my channel that’s actually a old video from four years ago
and I posted that originally on my music channel and it got like 7000 views and I
know all those views came because the thumbnail is this hot chick right that’s
and yeah if you go through the the search terms of how that video got found
it’s I don’t know it’s not family-friendly it’s not it’s not
nothing I put in the tags or anything either I don’t know but um so I thought
I would test it on this channel it’s like okay we need the watch time right
let’s throw this video on my main channel and sure enough it’s like almost
my most viewed video on in only like it’s been a month or something not even
weird that UTM funny beast my friend you know but stuff
like that does sell you know as it’s there for a reason yeah you know that’s
what I told people to there’s nothing wrong this is just we click bait that’s
good and bad I you keep using the analogy it’s like cholesterol and you
got to promote yourself in here and you need things that make you stand out and
for people to notice that you’re there but without lying yeah well that’s the
thing is I never lied I just it was just the name of my song yeah and then just a
picture from is something that’s opening in the video but the thing is
that’s massive dislikes too because these guys are coming to check out the
video and they’re like oh there’s only 30 seconds of this girl in here but if
you’re that excited to see something like that you got a whole gamut of free
porn for now and all these do more than that why are you so upset cuz you went
to youtube channel ahead like you know some old 70 year old day is all like
this you know or maybe it’s showing up in the kids the kids very well they can
die our wedding video that we did you’ve seen before our Viking wedding that’s on
her personal channel we did nothing – we uploaded there’s only two videos we
forgot about it for three years and we’re almost at twenty eight and a half
thousand views Wow there’s no tags nothing done to the stuff everything
that we preach to do when Tech Talk Tuesday the opposite was done I know
it’s so random yep but it has three main words in this in the in the title
Iceland Viking wedding hmm and that’s what’s drawing because Iceland became a
big hot tourist destination Viking culture Connor got big so you put them
together and that’s why I think it worked out the way it did yeah I’ve had
like I did it like a put an instrument I put instrumentals on my other channel my
music channel race Orion records and I just label and whatever because they’re
instrumental like so I just whatever like delete key or whatever yeah I think
of and this one I just named like blood ocean or something and I don’t
know it just got picked up because I guess that’s really close to something
else it was big so it just got like massive massive views where the other
ones are seeing it like four three views well it happened signs you know there
could be a movie or an old book called that or like us with which the studios
were followed but when we pick the name what a lot of people think when they see
P USA presidents of the United States of America you know there are
in the bank we never even crossed her mind till somebody asked us one time
like what the hell’s you oh I get it now you know yeah so I’ve been I’ve been
live streaming same things like I’m just gonna chat with everyone so I don’t have
necessarily a theme for the live stream so I just started titling at things I
thought like Oh Pirates of the Caribbean whatever what’s gonna get views that was
another PewDiePie thing he used to do for a while ever the stream was called a
different one it was salmon stream and mackerel stream and herring cove a drug
street yeah just find the one that works yeah
and then then go from one two three seams right to like I don’t know when
you’re putting that other the oh my god I was laughing I love those ones even
the morning I was on the one I asked you to be on while the other day after get
what the title was yeah my final fanatic was saying that sex sells unfortunately
they have tractors we started doing a little bit of how to expand like to the
girls up so corn life network is doing bikini show chicks with Rick Ben Chavis
is putting Brad Pitt’s on the kids thumbnail oh and I misspelled them and
wrote bread I saw that miss you girls but you girls are not here it’s like
really then and then they start talking about the cars or something like that is
like tell me what you want what you really really want I want a bit what a bit sporty or
Azorean here yeah I don’t know the lyrics you to do anything find my son
yeah Sela shocking value of course add apologetically Gomes was saying that
them due to piercing and shaving son’s head gets the more views obviously
that’s what happens unfortunately unfortunately but that’s what happens
you know it shock value and you too can say they don’t like it or whatever but
it does go up in the rankings I mean the proofs in the pudding its I was thinking
about this and for the longest time you know PewDiePie has been the biggest face
of YouTube and then but he gets the trouble by doing some stuff so I think
they’re kind of looking for somebody else and then when the the Paul Brothers
came along I think they jumped on them and then but then you know we all not
the brothers what they’re like and then YouTube went oh no but then Casey nice
egg came along and now they’re you know they’re like okay here’s somebody that
we could put as a facie YouTube yep Peter MacKinnon’s come and even starting
to take over that spot you know but then yeah I think it’s the same way too you
know how we had music there was musicians of the year type of thing you
know and this guy is bigger than anything and then you kind of go one
next one it’s gonna keep evolving like that all the time
I remember being a kid and when I like Metallica I was like way back in the day
was my favorite band and then when they were on the cover of guitar hero or
something it was like oh this thing here’s the interview of the new album
and here’s the larger is talking for another 25 pages yeah good guitar it’s
like this is Guitar Hero why is this interview with Lars I know it’s like I
wish you never learned English you know you can never answer a question learns
do you like playing the drums livers and the Hat legs crossed never solution
a man beating on skin and blood get on it get on with it shut up your little
pint-sized angry right I’ve been known to hit a table or two while he’s talking
sometimes when I was younger I remember like being a huge fan Metallica and I
got this book on like how to drum like Lars Ulrich and then after a while
learning more about metal bands and just stuff like that I realized Lars
isn’t really considered the fastest or the mess you know and then people were
like you should listen uh the guy from Slayer right here whoever then you
realize so Wow Lars has taken a lot of flack for not being he’s a they always
say he’s one of these guys does some phenomenal stuff to the studio but he’s
gotten a lot better but life he was like oh my god he was a long time a lot no
really yeah he’s not alive he’s gap but he has gotten better I gotta give him
that but yeah he was well renowned for like doing great stuff in the studio and
just not seem to hold it together alive I remember like dyers Eve was a track
they said they could never play live yeah yeah I think they’ve done it now
because I think they just had to get rid of that rumor yeah practice really hard
and I’ve been a huge fan of Metallica I mean back since I would say probably
Master of Puppets I was getting into them I was still what master Pakistan
would have been over maybe 12 I was just getting into metal at the time and I was
a big art I was always a huge Iron Maiden fan I was always oh really
Brit a metal see and I always liked the larger-than-life you know the number of
the beast under two to then hold it the big flashing lights there the you know
that kind of stuff yeah well like there’s a lot of great stuff that was
come across with punk and that overkill and all those bands out of New York and
that’s punk man see him going it’s funny so many of the
bands that I’ve gotten to know is just because of the cover art because you
never heard the band and it was like that’s why Iron Maiden was always
considered the metal band is you could always walk into a store know exactly
what you’re gonna hear that’s branding of all time almost
better than coke yeah and not the coke comes out of Columbia but they were and
that common theme I mean Eddie’s become such an icon even young kids today that
are getting into that scene can pick him out of a lineup you know yeah definitely
those guys became more the guys that designed the albums became super stars
in their own right much as producers and stuff hmm they were interviewed in
magazines they talked all anthrax yes corn life exactly love Elliott my head I
can play that guitar even back when Scott Ian had a full head of hair before
he she yeah I saw ice Lion tracks in Vancouver and I remember someone threw
it joint up on stage and Scott Ian picked it up and goes oh you know what
happens if I smoke this I die or something I guess he’s you know can’t
smoke marijuana and I think throw it back out in the crowd and it’s like well
you guys you can smoke it right now it’s cool to see anthrax in a small little
venue yeah it’s hard to believe I yeah it’s weird how like metal was so huge
and now it’s kind of now all these big bands are going back to playing small
venues I saw subol Tora in this small venue right it’s just like you know
later you can go shake their hands clean they’re walking off the stage they’re
gonna hold your beer while you go to the bathroom and I’m sure this will come around and
one day Eminem can hold my beer you know won’t drink it right
he had another bad shake up this weekend M&M you might be seen in there yeah no I
saw that a yeah so he played play – oh yeah and the pyrotechnics someone
complained about us saying it sounds like gunshots and everyone freaked out
and and I don’t know it became a bunch of stuff but they’re like you know
people have been using pyrotechnics for ever it’s like nothing’s changed
exactly exactly it’s that’s just about oh there yes firm all fnatic music died
that’s right music died yep that’s right how true is that one feeling it’s sure
like I remembered Montreal here I remember me living here in the early 90s
and to be like Bon Jovi this weekend those banners going lost cross st.
Catherine Street shown radio station blaring them out concert giveaways
interviews there’s like an electricity in the air the night of the concert you
know anywhere you were to the city because Marla and I’m just eating Bon
Jovi I’m taking it like many bands like that now they come and going I’ll be
hearing it’ll be like really they were here
never heard even know even yeah they’re a current like I don’t think any of
those ones they just kind of I shouldn’t said I guess exactly gonna say she keep
telling me to go so I just dug a hole for myself right there but oh boy so
thanks Andrew well done for yourself it’s gonna be you in a second if I had
more time I would have made the whole I wanted to make the old layout they’ll
orange wall in the photos when we put up that orange wall I hated it means India
had dreams of Technicolor and I’m like Christ the only way hey that are gonna
paint it but I didn’t like it because it was too much but then when they put up
all the pictures from my travels and all that all of a sudden
now I love it because it took away it was too much on its own okay that color
that only one that wall it’s the whole picture that was the pictures three
years later whatever I thought I was gonna make it worse than the honest at
first in the middle of an Oreo oh thank you so much for coming you have a great
night so glad you could join us yes have a good night thank you and I
hope to get you back soon yeah I wonder I think it was Goldman
said who was asking the question if I want to start a panga Bay under what
would be the suggestion hmm wow that’s a hard word cuz that’s a lot of dedication
don’t work cuz I’m not doing salt anybody but I mean Punk right away
you’re saying I don’t want to be in the top 40 and it’s true you know it’s not
an easy no no band is easy but that’s a really hard John where’s some of them
that’s 15 he’s 6 feet he has his shoe size is 10 across he’s a guitarist and
singer he wants to start a punk band oh well punk bands if you want to be
like hardcore punk you know then you gotta be you gotta get rough
she get it live the streets you gotta throw beer bottles at cars
you gotta like crawl out of dumpsters like after having a good sleep you know
or else you’re just considered like Green Day the best advice no advice
since it’s your son tell him not to do it yeah I don’t know I just wonder
sometimes like a you know like pumpkin and more like it used to be that you
can’t make it it’s just I think that part becomes part of your lifestyle you
can’t decide to be a punk band it’s it’s you know it’s part of a life that that
you have at that time right and then the same as with lots of rock bands back
then you got to do it for the love of the music like I say it’s not the number
one thing to say I’m gonna go get rich off yeah and if you though I don’t know
it’s like almost like the purpose is not to be rich if it’s not cool to be rich
the anti let me rafael oh yeah get five cents for it yeah and then I’ve seen
like a lot of these old bands like when they’re older they’ve they’re pretty
rough like just as human beings like it SNF you I don’t know if you know them
and stuff and just local Vancouver bands that I’ve known I don’t know there’s a
place in Vancouver called the cobalt and it’s pretty famous you’re the punk scene
and yeah I don’t know it’s a rough place and I don’t know if it’s they just built
a high-rise across the street and then the high-rise complained about all the
noise and the rough crowd outside on the street you know throwing beer bottles in
the street and stuff and but I don’t know if to them and that’s the lifestyle
yeah and I don’t I don’t know what to say about it right no it is rough in an
age as people and it’s not it’s not neat it’s not that’s why it’s not for
everybody you gotta have that in you like
gonna really have it in you to be able to do it it’s especially the guys I feel
that I see girls that are there and more girls they like to see them but it seems
like in the punk scene and more girls that are like unconnected from society
you know and they’re trying to find a place to fit in
the guys like very dedicated to it but a lot of their girlfriends are there and
they’re like you know like drawing skulls on everything and stuff like that
and it’s like okay well I didn’t fit in anywhere else but I’m accepted here this
usually like chubbier middle aged girls from you know I’m not middle-aged excuse
me middle-income families you know they don’t really grow up art on the streets
it’s like they’re missing something in their lives and they tend right might
get more in Punk I don’t know if you agree with that but I do but I don’t
know I think about it I couldn’t speak on it but I agree you know metal used to
be kind of like that where you had to be hardcore but now it’s acceptable to be
like clean you know and you can have a child and you can work and you could be
professional and make money well is it still you know that that’s
one song they did that changed all that goodness the most my most hated song by
Metallica is nothing else matters yeah is that’s where I watched
everything changed at that exact moment and all of a sudden I seen kids come
into the concerts and they had bubble letter written Metallica and you know
like almost like something polo shirts I thought that happened more around the
load era which was right after blackout but yeah that was the basis for it but I
can I can point to the second is going is like it just as for all on that and
then going back to the first Metallica by then it really caught on with nothing
else matters and then the second round the concerts came and it was just like
what happened all the t-shirts look to start looking cartoony and stuff and
that’s what I mean like bubble letters on stuff and it’s like this is you know
like god you’re killing me here yeah I was saying I poured champagne on James
pants is working as a waitress this interesting see space sorry what
was that I poured champagne on James pants oh yes
yes yes yes yes and oh really yeah and but then they they are cool guys so I’ve
met Kirk Hammet it was really it was impromptu he was a
very very nice it was at an am show and we don’t look after what they do but it
was a long story it was the sales rep knows me and he’s like teasing me
because Jay large he was supposed to be there for a signing or something and I
wasn’t going to be there and he goes I got some guitars I want you to look at
because in the NAMM show a lot of time inside the main booth they have that’s
where their little office or set up to have meetings and they’re not very fancy
it’s just basically two desks maybe some chairs I said look at this guitar when I
went to give him he goes no pictures and then gave me a push and closed the door
and her kamut was in there so we got a couple of minutes together and uh very
nice very modest extremely modest completely opposite I’m sure of what
it’s like to meet Lars and James James is kind of a mix of both of them he’s
kind of uh friends all WAPA because I like named Jason there’s still a lot
Cliff Burton guy needs to he’s a good basis but I ate the whole 70s
bell-bottom thing in metal so I’m not knocking the guy I’m not a fashion
that’s cool but the bass player that plays for them now what’s his name they
used to play for suicidal times I don’t know the same they all love it
because I despised them for one simple fact that he plays the bass crunching
down all the time and I didn’t want to go over with a work boot and kick him in
the ass for all he’s worth just for playing with they’re always teasing me
when I bring them up because I get so like like do you know how I just want to
tell what you know how goddamn stupid you look like on stage doing this like I
hate the way you play it you look returned sorry playing shows and stuff
you know and you come you go on different stages some of this
ages are so small you’re like you’re hitting the drum set with your guitar
other ones are quite big and I never realized what it takes to run from one
side of the stage to the other this like takes a lot out of you yeah I don’t know
how like metallic and then they yeah they had that worked out hard in order
to do what they did well in all those big bands on the huge stadiums right I
stood on their stage when they played the mentio heavy MTL
heavy metal fest they heavier each year that is the biggest thing I’ve ever seen
in my entire life I didn’t think of Staines could be that big really my
father and even the guys were saying the show because we had boots we had a big
thing that we were part of the sponsor and the guys that were setting up for
that they said like the logistics was beyond a nightmare for setting up this
stage it was you you were you weren’t a sponsor for the last Woodstock for you
know saying this car isn’t so cool he used to come over or isn’t or is cool I
guess it’s cold he used to come over and we would play pinball and Atari yeah I
could see that was Scott Ian sorry brain fog I’m reading I could so see
that with him yeah he’s he lives the life and he’s true to it like he’s one
of the old schools that still hold it near and dear above what it’s like to be
an abandoned yeah cousin played keys for a man in
Vancouver for many years it’s called celestial ruin I guess in case maybe you
don’t know it never heard of it that’s cool the one thing is though in
Vancouver everyone’s in like five bands it’s it’s crazy it’s just over
saturation yeah it I don’t know when we’ll like have one band and then like
the bass player will leave or something and then you get new bass player and add
a trumpet player now you just name it a different band so now you have two bands
but of the band is say members it’s true
that I’ve no one here as well I used to see that but it’s kind of it’s kind of
maybe I’m just not the scene as much there are some but much elements so
techno that well much else get that European side to it all the time which
was great one time for bands but now I finally run more with electronic more
and there’s still bands but I just don’t see as much they’re playing like you say
it’s very small clubs all the time are tomorrow it says sounds like Chicago and
never enough drummers yeah I love Chicago for the music scene that’s the
city I love Chicago Hyken such an amazing city
just traveling at night going from place to place and the bands are phenomenal
really cool like once you’re all at one time was a testing ground for any band
coming from Europe they had to play Montreal first that they did well that
was their entrances of the States they did bat that’s why Pink Floyd them are
all still like on a big thing here well look at the Beatles the first place and
and not very many know that actually the first place in North America where our
beatles landed a what is says in john new Fillion and in in Canada because
they had to transfer their flight and that was the first place where actually
they had a bunch of fans it’s a little bunch that knew that there was they were
coming and they step their first feet on in North America is awesome thanks man to go there was such a
pleasure having you I will be in touch with you and the girl stuff all
girl-power there you go exam yes yes no because I misread everything what she
said and then yeah it just needs my brain fog I don’t know what to tell you
but the one truth is I there and and I want it that way yeah
there those are copyright hands for them yeah tomorrow saying they had to play
with a drum machine for several years before they finally actually found
somebody playing drums that sound really I grew up in a rural area and jumped in
eastern Quebec there was 80 guitar players there was two bass players and
not a drummer to be found and literally I was went to friend of mine told me the
this guy I was an older guy and he was playing in a country band and he liked
to drink a lot and I went over with two cases of beer I got a buddy to buy for
me I brought them over I got a good and drunk body set for two hundred dollars
it took the whole before he sobered up and realized the insoluble to me and
that’s I don’t know where not to play drums so my mom bought me my first
guitar because I said I want to learn music and so we used to have friends
come over and bring their amps and we jam and then I said mom I need a drum
set because we don’t have a drummer you know so and we we want to start a band
so I convinced my mom to buy a drum set and and then well it also helped because
band in school yeah I got the to be the drummer guy so I was like oh I need a
whole drum set when really they’re like all you need is a snare I’m like nope
the whole drums fit and so anyways I learned how a drum back then the first
band I was in they didn’t have a drummer but these come over my house jam so I
learnt I play drums so the first band I played drums it I
said yeah well that’s you know that’s what
happens a lot of us I was the same way it’s this frustration of everybody
wanting to have a band and don’t you know never being able to have one and
it’s like well I like guitar but I would rather have a band so you know I’ll bite
the bullet and get into it the same thing you know just I see yeah that’s
kind of what happened are no more mrs. Andrew sounds like Chicago even our
drummer at the moment is in three projects there you go high demand
because there’s so much equipment it’s it’s store it it’s it’s all the stuff
comes with it I want to start I want to start a whole band where the idea was
that nobody brings their own equipment we just show up and we play whatever’s
at the venue that’s the goal wow that’s that would just be awesome right
whoo-hoo what musician would like to just show up and play well yeah exactly
I do what somebody thought the club’s you mean play play at different clubs
like that yeah just like get booked for a night
with a bunch of other bands be like you just have it known that we’re not
showing up with equipment so whatever is there Alessi’s it
what do you piqued my curiosity I think you should do it just cuz I want to see
how it turns out to be honest like what is this pedal it’s like okay I guess our
song sounds like this tonight but it’d be great for a band similar to Nirvana
or you just you know the song is eg eg yeah the rent everyone’s got it alright
let’s go I just looked in here I’ve seen David Gomer alive last year I want sure
Egon live actually live laughs laughs plays piano she actually his friends
with David and I’ve done work with him in 2013 and
other updates a good cell life is in the spies in and they had man in on the
radio wave band on the radio this is this is my first band really yeah that’s
a long long time ago that’s back when I had you know that shirt that I’m worried
that was in the that was 92 I think that was one of those hyper color shirts when
you started to get hot it would change collar and him you know they had those
yeah probably so many chemicals in them but now today they’re completely
outlawed that was like my very first band there’s my old drum kit there’s my
Tammuz that was the so laughs yeah the that’s what the tattoo of my arm is from
the catalog that these ones came by the wow you look so young yeah it was many
many moons ago yeah that was very similar to my drum set that I got it was
a Tama Oh was it yeah but I have so many symbols oh yeah those ones were bad
actually that’s when I replaced am i putting some new Sabian’s and stuff
before it was a lot of pie plates type of you know if you hit them twice or you
and to bend them back again we have we got sponsored what happened was we
played at this place it’s amazing there’s you know translates the house of
the young and the guy will read on he soon went you played their local arena
where we lived and we’re like sure we’ll play leaking on the Bell Centre the much
elf for him after that laughing at him and he went got it done he said a couple
of weeks he called me he said I got the thing booked and I’m like what book did
he said the arena huh and he did and he got his twenty five thousand watts of
sound and light came in it was from this big country farad that they have at the
end the town of gas pay every year they trucked it up and we ended up having
ticket giveaways in the radio station and ads in the newspapers and stuff like
that oh wow there’s our there’s our old ticket stub my mom kept all this stuff
and I got a couple later and we were sponsored by labott
and they gave Labatt beer and I was 18 and one other guys so each got to two
floors for playing and stuff like that they paid the printing charges and we
did so well we actually had over a thousand people all they count as we
lived in a small area where there wasn’t much music so that was an opportunity as
well yeah that’s right that’s right those t-shirts as well and our
department was saying about the equipment that the festivals that they
that they organize oftentimes have equipment on the ground so yeah because
bands come from different places which is cool I know that way so there you go
there’s part of your dream right there or Azorean already coming true so this
happen we’re behind you 100% okay let’s do this we got your back
I want to see it I want to see know who can make this dream possible tonight
right here live into a telephone it’s really cool talking with you tonight
yeah I’m so happy to be here it’s it’s been too long there’s gotta be a way to sync all the
instruments up yeah it’s so even through like if we were to use OBS or anything
like that you know it’s it’s it you’re always as
strong as your weakest link on that if you one day has a bit lessons of upload
speed than the other we we got a leg do it over like phone and so it goes
through one source onto the net or something I’ll brainstorm I’ll think
about it we were thinking about bringing it back
up again the Manic Monday and do it second one at some point that autumn
orbit was jumping on to come on a few other people as well so we might do
people seem to really enjoy it yeah yeah it was fun play and hang out this was
really fun you know to evening so yeah oh yeah I know I just
because lodge was something it’s all good yeah well so your next your plans
about music people are saying that they want to see more of your music I wanted
to tell you that I I think it was months ago when I went back to your older
videos and I was like wow oh no there is no I just I kinda was under impression
more that you were doing more lives you have some videos but you know but then I
went back to like really older ones and some of their like documental styles and
I was even telling tendrá I’m like wow this guy can really make videos why is
he not making more of them because at that point you kind of stopped for a
while doing the videos per se it was more live streams and you see my
comments on the song cuz when you were watching a lot of mine you know I went
back answer your old ones and that’s when I was like wow this 20 minute one
what exactly and I was puzzled why you’re not making them anymore so I just
wanted to say that we and I am very happy that you’re back to making your
videos because that thank you it takes a while to edit that’s for sure
but also like you don’t like my son looking after my mother so things are
always up in the air so maybe there’s like 5% of me being lazy as well well
yeah it’s like a creator there’s like hundred projects and I could think of a
hundred more in two seconds like we II thought of a couple tonight about
your great uh projects like that you’re great at thinking ideas yeah I yeah I
got lots of things I’m thinking about I want to create perpetual motion you know
people have been trying to do that for like a thousand years I was like I can
do that I’m thinking for you honestly you’re an idea yeah your own version of
video your own version of the show cornered gasps of where you live well
it’s hard because nobody else wants to be on video always the problem my bad
you could be all the characters into it yeah like you know the fence you said
between Saskatchewan and Alberta yeah where you find your long-lost twin and
you do the reverse videoing oh you know that took forever by the fence you know I miss you a you know the real
over-the-top the barbed wire but that that video I did with the about you guys
this channel that that etting took like three weeks
it was rough because to that there’s three stages of doing a clone where you
clone yourself in a video and the first stage is just you film yourself twice
one on one side then once on the other side you just cut the video in half and
place them over top of each other then it’s a little bit harder it’s where one
clone hands the other clone an object or something and casein I said did that
about probably three or four months ago with an Apple used to do an expand a and
he had to of himself he put the Apple down and the other clone took a bite out
of the Apple yeah yeah I knew how to do that cuz I watched some whole bunch of
YouTube tutorials so I was like I want to do
that just to prove I can do it but then I decided to get the step further level
three where one character actually walks right by the other character and do that
you have to take every frame like every picture and draw a mask around the
character it takes hours and hours and hours not for the faint of heart but did
turn out pretty good though you did a very good job we were so honored that
you had us in like you mentioned in that video like III that meant the world to
me by the way yeah what’s so funny thank you so much what’s fun watching – and
that’s fine but that’s something like yeah he’s back them on making the videos
and the bots as well like you I don’t know just really really great stuff
they’re really yeah I got the back here I thought so this from like The Walking
Dead right the there’s a guy named negan and he has a bat like this and it took
me two days to make and I found the the video that I did for you guys it you
know I did some b-roll footage and sign that b-roll footage is at our local dump
and that’s where I found the barbed wire to do this and my buddy gave me the
baseball bat and it just happened to be the exact baseball bat that he uses in
the show I am more stuff to smash so I think I’ll be my second next video and
but you know what though somebody complained on the video will then
complain but they said you need to have eye protection it’s not you know you’re
not being safe and so what I did was I looked for my shades I couldn’t find
them so I made these ones that a Lego Oh so yeah you’ve got a great imagination
for it and I mean that like because some people really struggle with that is for
ideas and you’re not you don’t none that you can see that’s kind of coming on the
fly in that so yeah a lot of my videos like I never script most of them so like
you know sometimes I script a bit but like a lot of times I don’t even know
what the video is gonna be about like the older videos so I have one called
like what to do in your board or something as like absolutely no idea
let’s just start filming then the editing process both – oh you cut out
for a second sorry we’re not I saw I had noticed that guest here Rick created a
new channel for the core belief Network a bikini Rick you got him he’s like
checking I got a check there buddy comes in in case to make sure they’re not a
troll or I was reading that – yeah exactly go I didn’t know what to make of
it here’s a link I want to send you and what anybody can look at it these guys
are from Belgium and they got lots of great ideas and they called silicon net
and they’re growing pretty quickly and they have
like copycat Friday where they take a scene out of a movie and reconstructed
and show you how to do it yourself oh really yeah they do like all like
different levels of movies but it’s not like stuff that’s so I mean you gotta be
a little proficient but you ought to be a master and they show you step by step
oh I know these guys yeah they do they have I’m not cuttin on a my I’m worried
about my internet so when I went to the web site I wasn’t sure but yeah there’s
one he does I want to do in my video where he is looking at himself in the
mirror but then this reflection moves yeah so
yeah if you’re into into special effects and making really cool videos then it’s
definitely the channel to be on oh yeah and stuff especially if you do you know
like you know bit about it but you’re not like it’s not Hollywood style it’s
not like you know it’s not over the top that you can’t do it it will take a
little time but it’s not sort of reached because some of them are just like okay
today we’re gonna try to do like the real active scene a terminator and it’s
all like CGI developed that these are yeah actually do time to go a channel
and it’s like how do you like how to put a car in your video but then you go
there and they’re like so first pull off the 40-foot green screen I want to thank
Mercedes for lending us the 320 today yeah you put the car in front of the
screen no I know I go way too far I mean there’s gotta be levels for everybody
but but that channel does a really good job it kind of showing like if you had
expensive equipment or if you don’t have expensive equipment that’s right it’s
it’s it’s good at pushing the boundaries a bit and I think that’s important so
you don’t get stale but like not too far to reach that it discourages you yes I
disagree that’s right now like I wanted to have any like wines moving and he
redid there was that I figured a Bruno Mars
video or one of them where he shows like the squiggles going down the guy’s arms
and that oh yeah I don’t need it exactly that and that’s a big point this there’s
a great example where I don’t need exactly what they did there but it
helped me get to where I needed to go and then I could put my own twist onto
it yeah a lot of the tools are the same
yeah not recreating everything you see but using those parts to make your own
thing as well you know I’ve I really like using Adobe After Effects and I’ve
got like books and stuff on how to do stuff but and another one for Adobe
After Effects is a Video Copilot does a lot of cool videos those things effects
and some of them are absolutely like I got a bunch of their plug-in so they use
and like explosions stuff unfortunate and use much of it lately but I will be
getting back hopefully becomes the action essential pack that they sell on
their website and yeah that sounds pretty cool make I explosions and gun
fires stuff oh the sound effects the work that goes into that like you know
the stuffs expensive but I mean that to capture these things man that’s a whole
ball of wax in itself it’s a lot of work and then the more you do the you know
the longer the video takes oh oh yeah that is right or rendering power and
everything else goes with it it’s you know hey I gotta ask you a question my
like fullscreen or is it just a Spock’s no I’m fullscreen yeah cuz on my videos
when I go on live on YouTube it’s I get the the square but I don’t know it seems
to be the settings on the program not the webcam yeah that’s usually what it’s
you’re the one who sets it usually but it could be sitting on a web cam is it
external one that you’re using uh yeah it’s like usb in
yes it could be that too it could be in the settings of your camera that has
turn it into like four by by six or something yeah yeah okay let’s trying to
figure that out go to settings all right there download
the draw like a program for it usually they’re all available online for free
for your own brand yeah like I got the drivers and stuff but it’s just uh I
don’t know yeah well if I go out OBS I get the full the wide screen but if I go
on YouTube I just get the short screen I don’t have the options to change it it’s
in the you know it’s done the Google Hangouts or it’s in the YouTube or it’s
in the OBS on your camera feel like we’re using the Microsoft what is it
c920 so like I got the Logitech Gaming software 9 so I use that to control the
camera you know to take off autofocus set all those things
yeah Andy was saying something somewhere has he has set to 4 by 3 instead of 16
by 9 we had that same issue for a little while so yeah yeah I can’t find the
settings ov but I don’t know I keep looking
sometimes downloading the newest drivers of the control pack go to the website
for you or whatever web cam you’re using and down willing that that will give you
the option like ours was going down to zoom all the time because when we put it
in if you do it automatically with the windows drivers it has auto focus on by
default yeah and then when I downloaded the gtex offered that I was able to
reset it and then I could shut it off and stuff like that who wants to buy me
a new webcam we’re gonna do that and plus raise money so he can have these
music 3 I think that’s interesting raise money for the band that shows up without
gear stuff all my goes to drinks have a wonderful night
I thought she had already laughs I say goodnight to her
is going as well oh how are we doing it on time is this usually where the show
ends yep okay cuz you know what you’re on time goes so much faster oh yes yes
it’s hard to tell right I’m so glad you came on tonight me too
Oh best friend in your thread just came here and we missed you I guess we’re
here for another three hours today your brother is on today yay best
friend over on one of my live streams I was mentioning that it would be cool
they’d use Google Hangouts to stream like a movie and then just have
everybody like watch the movie play as though you were in the same room oh yeah
but we didn’t know if you get like copyrighted or something bringing it
baby movies yeah but if you’re not streaming it on YouTube and you just
it’s a private right hangout oh you have five friends together and you just watch
a movie right or the record in case the gods are listening it’s huge illegal you
can’t do something like that on the other side I’ve heard if somebody
probably did that nothing would ever happen it would be an amazing experience
good answer deed lodges Lodge 51:26 is saying ask him to film that border fence
for a video see okay that’s a great video man that’s so I could just picture
in my head right now I love it alright then they’re done just for him it will
be time from Reagan and best friend saying what’s the movie time we’re gonna
tag in movie time – yeah movies movie time I’m sort of she wanted my best
friend your thread though she’s pretty much into porn you know just like literally a popcorn
and drinks and watch something yeah well the thing is I’d like you watch a movie
on your television anyways but if you did do Google hangout then you’d have a
bunch of the community with you and just play on your screen like it would
anyways yeah exactly I like I love the idea so if you guys doing that sent me a
message okay well figure it out yeah there you go
opal needs girl power actually all the power now well yes we’ll help you shine
bright yes have a good night you are right Stephanie she says RB has to be
one of the kindest people I know you are very true although we will you guys
quite and this is corny but I do we do hold you guys quite dear because we’ve
all been in it kind of since the beginning and that includes Stephanie as
well yes well a lot of you guys we’ve been in it since the beginning we’ve
kind of all been there for each other and I’m glad that even though it feels
like years sometimes because it’s been such a run that we all still get
together like this yeah I always say it’s like we’re sitting at a restaurant
with each other that’s right kind of it’s like hey there’s stuff over there
there’s James over at the bar sing hashtag give me a beer you know but it’s
like a little communities like still together great people messaging like
privately and saying you know and I mean not something seems but like you know
God you guys have really helped us through a bad time in our life people
saying you know how much they look forward to it there was a lot of things
going on getting to see each other in different
chats and it’s like hey is they going to a concert and running into a good friend
you know hey best friend friends here how you doing guess where the existing
best friend she’s telling me you know or is orienteer it’s nice that we have some
of us like that that’s still our together after all this yeah I feel
really bad both the night shame situation is he’s such a nice guy seems
like we’re gonna be doing like a recorded video with him and then yeah just you know the 50 year old Norwegian
guy you know kid he was saying there by the way be on the lookout there are some
trolls pretending to be him so yeah some nasty things come in hm and it doesn’t
sound like I think I saw him they’d shame on Twitter but it was spelt
differently than as YouTube said and writing some nasty comments and stuff
like that are tomorrow right it is truly a great community Reagan what a live
laugh love I’m sorry it’s not your name tieing I’m just half asleep we’ve had a
busy couple of days we are all creative minds that’s why we click 100% well said wants to see Levi grow they say hey yeah
the one gifted child that’s right yeah yeah I always wondered
how it works like if you could like pass on like if something were to happen to
me how I pass on YouTube channel or something like that or you know you can
write down the password but like yeah I make it all legit
I know for facebook there is definitely but I’m sure it was something in the
rules and you know in the youtubes the big thing that nobody reads you can give
you can like a give a pass so to say to somebody and then they can take it over
so you’re gonna go look in the Facebook for sure has it you can actually claim
it yeah you can actually pre like before your death obviously you can actually
mark to be shut down if something happens to you and stuff like that
doesn’t but I’m pretty sure I was reading on YouTube too that there is in
regulations the way you can do it I mean unless they know your password and then
it’s just easier you know just hide the password somewhere hey I just had an
idea for a YouTube channel how about like audiobooks that just read the terms
and services for different sites you know I have you watch Family Guy yeah
you know that episode when Stewie puts quagmire and down in in the basement and
then on the TV it’s all there is it’s instructions for the remote control okay
I haven’t seen this 100 it is it’s just over and over and over just reading loud yeah I don’t like that oh boy yeah there
is there is also sites I think it was called life after I forget know so don’t
quote me but also where you can store your accesses to your social media like
under like cryptid law or whatever so then you know things like that
yeah I saw like unbox therapy they have something like that for credit cards
where it’s like all every credit card in one or Starbucks card or all that yeah
that’s trippy and III don’t know that kinda scares me I’m just started because
they try out different things more there because it’s less population so like now
we have you know I pay or whatever their Android pacing was a phone well this one
is a step further it’s a sticker so you can put it on your hand you can put it
on the bottom of the glass whatever and you just step you know you just hold the
sticker and it pays well then they have symptoms similar that they have a very
chip that they are implanting in people yeah stuff that idea but this one you
don’t you don’t $10,000 bill that’s what they just started to implement to have
the sticker instead of like I pay and things like that so that’s a good idea
if you have like something like in your wallet that’s like the stickers will
only work if it’s like three feet away from you yeah you know I think it’s a
good idea it’s easier I think same as with passports it should be really you
know how I always think about that like playing bad in bands and stuff just
sometimes I’ve been in a band and they’re like oh there’s lots of time you
got till two o’clock in morning so just play through all the songs until we
start sucking even more and more and more until there’s nobody there and then
you’re like looking around you’re like shit just ended the set like back when
there was like a hundred people watch you know all right for the third time
tonight is Johnny be good yeah the jam with the extra long session of like 10
minutes the souls just yeah I’ve done that where it’s like well we already
played this one tonight but it’s a different crowd cuz I was four hours ago
so we could play it again and normal no the guys don’t run asleep at the bar
finally woke up so they’ll get to here for the first time I saw the bartender
this I always think that song by Blue Rodeo I know a lot of people like Brule
or Blue Rodeo for different songs I’m not their biggest fan but that song what
am I doing here it’s gonna be the best song that ever summed up what it’s like
to be in a band and not making any money have you ever known it no never heard it
you wrote it well night then I think Wisconsin or somewhere they he was
talking about he said you know we wrote on the one of those fairgrounds that we
were talking about you know nobody’s listening nobody cares half of them are
drunk and they’re slurring around and throwing beer cans and you wrote the
song that’s like the line goes on this useless not with you so far away and
then he writes I stand in front of this I stand in front of this ferris wheel
and I wonder what am I doing here and that’s the chorus into it and all the
drugs just stumble all the chokes just stumble by yeah and mumble they’re abuse
tell me what is the use of that I wonder what and they could just see it writing
it like sitting on the side like nobody cares anyways but it really sums up what
it’s like to play and nobody giving a shit you know whatever they get into it
on stage you know yeah I know you know I always say like play for five people
like you’re paying playing for you know a million people give those five people
the same show that’s right don’t be like oh there’s only five people here so I
don’t care I’m just gonna get hammered or something you know that’s look at the
music industry said that joke what’s the difference
I was a dearth between a rock musician and a jazz musician a rock musician
learns three chords to play in front of 40,000 people a jazz musician who earns
40,000 chords to play in front of people awesome
I’ve never heard that before that is awesome
yeah kind of sums the whole thing up in a nutshell King is and thank you listen
thank you very much for your support right from the get-go it has really been
appreciated I hope you get the same one of us oh yeah definitely of course yeah
I also the chat guy think the chat hanging out being so awesome some good
ones were intimating that some good followers yours as well came by which
are really good so some of ours but so many of ours already know you very well
which is a good thing I yeah I think so there’s people with a lot of the chat so
everybody likes you you’re like Stephanie said – might you know you’re
one of the kindest people that we know in here and that’s very true it’s hard
to keep up these days but still making it happen it is a grind I yeah the other
day I was your your show last night I got the notification and I went on and I
like went to the chat it was like there’s no chat it’s the replay oh my
gosh yeah some people I know panicked II got like three days later yeah I gotta
go do a photo shoot yes that hashtag blue group with those I
will Artem Orbitz says had a great have a great evening atrás Orion buck it’s
been awesome checking this out so yeah thank you everybody
and mostly iron pistol yes I learned more about everyone well that’s great I
love hearing that yeah more lemons and have a good Father’s Day on Sunday oh I
didn’t even know thank you all right I’ll see you guys cheers for
now hey god it’s like I almost forget like
this is one those ones Mike it just felt like you know signs we say we were
talking a lot on the other side of the table yeah I just hey look at 12 it’s
like leaning on your guitar when you played for a while I’m just chatting
with him he’s such a great person you know it’s just also it’s nice
sometimes to hang out with our oldies so to say you know because saying we all
kind of started you know at the same time and we’re you know on each other’s
channels and things like that supporting each other and and you know then it’s
almost like our you know going to school and then kind of like going out there
coming back home back coming kind of like how it feels like you know because
you don’t get to hang out all the time but then when you do is just nice well
we jumped in this all around the same time and we were the first basis of
supporting each other you know weird each other’s videos and stuff like that
though it is nice to have a Stephanie best friend of your threads been that to
us as well God love her she’s been amazing you know aren’t a morbid I mean
there’s been all you guys like and then to meet new ones tonight and like I say
anybody new if you haven’t and you like what we do please subscribe and leave a
comment so we can go check yours as well it’s always nice to be here and yes yes
you have a great evening thank you so much for coming by and hanging with us
it’s been such a pleasure to have you here yeah tomorrow we’re gonna have WB
motard on yeah the guy that knows everything about motorcycles he writes
them he fixes them and he plays drums and bass yep it’s gonna be talked of all
true yeah it’s gonna be bike and music talk
tomorrow as I say rough-and-tumble yeah it’s a compliment think so also like to
sound like he’s a toddler but sure no it’s a compliment that’s tomorrow and
then Friday we have Colorado martini on yeah yeah just celebrated will be
talking cocktails with their Lodge you have a really great coming and yeah so
that’s what we have Friday yeah and Saturday we are gonna have mr. Cody
Baron a guy who had his video on Peter mccarran’s B mm-hm
guess why go and check it out he was recommended to us by the one and only a
Joe and when a Joe recommends a channel you gotta go check it out and yeah he
was wrong and yeah he has a busy schedule and but he’s great he’s gonna
be so amazing to get inspired by his work as well so and he has great
community as well so hopefully bring some of the people from he’s a creative
video maker community Saturday that’s good you guys will get to meet some once
again like tomorrow night and that night as well you get to meet some new people
so we do try to do that keep things turning bring out something like
resorted bucks tonight was was long overdue it was long overdue to have them
on I’m glad we had them on tonight and but also bringing in some new ones that
you guys don’t know so there’s always a good mix so a good mix of the foundation
and the new piece of mouse I could never go wrong so good night everybody
so just to say hi just seven seven blessings yes so I’ll just give two minutes for
the Domingo I hope you got that fine these lights I’m sweating so bad yeah
and we had to put on the fan I’m telling you I would have got a puddle the
humidity is gonna be through the roof here for the next couple of days I
didn’t get language for the downpour so yeah yeah is right yay times 100
I don’t like summer especially among its it’s hot humid like we say it’s it’s
north but it’s still comparable to to Miami heats all summer here mm-hm you
have a good night flub an epic you take care of yourself
good night manic Deanne Friday you’re not gonna be here we know that yeah I
know so be safe for Friday have a great time guys have a great night thank you
guys so much for coming well yeah yeah I’d let them all cool and
hope you can join us tomorrow night 8 p.m. Eastern every night 6 well
overnight six nights a week we are here you’re hanging with you guys just always
a boss always fun they come over the last Oh huh be in baby or sleep take
care of guys have a great night cheers love yous keep creating see you
tomorrow see you tomorrow have a good night thanks for coming


  1. Just watching on replay again my friends thanks for introducing us to your latest guest 👍👍👍👍👍

  2. Just watched the replay. You learn so much about the guest. And your fantastic story. Positive vibes coming your way.

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