RCSI Physician Associate – Ciara Melia

[Music] hi my name is Kiera Mina and I’m a physician associate I chose the physician associate program had previously been working as a medical secretary I really really enjoyed the patient interaction but I felt like I wanted to be more involved in patient care so she seemed like the right option for me the highlight of my two years was my first exposure into surgery where I got to scrub in and assist in a hysterectomy it was one of the best moments of the course for me within our first couple of weeks we were embarked on our anatomy prior to the program where we actually got to get involved with using cadavers it was a very surprising part of the course hugely valuable to our learning so for somebody thinking about embarking on the physician associate program I would definitely advise brushing up on your physiology skills as the course is quite fast paced and hits the ground running so they’ll be a huge advantage to you coming into the course first you need to be able to communicate effectively and put your patient at ease and also communicate effectively with your team as well it is intense so having a lot of determination and passion is vital as well to to be happy and succeed in this program as part of my role I organize the theatre list so being organized liaison with the patients on your team is vital I absolutely love my job as a physician associate my favorite part is seeing patients in clinic and having a chat with them making them feel at ease and getting to the bottom of their illness or what’s bothering them also being a friendly face for patients at potential surgery is scary place providing that continuity of care and being there as a comfort to patients is really really important to me so the tastic college I would definitely recommend it for anybody thinking of embarking on this program the facility’s hands-on experience that I’ve gained here are second to none I’d recommend it to anybody

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