RCSI Physician Associate – Jessica Maddock

my name is Jessica Matic and I’m a physician associate the best part about the job is getting to chat to patients and make a little difference in their lives even if it’s just they’re nervous at the start before theater or whatever outside it is a possible that you meet them in just be able to have that and have them gain a little trust and maybe make them feel a bit more comfortable before going in because nobody likes going into hospital it’s not a fun place to be so if you can offer them a little bit of comfort before then and make them feel like they’ll be okay I think that is one of the best aspects of the job that’s what’s rewarding from young age I wanted to work in healthcare and growing up in America I knew about physician associates and physician assistants and I thought it was a nice career to get into and make difference in patients lives to be a very student you really got to be a team player I think that’s the backbone of being a PA and to be a successful PA student especially in small course like ours you’ve got to get along with your teammates and help each other through because it is a tough two years but when you get to the other side it’s really worth it my advice to someone considering this course is really think about it before you commit because it is two full years of study and a real full commitment needed because you are out in the community with real patients if there’s nice small programs getting to know my classmates on an individual level and then going out into hospitals with them and the one-on-one patient care from the start was a great aspect of the course we got out into hospitals six months into the program and really got to know our patients and had great hands-on experience that way the greatest challenge of the course is its a fast paced course from the start from day one you hit the ground running I think it stood to us the most as well because it moves us along quickly and made us the practitioners we are now

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