REACH Air Medical services gets a new helicopter

tonight reach air medical services has a new helicopter flying out of its Helena base MTN’s Lindsay Ford learns more about the helicopters capabilities and got to sit as a passenger and the new aircraft reach air medical services is an air ambulance company that transfers critical patients over long distances to the necessary hospital part about my job is is when you go and you’re out of out and about and you see somebody that you actually took one of their family members and helped transfer them to a medical facility and they are able to show their appreciation that’s very rewarding the bright red helicopter you see here is the airbus h 125 reach air says it’s an incredibly reliable aircraft tim Swingle lead pilot with reach air Helena said this particular aircraft requires less maintenance downtime meaning more ready to respond to emergencies and help patients my favorite feature is probably the performance it has a high performance capability that we can go anywhere in the state and and do a mission it can remote and reach rural areas in an emergency well Lindsey we’ve talked about the helicopter a little bit why don’t I think the best way to show it to you is for you to get in and take you for a little spin what do you think yep that sounds good the helicopter can fly around 140 miles per hour and be in the air for three hours it can reach Montana’s major cities in the eastern and western parts of the States Swingle says this new helicopter is about helping the community to get appreciation or feedback from people that we’ve been able to provide our service to and they have a good response with their family members and successful operation in ona Lindsay Ford empty news reach air medical also operates a fixed-wing aircraft from its Helena base and has another helicopter at its bozeman base

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