Reaction to Carlos the Rapper – "Anxiety"

I've loaded back data our discussions we are doing a request we got a message from Carlos the rapper to do one of his songs and he has a list of you know four or five songs that he has done on his YouTube channel I'll put a link to his channel in the description below along with a link to this video as well so he wanted us to check out some of his stuff so that's exactly what we're gonna do we've been doing that quite often with some of these young guys they've message some want us to sample some of their stuff we just did with Robert Owens if you haven't seen them Robert Owens video go check that out it didn't have any music involved in with just lyrics but he actually went ahead and did it with not music but he wrapped it and posted it so go check out that all the links are in the description below on that video so we have Cheryl back with us from sightseeing and she's gonna join us today that's Alyssa let's check this out oh yeah this one's called what anxiety anxiety I take these tell us the doctor Tommy show every day girls time to live with its entirety sometimes I feel fine but I don't have to try to get my hopes up because we love the way you sign us me fuck you exciting I feel like I'm finally eight minutes of all if you're the man sweat violently why can't we just call it quits plus neutrons and even help them dip relationships is ain't no way to live yeah a lot of people go through anxiety this I like this voice so far the only thing I haven't somewhat of an issue with is music I can't really hear I can't hear them because of the music music other than that what I can't hear I like yeah yeah it's just that one part of the music the ice yeah the highest sound I don't know how to talk louder than this yeah yeah yeah so I'm having a hard time here as well [Applause] somehow I overdose up he'll sit describe his Donuts always trying to lube up my body doing my head but we buy new life I hate the package of love of five by portions of society far the knows who is good enough that it inspires me you can leave jumping and screaming I just don't quite but I believe this i if i you have the chance to win your transplant things you can't go inside but then it's also tough on something you're living whether you have a relationship well it sounds like he his girl was levy yeah do two things IV issues which brings on even more anxiety yeah for the person who has it makes it worse and obviously he seems overdosing on the pills that they're giving them that's a it's a lose-lose situation but the problem is is you need to figure out and this is his outlet for this is anxiety which is a great outlet which is awesome and getting the message out there to other people that yeah people things IV are this way and this is a great way to deal with it you know some people run some people you know rap some people do different things to deal with it but the other day you guys sit down and you need some help yeah people of anxiety need help and not just by loved ones but by somebody that they can actually talk to yeah does not family and it's not a loved one that can kind of guide them and maybe not keep them on the pills so I'm sure a nice taco was ending literally like a couple things I'm sorry my I'm really good I like the onion like how he ended that he was slowing it down that's kind of cool I like the song the only issue like I said music piano was just too loud you couldn't hear Jerell yeah no I liked it I mean it kind of hits home for me since I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks trying to deal with the changing medications you know with my doctor to find out which one's going to be the one it's there are days that can be tough there I'm sure a lot of you out there that suffer from it sometimes you go to a dark place mentally I've been there luckily I have Robert you know he he starts seeing it me you know he tries to help me and sometimes I don't want his help when I try to push him away but I know some people think that anxiety is just a cop-out depression is a cop-out it is you may not think that they do but they do like me I don't like to talk to people to because I don't want to bother them to me it's my own problem I I need to deal with it on my own so I try not to reach out to friends or family but now I do like the song I think it is a way to you know get that message out there it is tough living with anxiety so no I really do like it I think it was a song so if you guys like this go support Carlos a rapper go check out his other stuff subscribe to this channel like this video comment on this video let's just you know support this guy if you like this stuff I think I might go over and subscribe to his general see what else he has to offer and any new stuff he has as well makes a good job Carlos keep up the good work we'll see you guys on next one you


  1. You should do eminem-mosh. It's a very good song about when Bush went to war for oil and alot of it applies to now to though.

  2. Something about anxiety that I've noticed, it's unique for EVERYONE. from my own experiences, no 2 people suffer the same exact way, it's always been different. Different triggers, different reactions, feelings, you get my drift.

  3. This inspires me to write about my own struggle with anxiety and describe how it is and what it does. To the owner of this track, can I use this beat pretty please? For my own anxiety rap?

  4. Thanks for the shout out. I really appreciate it. This song may suit me well, as I struggle with an extreme form of anxiety.

  5. Also, just incase anybody else is having a tough time hearing the lyrics;


    I take these pills, the doctor told me you would chill
    But everyday it kills tryna live with this anxiety
    sometimes I feel fine, but I know that you lie to me
    Get my hopes up, because you love the way you silence me
    Fuck you, Anxiety
    I feel like I’m finally
    Caving in to all of your demands
    You acting violently
    why cant we just call it quits
    You’ve lost me friends and even helped ending relationships
    This aint no way to live
    (this aint no way to live)

    Yo anxiety
    This shit is tiring, know I have to try to win
    But everyday’s a battle when you living with anxiety

    So now I overdose on pills they prescribe
    and still you inside
    Always tryna ruin my life
    You in my head, I may believe you’re in my mind
    You make me weak but I can fight
    You’re make believe I give you life
    I hate the fact you’re glorified by portions of society
    And the thought of losing you is good enough that it inspires me
    You can leave shouting and screaming, or just go quietly
    But I believe this aint a fight you ever had a chance to win, your chances slim, thanks again,

    Yo anxiety
    This shit is tiring, know I have to try to win
    But everyday’s a battle when you living with anxiety

  6. Thank you so much for reacting, and sharing! It means the world. A few clarifications;

    The piano being too loud – I suck at the production part of music and thats the bit I'm really trying to improve on currently lol, but yeah I get that.

    The second verse wasn't about a girl leaving, it was more of me trying to reason with anxiety itself with lyrics such as "I may believe you're in my mind / you make me weak but I can fight / You're make believe I give you life"

    and then the line which probably made you think it was about a girl;
    "You can leave shouting and screaming or just go quietly."
    That line was meant to be me saying pretty much 'I am going to beat anxiety, it can leave however it wants to leave, but nonetheless it will leave'

    Thank you again, so much for reacting to it! Love the channel.

  7. You guys are so close to 20k!!! What are you guys going to do to celebrate?? As always Tacoooo!

  8. Recommend to react to an artist by the name of K.A.A.N, super lyrical in his songs, some of the songs I would recommend doing are Kaancepts 1 & 2, Concealed the Outro, or a new one that came out called Honest. Either way just wanting to let you know that I love the reactions to multiple genres of music especially rap, Keep it up and can't wait for the next video. Much Love

  9. and another one! yall are really cranking out these reactions since you got back. keep em coming love the videos

  10. Another great video. Keep up the great work. Also i don't want to seem needy but i been requesting the song Run by leona lewis x factor live version for quite a long time. I hope you get round to it 🙂

  11. Hey guys a loyal subscriber here with a suggestion please react to some rap beef but do research on them to get the whole story before you react so that you understand where the rapper is coming from. the following songs is a must:
    1.Hit em up (Tupac)
    2.Ether (Nas)
    3.No Vaseline (Ice Cube)
    Thank you very much and have a great day 😁

  12. Can you please react to: Eminem Careful what you wish for. It’s a really amazing song and you guys would love it.

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