Ready to advance your career in Emergency Medical Services?

(sirens and voice over radio) (instructions over radio) – [Crystal] We see people at their worst and we have to be at our best. (dramatic techno music) – [Narrator] Congratulations,
you’re thinking about taking the next important
step in your career in emergency medical services. Becoming a paramedic. Now you’re looking for the
right educational program to reach your career goals. Congratulations again, you’ve found it. The Blessing Hospital Paramedic Program. – The instructor staff,
as well as all of the field evaluators and the
staff at the hospital, there’s such a huge amount of experience and knowledge to draw on that can really make you a
great paramedic out of the gate. – Just learned a lot actually
running calls on the streets. Had a lot of time in the ambulance, a lot of time on the streets to get some knowledge and
background in paramedicine. – Advantages to this program versus the program that I was in; your clinical hours that
go along with the classroom is great, where before
it was strictly classroom and then clinical, you
weren’t able to apply what you were learning from
the classroom into the field setting. I think that is probably
the biggest advantage that this course has. You learn respiratory, and then you go to the
respiratory clinical. You learn cardiology, you go
to the cardiology clinical. It’s great. The call volume is incredible,
the variety of calls and patient context that
you get are incredible. It’s just a great program. – [Narrator] The Blessing
Hospital Paramedic Program has been turning out quality
paramedics since 1975. The percentage of our graduates
passing the licensing exam exceeds state and national averages. – We are very fortunate
here at Blessing to have the field evaluator system that we have, that provides the one-on-one
education in the field for each and every paramedic
that we have come through here, as well as we have
a simulation lab which has state-of-the-art simulation
mannequins that we can practice with before the students ever
get to touch a human being. – You’ve got Blessing Hospital
as a resource just next door to where training happens,
so that, not only do you get the didactic experience in
the training program itself but you get clinical experience through the ER and other rotations. And so, there’s very good
hands-on experience where you can partner with
nurses and physicians, who are actually practicing and get your clinical
hours under your belt. And I think combining the
didactic training as well as the practical experience really gets a paramedic student exposed
to a well-rounded experience, it’s quite good. – [Narrator] The Blessing
Hospital Paramedic Program is nationally accredited by the
Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs, upon the recommendation of the Committee on Accreditation of
Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Profession. – National Registry for
paramedics and the EMTs does require that paramedics do graduate from an accredited program. – If you graduate from a
non-accredited program, your options are limited
and you’re not gonna be able to take the National Registry exam, you’ll only be allowed
to take a state exam. – [Narrator] The Blessing
Hospital Paramedic Program is taught in conjunction with
John Wood Community College for college credit. A certificate or associate
degree is offered with completion of additional
courses and that’s an added value on the resume of our graduates. Blessing graduates are in
demand among area employers. – So when we’re looking at
paramedics, we also look to see what kind of a program
did they graduate from. And, once again, we’re fortunate
because we have a program right here that we’re apart of in, and it yields top-notch candidates who can hit the ground running. – They come in fully prepared to function as a paramedic within the system. You’re seeing more and more
fire departments migrate towards EMS based fire protections. In the city of Quincy, we
give preferential treatment and bonus points if you’re
on the testing process for those that are trained as paramedics. – [Narrator] Want more information? We wanna talk to you. The Blessing Hospital Paramedic Program. (energetic techno music)

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