1. I love the "we're not there yet" comment 😂 I filmed this tag too! Would love for you to check it out!

  2. Love Houswife's espically when New York first came the whole Bethany & Jill thing in the end I felt sorry for Jill love to see them back wouder what would happen if Jill would come back know that Bethany is back,,,,, ok my favorite hands down is New Jesery so much drama the whole Theresa thing and how she treated Jackaline so unfair mean girl 🙂 this show by fair foe me has alot of dram ilke the other ones but NJ is the one for me !!!

  3. Theresa"s family gotta be number one. She was found guilty of a crime and both parents going to the big house.

  4. Hottest husband is Carlton's husband. Going to miss him this go round, since they didn't keep Carlton on for a second season of Beverly Hills.

  5. Omg I just love this…So funny! I love RHW I have been watching sense the beginning (OC season one).

  6. Andy should invite y'all to the bar when gets back on! You gals could be the "peoples voice" lol. BTW, I think you two would be hilarious on the peoples couch too!

  7. This is my new favorite video on YouTube haha, and I'm watching it while watching the most recent OC finale!

  8. IM SO UPSET that NewYork and OC are now over… 🙁 i get so sad MY faves are BevrlyHills, OC and like when Caroline was on NJ:) anddd i miss Gretchen on OC

  9. I LOVE this tag….I'm so obsessed with the Housewives its sad. My favorite one is OC then NJ. I agree with Leanne, I liked the original NY cast cause I love Bethany. I had no idea they even had a DC series so I'd say that was my least favorite….Eddie Judge is definitely the hottest husband. I used to love Tamra but cant stand her now and I couldn't stop cringing when I see her with that white eyeliner. Why isn't anyone stopping that ?? We need to start a petition to get Kenya Moore off tv !!!!! This video is amazing, you two have such great chemistry hope to see more of you two together. Thanx for this tag, can't wait to watch the ladies you tagged.

  10. I'm totally obsessed with The Real Housewives but the only one I watch on the regular is Beverly Hills! I want to be a mix of Kyle and Lisa when I grow up. Haha. OH and Kim's (from previous seasons of RHOAtlanta) spin-off "Don't be Tardy" is amazing! Even my husband loves it!

    Loved getting to see a different side of both of you girls! Watching you do videos and look so beautiful all the time its sometimes difficult to remember that you're just a normal girl too!

  11. When Tamara got upset with Ryan about the engagement I thought she was kidding. Or maybe I just wanted her to be kidding

  12. I watched both videos and I have never watched Real housewives but found this video very enjoyable to watch great tag both of you hilarious!!!! 🙂

  13. I love all "The Real Housewives". Especially housewives of New Jersey, Atlanta, honestly I can't just pick one I love them all..as far as my least favorite housewife…hmmm
    It would be Ramona from RHONY..and I love Dina RHWONJ, closet have you seen her shoe collection..omg!! I also like Lizzie she's so pretty.rom RHWOC
    I'm going to end my comment, cause it'll be like super long..lol

  14. I am obsessed with the Real Housewives!!  This made my night!!!  I totally feel for Ramona's "Cray Eyes" family.  I actually love to watch her, but damn, I'd be so embarrassed if I was her family…..Also, Yes, I totally agree about not being on the bad side of the ladies on RHONJ….they are scary crazy at times, although I still really like them,lol.    Loved both of your taglines!!!

  15. Hey Danna & Leanne, loving this tag, looks so much fun haha! 🙂 and I completely agree Danna as I love big hair, I love Gretchen's hair it's gorgeous haha 🙂 love from England xx

  16. never even heard of the Real housewives but wow this is going to be an addiction 
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  17. ♡ this Tag! ♡ RHoAnywhere 😆 except DC that one was la'hame LoL. Current new love = RHoMelbourne!!!!!!

  18. The Best Tag Ever!!! I'm also addicted to RHW 😜 I'm surprised you two didn't mention Atlanta more as some of your answers. Re: Tamara's reaction to her son Ryan I b'lieve is his name even though it looked fake & weird I think she reacted that way b'cause it's the only child of hers that she has full time & she won't have around all the time & she's fight for her other kids since her ex husband is screwing her big time. I feel bad for Teresa's family. Kim Z from Atlanta (ex) I would love her wigs, makeup & closet 😉Danna you're right don't mess w/us Jersey girls or else 🔫🔪😱lol

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