Real Hypnosis induction 13

okay okay like this it’s so hard to keep rising so high very deep one one deeper you ever been
will sit up straight at that time just woke up just sitting up straight now
what you discover you’re going to be transformed they’re changing there’s
somebody different something back and I snap my fingers you believe that you are
a lion you believe that I am a lion tamer with a whip and a chair so what
you’re going to find is when I snap my fingers you open your eyes and you are a
lion you believe I’m a lion tamer right that’s good open your mouth wide open that’s good that’s good here’s a piece
of meat for you all right rise up get up on the couch
very good very good all right roll over on the couch nificent nificent now this time when I
snap my fingers no longer the line you believe that you are now a donkey right now sure you are you donkey go ahead
make sounds like a donkey come on down here that’s right we’re gonna have to
put some packs on you here you don’t like that you’re gonna try to kick it
off let it kick like a donkey oh right and now you’re entitled in fact you are
not just a tiger you’re a tigress in a very sensual tigress right now you see
me as a male tiger right now you see he’s a male tiger right now now your tyrosine now their captain that little kidney
suit that’s wonderful now how are you what’s happening nothing
much what’s going on would you like to do okay okay incredibly horny aren’t you
hot it really allows right now fine look at
me they’re getting even hotter even hotter they’re getting so hot that when
I come to the three you’re gonna have an orgasm just looking at me there’s an
imagine would you like to be with me imagine that very vividly like now
right one you’re getting very hot right now I’m tensely hot to the body’s on
fire right now how do you feel right now alright and how do you feel right the
moment as far as what it would be like with me back right now it’s so intense
that you achieved an orgasm have three and what just happened touch your
shoulder deep so deep just let yourself go completely put yourself go all the way down all the way down that
we should what a fine house when you stand up the only desire is to do
whatever I command or only desire is to do what I tell you so when you feel that
when you let go so much and you will automatically obey everything I tell you
no matter what it is at that moment you stand up and look at me going deeper and
deeper just letting go let it go completely letting yourself fall into my
problem completely to trance so deep now that you’ll do anything
I command no matter what I say at that point you stand up and look at it very
very very very deep deeper and deeper and deeper still
and right now what is your desire and right now I do have to say that I am
the master thank you do you like that Who am I yes you do anything I say that
repeat after me I do anything my master commands go down to your master right now wonderful
and in fact you’ll find that this has a very allows this deep right that arouses
you intensely please your soul aroused right now we’re just touching my hand
we need to orgasm when I touch your hand achieve an orgasm very strong very
powerful orgasm Who am I right now yes Who am I now very sexy very sexy there’s gonna be
why they’re on the couch for a minute so sexy back right now that couch is a
sexiest thing in the world that couch is a sexiest thing in the world and show
that couch how sexy is going to show that how how sexiness and that pouch is at the verge of give
you an orgasm what do you think of that couch right now orgasm from that couch I’m gonna get
hotter hotter and hotter very shortly you have a powerful orgasm get in there getting there feeling it
now how’s that couch now whether the human partner wouldn’t
you sit down from work because what you see here in my hand is some champagne
you’re quite sure this open up the champagne just popping right there goes
there it goes just get this whole you know see this as
pink champagne he’s got a beautiful pink color now it didn’t be about to take it how
does that look to you that good smell it just smells it beautiful you see the
same on to my glass no to it right so now that’s a beautiful pink champagne
right there and you can propose a toast to what you would like to in happen next freeze in case nobody could tell this is
actually bubble bath now what you’re going to find is that
when I snap my fingers you will awaken forgetting everything we’ve done but you
remember you were about to have a sip of champagne no idea what how that happened
we were doing right what’s wrong maybe that’s what it was okay wait this
is the champagne is this what you were about to drink okay well glad you had a
chance to work with me relax I guess well a big smile comes to who else that much what would you like to do for me right
now nice clothes and when I count to five
you awaken sure you want to hypnotize me because you’re curious to see if you can
do it again whatever you say to me don’t happen to you instead and I keep right
on going one two three four
okay well Lillian is there anything special you’d like to do right now what
is that just because you have you’re suspicious here well you
want to borrow my watch and try that okay let’s see how well you can do with
this I’d like you to take off


  1. I'm shore that there are some good professionals out there, but this video scares me! I could never want that kind of power over a girl, even if I knew how, I wouldn't. It is a great video! But it does make me wonder. 9/21/19 SCROPION VIPER.

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