REAL MORTAL KOMBAT – Scorpion & Sub Zero Get Couples Therapy (MK Parody)

[Music] [Applause] [Music] they’re late yeah well you didn’t have to run over the dog on the way in you’re like an old lady this must be giving you directions they’re supposed to tell me to turn before the turn shows up not seeing Terry go yeah are you two going to turn the handle or not ah give it here and sit down [Music] for beer sit no sit on the couch the way people sit on the couch then with that sword why are you in your rating so zero oh my god me so we’re gonna go see the philanthropist I think therapist you moron and I didn’t know you a doctor Amy I love God I can do whatever I want besides did you two really think that I was gonna let you sit in front of a normal human being and have them make sense to do Wow what snoring yeah today move we trying to get a grip on where your heads are right now no scorpion you’re going to do a simple exercise called the war Shaq test I’m going to show you both the series of abstract images to determine your I’m gonna show you a bunch of pieces of paper with ink on them you tell me what you see sub-zero what do you see oh I know this one a snow cone in the North Pole okay he’s hoping what do you see oh that’s easy except Sarah I’m standing my wife in the face with my rib next image sub-zero what do you see ooh popsicles no wait ice-cream sandwiches Oh making me hungry are you crazy let’s go to Sub Zero taking my newborn baby kicking it into a river filled with toxic waste of a nuclear power plant and I mean my baby mutates it with rippers why would you do this stop suing me was just a limb doing horrible day hey let’s just calm ourselves down images are depicting anything on purpose scorpion your mind makes sense of the image you see letting me know or how you think which is clearly wrong now one more time Sub Zero tell me what you see that is a frozen Alaskan salmon they’re mighty tasty scorpion what do you see that is the giant gargoyle with subs in his face on it eating my entire plan of a bowl of cereal with a Pittsburgh instead of a spoon to conserve milk where on earth do you see that war pian it’s a picture of a fish on purpose do you see this fish okay yeah I guess I can kind of see the fish in the reflection of a spoon fork no scorpion we’re gonna move on now to something else Sub Zero why don’t you tell me a few of the things that scorpion does that cause you stress well he is trying to kill me all the time hey that’s nothing to be proud of I see that makes sense he just loses his temper for no apparent reason I don’t understand okay let’s expand on that Sub Zero can you give me an example of the most recent time scorpion has lost his temper okay so just this morning he puts his rice krispies because he said they were talking trash they were I poured the milk in the bowl I distinctly heard them say snap crap oh you what Pulaski sex the bathroom on fire every time he forgets to put the seat up okay now scorpion what does sub-zero do to cause you stress well where’s blue and the chews with his mouth open I think any of these two calls himself or the same name is the guy who killed my old clam when she tried to explain to me was actually his brother’s face the victim i Quan Chi they’re later kids in love forever burning desire for revenge against him but then I’ll sound like a load of crap and confuse me so I still hate him for that okay okay the last thing for today we will try a roll rivers sub-zero you will pretend to be scorpion and scorpion you will pose as Sub Zero swampy oh I’m sorry I’m just trying to kill whole bunch of this candy I don’t know what it is about it but I have to kill him you are subdued go buy a scorpion you know it’s smarter than you you know that everything you do is wrong they put on ice caps are melting don’t you care whether they make everything wet including my drool filled mask which is why I had to change it my scorpion I love to talk man I have the IQ of a hamster it about dog sub-zero ice cream I use a pile of snow as a sexual partner when I start forest fires with my farts I’m freezing cold so my penises are we so small when I’m a skeleton I don’t even have a piece oh yeah your birthday cake with I don’t know your blowtorch like chlamydia hey people work hard pockets at least ice doesn’t give people now you two behave yourselves or I’ll make you kiss [Music]


  1. Well he is trying to kill me all the time hey that’s nothing to be proud of me: no I’ll be proud of trying to kill someone

  2. 0:37 If Raiden is a God and doesn't need in believe in another ones, Why he have a crucifix?

  3. скорпион и саб зиро были качки а эти дрищи какие то
    не позорили бы

  4. 7:10 “My name’s Scorpion, and I like to talk like Batman! I have the IQ of a hamster, and I melt all of Sub-Zero’s ice cream!”

  5. Mkfanzcastlist,Flawless victory type of Reboot epic casting…picks
    1.Steven yeung
    2.Shin koyamada
    3.Daniel wu
    4.jung ji hoon
    1. MaggieQ
    2.Tao okamoto
    3.Zhang lanxin
    1. lewis tan
    2.An Anthony dale-swicth from scorpion..
    1.will Yun lee
    2.byron mann
    3. ryu seung ryong
    1.Stephen Lang –
    2.Luke goss
    (kung lao)
    1.byron mann
    2.Will Yun Lee
    3.Collin farrel
    1.Michael b Jordan
    2.Chris brown
    1. Stephen amell
    2.Rodrigo santoro
    1. Christian bale
    2. Tahmosh penikett
    3. Ray park
    1. Lateef crowder
    1.Nicolas cage
    2. Willem dafoe
    1. Joe taslim
    (Noob sabot)
    1. Godfrey Geo
    2. lewis tan
    1. Johnson Phan
    1. Rila fukuishma
    2.Elodi yung or nitara
    3.Olivia munn
    4. adrianne palicki
    5. Megan foxx(secondary)
    1. zhang lanxin
    2. Tao Oramoto
    3. Jamie Chung-or Milenna
    4. Maggie Q
    5. Gal godot-( A. jolie has to Sindel-secondary)
    1. Terry crews
    3. Lukecage
    1. Jason stat
    1. Vin diseal
    1. Mark Strong
    (Kotal khan)
    1. Dave Batisa-
    (Knight wolf)
    1. Jason momoa
    2. Manu Bennett
    (Eron black)
    1. Stephen Lang
    2. Bradley cooper
    1. Donnie yen-(proper Main role!)
    1. Will Yun Lee
    2. Collin chou-(main)
    3. Brian tee
    1. Gerard butler
    2. Paige vanzant/secondary )
    1. Amy Johnston/MainPrimary)
    3. Charlie theron
    2. Jessica de gouw(main)
    1. Jamie Alexander-(Main)
    8. katheryn winn,
    7. margot robbie, 
    6. Kitanna Bowden ,
    5. Kristanna loken ,
    4. Charlie theron
    3. Jessica biel,
    2. Ali larter,-(secondary 
    1. Ronda rousey(Main(badazz)
    (Johnny Cage)
    1.stephen amell-secondary
    2. Matt Mullins-main
    3. Kellan lutz-main
    4. Matt Bomer-main
    5. Mat Damon-secondary
    6. James marsden-main
    7. Chris Evans-optional  
    1. The rock DWayne-(Main)
    1. Hafter bjornson,(Main)
    2. Hafpor Julius
    1. Tanoai reed(main)
    2. Nathan Jones
    1. Paula Patton
    2. Rosario Dawson(-primary )
    1. gugu mbatha-raw,
    2. Hannah John-Kamen,-primary)
    3. Naomie harris,(secondary)
    4. tika sumpta 
    5. rutina Wesley,
    6. duckie thot
    7. Yaya dacosta.
    8. aisha Tyler
    1. Keanu reave-(Main!)
    2. takeshi kaneshrio-secondary
    2.Nicolas cage
    1. Liam Neeson-(Main!)
    1.Iko uwais(-Main!)
    1jessie Jones
    2Karen gillan
    3Talulah Riley
    4Jet Tranter,
    5Tara Macken
    6selina lo,
    7priya chopra,
    8 juju chan,
    9Ali larter,
    10Kristin Kreuk ,
    11Margaret thor,
    12Jennifer garner,
    3gugu mbatha-raw/
    2 Sofia beutella
    1Zoe saldana (-Main!
    1Thandie Newton
    2Frida pinto
    3 Sofia beutella
    4 Dania Ramirez,
    5 teyana Taylor
    6 tessa Thomson's
    4Kate baeckasale(secondary
    3Milla jovovic(-Main!
    2Jamie Alexander
    1Charlie theron
    2A jolie- (Secondary)
    "Depends on kittana"
    1lucy lu(-Main!
    1Jaimie Alexander
    2Gina carano
    1. Elodi yung
    2Cobie smulders
    3Gal gadot-(secondary)
    1Mchelle yeoh-(Primary)
    2Lena headly
    ???( D v'oarh)???
    1.ZIYI ZHANG!(MAIN) !!!!!
    Mkfanrebootcast epic picks, it can be done! It's very much possible!

  6. Aw. I was expecting the "Friendship" logo and sound effect to appear when they shaked hands at the end haha. xD

    Still, I had a great laugh with this. 😀


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  9. If your reading the comments u should do thearys about mortal kombat or explain things about mortal kombat like if agree

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