Real-Time TOC Measurement for Pharmaceutical Water Systems

Hi this is Paul Thomas at Intephex, talking
today with Jim Cannon of METTLER TOLEDO Thornton. Jim, thanks for being with us. Paul, thank you for having us, looking forward
to talking to you. Jim, we’re going to talk about a couple of
products that you have that are critical for process analytical technologies, and the first
is a Total Organic Carbon measurement tool, and the latest in your family. Well, we’ve developed and we have been involved
with the ultrapure water in pharmaceutical for years. But what we’ve done is we brought the TOC,
the 5000, the whole TOC family. It’s designed to meet the PAT requirements
today. In the phamaceutical industry, you have to
be able to make timely measurements, to make critical changes on a real time basis. You cannot wait for batch processing or lab
analysis. So with the TOC family we have, whether it’s
the 5000e, the 4000, or the 550, it allows you to place these sensors onto a water system
in the appropriate spots. Whether it’s on the return from point of use,
which is critical, or it’s on the line to point of use, or it’s on the front of your
water system. This way you can control your system, and
manage the system, and if you have a TOC excursion you know where to look, and you don’t have
to become a detective trying to hunt through the entire system. And you know instantly where to make your
critical measurement changes. And you are getting data in real-time as you
mentioned. This is real-time analysis. This give you real-time, critical information
that you need to manage your water system. Water systems are a living system, and they
have to be dynamic, and they have to change, and the Pharmaceutical industry today, with
the PAT initiative cannot afford to wait for a batch or a lab analysis to come back.

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