Rebecca Lee, MD – North Shore Physicians Group – Danvers, MA

My name is Rebecca Lee. I work for North Shore Physicians Group in
the North Street, Danvers location. I went to Dartmouth College undergraduate,
University of Massachusetts Medical School and completed my residency at Leahy Clinic
where I did an additional year as chief resident. I became a doctor because of the mix of really
talking with people, interacting with people on a day to day basis, being a part of their
lives, as well a just my general interest in science and medicine. Having grown up here I tend to find something
that I have in common with the person I am seeing, whether or not we went to the same
school, my mother knew them, I find that really enjoyable. In addition I really try to get to know their
families. I have had the opportunity to take care of
three generations of folks. It makes it fun for me to really know the
whole spectrum as well as just knowing a little more about the medical history and being able
to be a better physician for knowing that. I enjoy the work place. I enjoy the folks that I work with on a daily
basis. I have a great group of doctors who I work
with day in and day out, a support staff who really make the day fun for me. In addition, I have all the resources of Partners
HealthCare, including the computerized medical record and access to all of their specialists.

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