Recognizing a Meth Addict

with access to hundreds of high-definition videos the police one Academy delivers affordable high quality solutions and with an internet connection you can access the police one Academy anywhere call today let me briefly speak you about identifying somebody on methamphetamine okay first of all methamphetamine is a central nervous system stimulant okay and what that means to you is this where cocaine is a stimulant and it comes from a plant in South America crystal meth or methamphetamine is just manufactured by mixing chemicals together it can be a white crystal powder it can be an off-colored light brown it can be completely brown but it's a stimulant so what that means is it's going to be an upper and an upper being that your blood pressure's going to be up you're gonna see movement you're gonna see the tapping of the foot you're going to turn around and you're gonna see dilated pupils that's one of the tell-tale signs of someone on a stimulant and you look to see if they're over six point five millimeters and when you go and you test those pupils okay you test them nowadays because of stream lights and real powerful lights that we have out there nowadays okay don't do LASIK surgery on them okay those lights are very powerful just brush their eyes to check to see if their pupils constrict down okay but remember they're stimulants so they're up and they're moving around you can turn around you can see their jaws clinch they can get what's called bruxism they'll grind their teeth basically one of the things you want to look for when you walk up to somebody first of all is their general appearance when you're a meth addict or someone that's really involved in drug abuse first of all all hygiene vitamin deficiencies start to basically take over your body you have an incredible weight loss okay you start getting what is referred to as meth mouth and what that means is you will turn around and you'll see people with just incredible mouth infections in an a belief the reason they have that is this when you use a drug the fastest way to ingest a drug into your system is hit the pipe okay cocaine users converted to crack and hit the crack pipe methamphetamine abusers originally really injected methamphetamine okay they use needles syringes blood-borne pathogens the things you need to be careful of but when they started to slowly convert over to larger crystals or ice methamphetamine they started hitting the pipe when you breathe in heated vapor and you breathe that into your mouth eventually you will just go ahead and wear the right off your teeth you will start getting infections in your mouth and basically get what's referred to as meth mouth you just get a rotted out mouth then what happens is this it's when you use methamphetamine over time you start having like I said vitamin deficiencies but as you lose weight as you start releasing histamines in your body you start scratching and picking your skin where heroin addicts you'll see when they are on heroin they'll basically scratch themselves and touch themselves as they're talking to you okay meth addicts pick their skin some people will call it crank bugs some will say they're hallucinating but their skin picking okay and they will literally rip their skin out here's the thing for officer safety one you always want high protection two always wear gloves I can't begin to tell you how many of these police reality shows I watch and I watched so many police officers walk up and pat down and stick their hands and suspects pockets without gloves on well let me tell you something you turn around and you don't have gloves on and you walk up in the dark and you have somebody who has open sores infected on their arms and you go and you take that arm to walk them to your car and you stick your fingers in that infection you're gonna know what it's like not to have gloves all right so you always wear gloves and protect yourself from these people also you have to protect yourself from the blood-borne pathogens hepatitis and all the other things that are associated with these people okay the biggest danger when you're dealing with these people and you're looking at them is this okay when you're using methamphetamine as when you use any drug you release chemicals in your brain you release chemicals in neurotransmitters like dopamine and they affect basically when you eat when you sleep the pleasure centers how good is food how good is sex so what happens is when you get individuals that are involved in drug abuse one of the first things you see is their anatomical time clock it gets completely out of whack these users all of a sudden they're awake at 3:00 4:00 in the morning they're eating when they should be sleeping their bodies are getting completely out of whack but one of the biggest dangers when you're dealing with meth people is that they get what's called meth psychosis and when these chemicals get released from your brain and now you turn around and your children your spouse's become your worst enemy you as law enforcement as you walk up to the door you become their worst threat and their worst enemy and that's how you engage these people and that's how they turn around and they shoot you are they fight you it's just a dangerous dangerous drug so remember when you walk up to somebody they're gonna be on an upper they're gonna be up okay kind of take a look at their eyes it's real simple all you can be out in the sunlight but you can be standing there and you can tell if their pupils are kind of dilated you look and see if they have any open sores you look and see if they're moving around if they're hitting the pipe you'd be very careful you slide your hand down in that pocket you could have a broken pipe in their pocket and now you turn on to get cut same thing when you turn around and you have an IV user and they turn around they have a syringe or needles in their pocket let me tell you I always wore puncture proof gloves and I worked the road let me tell you I always wore clear glasses at night and I always wore puncture proof gloves and anytime you wear gloves you turn around you make sure that you train with them you make sure you practice firing your weapon with them and you reload with them but you wear those gloves and get used to them because when you're dealing with these users you don't want to get any of these infections any of these chemicals remember when you approached the people just make sure that you have a place to escape to don't get yourself cornered anywhere look them over as you walk up believe me if you have someone that has incredible weight loss their pupils are dilated you see meth mouth or you see open sores okay that's a telltale sign that someone's on a stimulant okay make sure that you put yourself in a social position where your weapons away from you and if you have somebody that really appears to be up because it's a stimulant and they're engaged in a yelling match with you make sure you get another unit over there get some other people over there to help you in the event they're not the only person on meth one thing about meth abusers someone walks out of the house or whatever that may not be the only person in there that's abusing meth and before you know it you have one person come out and now you have five and now you're in way over your head okay so remember wear gloves protect yourself wear glasses protect your eyes and just be safe these are dangerous dangerous people


  1. Not true with all people I'm a recovering meth teeth are fine.never was a picker,and moving all around like a lunitic.Glad those days are over

  2. Thank you for explaining on how you can tell if someone is using. I believe that my ex-husband is seriously using. I know he's using cocaine! Because 14 years ago, I left our marriage because I caught him using meth or cocaine. My son was 4 years old and tested positive for cocaine and this was AFTER he visited his father and he has not seen him since. PLEASE!!!! STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS!!!! LIFE IS REALLY, REALLY, REALLY SHORT!!!!

  3. It's everywhere! DEATH PENALTY ON THE SPOT ! If someone is on meth, kill them ASAP! That's the only way that this will ever stop. I've done my share of all kinds of meth. 90s crank, pink, purple, white, and even stuff that looked like peanut butter! Married then divorced. It changed to ice. You have to call the cops. Whatever you can do to make it go away. I loved a woman who got on it. Ruined. Breaks my heart.

  4. I love hitting the pipe, it usually hits back twice as hard, so wear eye protection, gloves and you turn around and your high. These people have rabbis is pleasure centers in 3 or 4 people that will turn around and shoot ya. I always turned around to touch meth people with meth mouth to turn around to have one person and five touch me, these people are danger danger danger

  5. this is not all true across the board. this dude is spreading METH MADNESS. love how he says THESE PEOPLE. lol…. but meth is bad for most people

  6. “These people” ? Really? Go fuck yourself with that shit… no wonder the police are the way they are… keep on preaching that shit asshole… you’ll find out in the end your “those people”

  7. WOW! Umm ok Im not saying he's wrong because yes there are people who just can't handle certain drugs. But he's also not 100% accurate either. But i guess for a cop it's probably better to think that everyone who does meth is dangerous. But i would rather be around someone who is completely out of speed over a chain smoker who has no money and is out of cigarettes.

  8. I had a neighbor that thought he was an alpha wolf. Swore he could shape shift and the pack always surrounded and protected him. LMAO. Oh, he thought he could rap too…..Lol he still waiting on that record label deal!!!😂🤣😂
    IM DEAD!!!!!

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