Red Cross – Event First Aid

this has been an absolutely stolen week for all of us in the north but obviously essential to all of that is the support that we received from Red Cross volunteers without them you can’t host an event like this we’ve had injuries at virtually every event in every sport it’s going to happen but how we respond to that and how we react to that is what really matters and the British Red Cross in turn right here providing support all the way and we thank their we thanked their support me 99.9% of people appreciate us because a high hardwood do work we make advance see if and treating people I see myself in 15 years still we’re in the same uniform still doing one a day because I did love it so much Tana was working at the workplace to fire him today as one of the volunteers for the medal sir taken ill fortune leaders it’s not going to be a greener afternoon of girl who may we’ll see yes and let them know that we were just name is also a aria just seen somebody go so we think might have picked up a flu virus we’ve had everything from people with splinters to drug overdoses to one gentleman you break his leg jumping off a car because you brought up a cow there were some people that came with tent injuries lots of people we’ve had a bit too much to drink and it’s just feeling abandoned making sure they’re okay and they’re ready to get back out there and have more fun we’re out in the middle of the country site here in West and budget near whines well and will be sent off in tag teams two people will go on a shift on a rotation basis up at the the various marques we’ve got the equipment to be able to administer any first aid and so the public and turn to us whenever they want anything more complicated we send them or escort them down this tent this is the field hospital which is located at the end of the course for the Great North Run which is a half marathon that’s the biggest one in the world and the British Red Cross are leaving the provision of medical cover we’ve got a huge number of volunteers nearly 500 volunteers from a multitude of different organizations working with us today to provide this cover from my point of view what the Red Cross have brought to this event is certainly degree of professionalism and they have an enormous infrastructure backup you know they provide a lot of our equipment and so on which is invaluable to me it’s such a big logistical event and in terms of the manpower boss none of the agency could achieve what we achieving today what better way to spend your Sunday then actually making what having such a positive impact on people’s life and even saving people’s lives just a perfect Sunday really everyone gets a lot of different things out of volunteering we get to experience treating and different casualties to what we would do in our local areas and we get to meet Red Cross volunteers from all over the country in the Red Cross and it’s like a family really we get to meet lots of new friends

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