Relationships After Treatment: Addiction and Recovery with Nicole Vasquez

hey everyone welcome back to the show I'm so glad to have you here with me this week and this week I am talking about relationships in recovery particularly the romantic kind I am among the population of recovering people who strongly believes in not getting into a relationship with in the first year of recovery just like you would approach any major life decision in your early recovery is the same way that you should approach a relationship relationships are important they're not anything to you know jump into or play around with so be cautious the same suggestions that I gave you know on a previous video where I talked about making major life decisions are the same suggestions that I would give here talk to your sponsor about it cancel your support group but take your time early recovery is the perfect time to just concentrate on you figure out who you are I mean I learned how to go grocery shopping in early recovery little simple things like that ultimately what I'm saying is take your time figure out who you are you know figure out what kind of food you like what's your favorite music is you know all of these things you're going through all of these changes you know we say in this program that it's a new way of life and it's a new you one of the things that I remember somebody said to me was the only thing you have to change is everything so keep that in mind when you're thinking about this because old you may have liked a certain type of guy or girl and then you know you come into recovery and everything changes so take some time take some time for yourself work on yourself work some steps get some recovery in you and of course as always consult your sponsor alright that's it for this week again just to remind you guys I am NOT a professional I'm not licensed I don't have any certifications I'm definitely not a relationship expert I'm just a person in recovery who's here to share my experience strength and hope on these particular topics and I hope that you find value in them and that you're getting what you need from them as always please remember to leave some comments or some questions below this is a controversial topic so I'm interested to hear your opinion and you know some things that you might want to talk about when it comes to this so please remember to drop those comments and hit the like button and also if you haven't already please hit subscribe we need some animations for this one okay if you put that on the end of this video

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