Relax and Enjoy the View

Today on Journey to the Microcosmos, we’re
going to be doing something a little bit different. See, here at Microcosmos headquarters we’ve
been putting in a lot of nights and weekends to make sure you have an upload every Monday,
or occasionally Tuesday. And while somedays are for learning, other
days might be better spent just looking. And thus, so we can get a little bit ahead
and maybe be a little less stressed, and also so you can, if you want, just chill with some
of our favorite tiny beasts, today’s episode is going to be just music and video. Basically, here are some really cool little
organisms, and I’m just going to go. Bye! Thank you for coming on this journey with
us, as we explore the unseen world that surrounds us. As always, if you want see more from our Master
of Microscopes, James, check out Jam and Germs on instagram. And we will be back with more regularly scheduled
programming next week.


  1. You are doing such a wonderful job with this channel, guys. From the pure science point of view, all the way to the narrator, passing through the visuals and sounds, everything is so wonderfully done! I immensely enjoyed this video! Watching these tiny alive gems, never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for all your work and teachings!

  2. Hi Hank! Love the videos as always. I always tend to use your video screenshots as personal wallpapers for the week and I have a request for you. Could you please reduce the font size like 3:30? I think the videos look very minimal but often too much or inconsistent font ruins the immersion for me

  3. My favourite has to be the little zippy ones that come hurtling into shot and then zoom off again. Had to smile at 2.00 where it hits the 'big boys' spins around and then darts off. You could almost see the stars!

  4. This should be a once a month regular thing, its actually so awesome just to watch them. I wish it was longer though.

    Keep up the awesome work guys 👍🏻

  5. ((idk if this is temporary or what tbh, so i could be wrong by time this comment surfaces))
    but this vid would be a million times better if the video quality didnt feel like a visualization of the pain of being on your 3rd large bowl of captain crunch in a row with none to minimal milk

    (((i love all your stuff w/o a doubt tho, i just had to make that joke c: )))

  6. Wow. I lost faith in this channel when I saw this video in my feed. It's probably better to not put out a video than to "cheat" like this to make an arbitrary deadline.

  7. Never burn yourselves out. This content is some of the best on youtube, so I'm happy to wait. if you still want to put something out you should do a batch of these sorts of videos and put them out whenever you all have a well deserved rest.

  8. this channel is genuinely my favourite of my subs, i hope the team gets the rest they need. honestly i wouldn't mind something like this video every 2nd week.

  9. Dude,,, We don't Care about the We involved in your little side show shill corpo work that you have to do, that you get paid to do while Manipulating people into THINKING your about something different, we don't , not a little bit

  10. Please consider upscaling your videos to 1440p/4k and then uploading them to YouTube. Youtube compressed videos very aggressively and hence at 1080p a lot of that amazing detail is lost.

  11. Absolutely beautiful video.
    I am fascinated by the movement of the different organisms.
    Does anyone know of a source where the movement of these organisms in 3d space is visualized/animated to get a better understanding of it?
    Would love to see and learn more about it.

  12. No, THANK YOU for taking us on this journey through the micro cosmos, sharing your beautiful world with all of us. Always enjoy what you do and we will enjoy it with you, always looking forward to seeing the next video.

  13. Hank, I find your low, quiet voice also very relaxing. Wouldn't mind a guided meditation with microcosmos vision and sound. Or a made up adventure / conversation of the creatures in the video 🙂

  14. Wonderful video, as always.
    Will we discuss how microorganisms make decisions? I'd love to know how ameobas decide where to go and which way to point their pseudopods.

  15. I would be very happy to see this every third video if that means you have time for research and production of other videos here without burnout. This channel is the most beautiful thing and we need more haha

  16. Honestly I don't care about consistency on youtube. You don't need to put out a video every week, this is not TV, that limits your time period and length. All I care about is quality.

  17. I would Not Mind At All if we had something like this once a month or even once every two months. Like, #monthlymicros or something – so you can have a break from doing full videos. It's so beautiful. It should be in a museum of SCIENCE or on IMAX. ALSO really appreciating the music change when there's a new scene! I feel like this is the ViewMaster brought into the 21st Century! I look forward to these every time 🙂

    PS merry-go-round flagellates!

  18. This was great. I found myself paying more attention to what I was seeing and hearing, rather than trying to follow Hank's narration. A nice change of pace.

  19. We see a billion baffling creatures all the same, frantically whirling and spinning in seemingly pointless, aimless little circles. Is this how every other species on Earth sees us?

  20. Ok, I'm po'ed. I come here for knowledge not for entertainment no matter how comfortable … relaxing … nice … uh… Thank you.

  21. I love your videos, I actually watch them when going to sleep, I love what you guys are doing and really appreciate all the time and effort. Hope this channel gets as many watchers as possible because I love everything that you upload!

  22. 5.5 minutes have never gone by so fast. You sure you dont have a couple of hours of footage like this lying around? If you upload it I'd watch the hell out of it.

  23. This isn't the kind of content that I enjoy. But I fully support and appreciate that the team needs time. And I think this is a good mediation for what they need. So feel free to keep using this template when falling behind! 🙂

  24. Could someone please explain to me why shining polarized light on these guys looks different?

    Amazing channel by the way, I love it.

  25. I would absolutely love it if we could just sit back to an hour or two of unedited microcosmos footage every so often, perhaps…? Like an aquarium, but micro.

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