Remedio Natural: Decocción de Agrimonia | agrimonia planta medicinal para que sirve | la agrimonia

make a decoction of agrimonia For many it is an enigmatic and
mysterious characteristic plant Age Media, which in fact was already used by the
human highlighting precisely because one of the oldest medicinal plants
used by different benefits and properties healing and medicinal. In fact, in the time of King Mitridato
Europator fourth (in the first century BC) it was known and used for its qualities
cure certain health conditions and diseases several. His name is agrimonia, also known
popularly with the names of Yevpatoria, grass grass meadows or San Guillermo. It is characterized by an herbaceous plant
with perennial cycle, which usually grows in clumps of small height, with leaves composed
and yellow flowers that appear over especially during flowering. Regarding its most important benefits,
It is suitable in the treatment of disorders gastrointestinal, mild diarrhea, conditions
Gallbladder and if enteritis. It helps relieve heavy legs and
hemorrhoids in people with insufficient venous and acts as inflammatory healing
on mucosal wounds. As gargling helps relieve pain
throat. When enjoying its various virtues
curative and preventive usual processing agrimonia infusion, although we
Keep in mind that it is not advisable to administer agrimony in long-term treatment. It is developing a possible
agrimonia decoction. This requires the use of
agrimony dry parts. We explain what ingredients you need
and how to do it. Ingredients: 3 tablespoons dry parts of liverwort.
a cup of water. preparation: Put the equivalent of a cup of water in a
pot and boiled. When it reaches this point add parts
agrimony dried and boiled for 2 to about 3 minutes. After this time, turn off the heat, cover and
let stand 5 minutes. Finally, strain and reserve. Using decoction: To enjoy the various benefits
that gives you medicinal decoction agrimonia, you can use: Poultice: you have to do just that
filtering the decoction, put it on a cloth aplicártela dry on the skin, being
useful for the healing of irritations and to relieve redness of the skin. As gargles: to relieve pain
throat and mouth irritations. Contraindications agrimonia decoction. It is not advised to use decoction
agrimonia under the following conditions: Gallstones stimulates the liver,
which can cause the expulsion of stones present in the gallbladder. Anemia: because of its richness in tannins decreases
iron absorption. Pregnancy. Monitoring of certain treatments:
it is not advisable if you follow treatments based anticoagulants or blood pressure.

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