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– I’m Holly, from Remer, and we’re at the Melbourne home show. Let me show you our cool, back lit mirrors So, our back lit mirrors, this one is the Elusive Premium. We have the demister function, the LED light, and the Bluetooth function. So this one all touch activated. Touch it, turns off,
touch it again, turns on. I’ll show you our super
awesome Bluetooth function. Because that ones the most fun. (beeping noise) That sound there means
that it’s connected, it’s on, it’s ready to play. (digital beeping noises) For you Spotify fans, this one’s for you. No, worries. Alright, I’ll show you our next mirror, this one has the in-built shelf for convenient storage space. If you’ve just got a small powder room, nothing extravagant, you just want something easy, something
simple, this one’s for you. This comes in two sizes,
it has a bigger one, about double the size of this and it’s just got the basic functions. It’s just got your LED light, also touch orientated and your demister pad. So the demister pad, that
makes sure that you’ve always got the clearest,
brightest reflection. You enter your bathroom,
you’ve taken a shower, just switch it on as soon as you get in when you come out of the
shower, clear as a mirror. I’ll show you to our
next mirror, this is our Emerald Premium mirror cabinet, we do have five different types of mirror cabinets. These are sensor orientated. Sensor switches at the bottom, and you swipe it again, turns back on. I’ll show you to the inside
of our mirror cabinet. So this ones got the double mirror door, and mirror shelving. Again, great for a small powder room, a small bathroom, minimal storage space, you want to hide it away, this is great. So this is our largest
mirror in our range. This one is the Auto Premium 1700. It does come in a couple of other sizes, it’s got the Auto Premium 1200 if you’re after something smaller, and we do have the Auto 1400, which
is just the basic mirror. I’ll tell you why the auto is just basic and the auto premium is the better one. So this one also has the Bluetooth, has the demister pad and the LED light. So the Bluetooth function
which I showed you before works the exact same here. These LED lights, as well
as all the other mirrors are all connected into the mirror. A lot of people think
that the mirrors have like a separate strip, that
you have to get the mirror get the separate LED strip,
these ones all come in one. Yeah, so this one is our
pride and joy, we love this mirror yeah. I’ll show you onto our next mirror, this one’s the Otis, it is very simple but classic it’s elegant. It has the, just the basic functions the LED light again, and the demister pad. But it’s an option for those people who want to put, who don’t
want the big mirror, they want to put, they
might have a double vanity, so they want to put one separate mirror and another separate mirror. I’ll show you an example
in my next set of mirrors, our Sofia 600s. These ones, while they’re
just the basics, they’ve just got the LED light, that’s
it, they’re actually our best seller. These ones are our favourites. So the Sofia 600, 600 in diameter, but they are perfect
for those people who are on trend with bathrooms at the moment. People who are on trend know that circle mirrors are the thing, so and they just lighten up any room. So if you want to see
these mirrors in real life, come down to the home show.


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