Removing skin tags and "wisdom spots". For medical education- NSFE.

there – it's a little inflamed okay scratching it that's probably just you got a bunch of little wisdom spots coming I'll oh yeah why is it either I've been there for life yeah cuz you kind of run the show mm-hmm okay yeah you're very gentle just checking all the edges and making sure you're nice and not I'm gonna just stretch your skin here just to make sure I said why you shouldn't felt anything I've done my touch correct okay good just sit and get this off nice and flush skin here sit good face I just say oh my god I knew that fish yeah you know just gonna put put a little numbing on someone with some of these and we're just going to now trim them off this one you might feel baby pinch your pants okay all right I think we're gonna buzz a little bit of this no not bad right oh there we go we just took it off that feels a lot nicer when it's gone isn't it mm-hmm well you don't even know yeah but you'll see oh good happy yeah yeah when you go to put your necklaces on us you're gonna notice that so I kind of stretch your skin flat so that it won't kind of bucker underneath to remove these and we put nothing under each one so that you did a great job I don't feel a thing oh good with you you know you know how this one is so you're okay you're like the best kind of patient on top once the tags are gonna be falling off of you I always makes me think of like Hansel and Gretel or something I know the story instead of bed crumbs got a little skin tags people may buzz that buzzing noise Yoona here just cauterize the base cuz a lot of these skin types have a little vessels underneath and that's why they complete even though there's so little you don't feel a little so I think those are good these are raised up just because I put numbing under there but we should let them down anything gangsters it yeah it's gonna it's gonna be a lot better it will be a lot better for sure see they start to think it was a little bit again I'm gonna wipe them with a little aluminum I think that's good thank you oh you're so welcome she's gonna fill a bandaid on him okay did I put nothing right there I'm not sure


  1. I tried a lot of ways this year to keep these tags away like utilizing tea tree oil, until I decided to get it done myself. Seeing this skin tag remover trick “gasu fetching site” (Google) makes me think to opt for it. The next day I put it on a tag on me, I found it turning black that I can simply pull it off.

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  3. omg I wish I saw this before. I just paid a dermatologist to remove mine but they not all were that big and I ended up with huge sores. I missed 3 and 1/2days of work too. He used a laser but I thing it was a carterizing wand.

  4. I know a old lady with a wisdom spot on her eye lid… I feel sorry for her because I know it must bug her every time she closes her eye. ☹️

  5. Hi there, have you considered Noboremed Secrets yet? Just do a google search. On there you'll find an awesome tips about how exactly you can cures your skin issue safely. Why not give it a shot? perhaps it will work for you too.

  6. Hard to watch that needle man! Beautiful doctor though, i'm thinking about diy with a soldering iron, tried cutting one off w scissors (no anesthetic) hurt like a sombitch, bled a lot ( more than these) in a sensitive area (under arm)

  7. Skin tags are but one symptom of Lyme disease. Please refer to the illustrated book titled "Bartonella, Diagnosis and Treatment" written by respected physician specializing in Lyme: Dr. James Schaller. Bartonella (Lyme) is an STD, can be contracted by cat scratch, tick bites, fleas, through placenta and mother's milk. Bartonella left untreated can attack any organ in the body, inflame the brain, coagulate the blood and become life threatening.

  8. is there any way to remove them yourself, I had friend tell me to use dental floss. I have them on my neck and I hate them.

  9. Please, I would like to know what age your patients are! Is it possible to ask them (if their faces are not in the Video or picture and they are so kind to say!) for their age?
    I'm really interested for their age, because since ~ 2 years I see also a difference with my skin.
    I'm 60 years now. I look much younger (the other people say) but I'm getting slowly also some "little, unknown" things and skin-affections!
    When it's starting with "age marks" and other's, I was a lot in the Sun, Africa, Asia, South Europe, but after the 80ties always with good Sun protection. And I'm redhaired, light skin (celtic Type with a lot of sun-spots).
    Thx a lot.
    Your Videos are excellent and you are, too! Very nice, competent and gentle Doctor! <3

  10. Dear Dr. Lee,

    as a medical Student i am sasking myself, when do you use a scalpell, when are you using scissors? Are there any rules to that technique?

    Greetinds and Thank you for the videos-

  11. I can watch all kinds of gore on YouTube; but for some reason watching her use scissors on skin tags etc gives me the heebie jeebies!

  12. Thank you for posting your videos. I'm so glad lots of others view these, I thought I was really weird since I enjoy watching them.

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