Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) on the amended American Health Care Act, repealing Obamacare

their policy in America appears to be getting a bit closer conservative of the freedom caucus who opposed the last version you'll remember came out in support of a new agreement the new amendment is an attempt to appease some conservatives by allowing states to get a waiver for regulations on insurance companies that protect patients like coverage for those with pre-existing conditions and so-called essential health benefits which include things like ER visits and maternity care states would have to show that people with high health care costs will be covered either through a high-risk pool or a federal cost-sharing program joining us now Republican Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio he is a founding member of the house freedom caucus and served as its first chairman congressman Jordan good to have you with us this morning good to be with you all okay so you have moved into YES on the vote you can get behind it it does not give you the full repeal of Obamacare that you saw that we love Obamacare that President Trump promised during the campaign so why are you getting behind this well at least it gives some states the chance to actually opt out of those regulations driving up premiums you're exactly right this is not full repeal and we've got to keep working but I'm convinced we have made a bill better because of our engagement because we held out on this bill and I'm also convinced that if states get this waiver premiums will come down for those families who happen to be in those states so I think this is the best we're going to get right now in the house but we got more work to do so let's see if this and again you preface it by saying this appease is conservative that that's not the motivation the motivation is to bring down premiums if this amendment goes in and if states do the option I think premiums will come will come down for families across across the country happen to be in those respective states so Congress of what has changed specifically for you from the last proposed bill that didn't even get a vote to this bill what flipped you well we've always been focused on bringing down premiums because conservatives engage in this debate we now have work requirements for those able by the individuals in the Medicaid expansion population the initial draft kept the Obamacare tax increases for a while we get rid of those tax increases right away and now with this amendment we are at least going to give the option for some states get this waiver to lower premiums so in the end we said look the distant makeup of Congress right now is we're not going to get the full repeal that we told the voters so we got more work to do and we as conservatives know that but we believe this is the best plan we can get out of the house right now we'll send it over the Senate and some of our conservative colleagues over there will have more work to do to actually accomplish what the voters sent us here to do a congressman it's Nick Costas story the poll numbers in Obamacare are rising I just process unfolds how is it that more and more Americans are coming to support the old program as you and your colleagues are debating how to dismantle the program well I think part of it's driven by the legislation that was rolled out and the process that were lack of process Franco that was employed with the with the bill you know the bill that the American Health Care Act only had a 17% of the population supported it so it's a good thing we did engage and try to make this legislation better I think part of it's driven by by that so you know when you get in these debates they're they're they're pretty contentious sometimes but what we told the American people was that we would get rid of this law everyone knows Obamacare has been a problem all the things we were initially told about this law that turned out to be false like to plan keep your plan like your doctor keep your doctor premiums will decline that we were told initially the website would work the website was secure and on and on and on everyone knows this thing has been a mess so let's do the best we can right now and we think with this amendment this is the best we're going to get let's pass it and move it over the Senate and keep working congressman Mark Halperin has a question for you congressman good morning how close are you now as part of the talk I'm going to wants to pass this to a majority and when do you think the vote will be I think we're close you'd have to ask the whip team in the leadership but the whip count that I had I think we're real close and when that happens is when we have the votes so we will see but I do think we're close to get an agreement and then we can begin to move on with this get it to the Senate and then the host of other things we've got to deal with six-armed in order refer unit act alone and honor how are you are you troubled by the fact that this vote will likely take place without an estimate from CBO and therefore members and the public won't really know what this bill is about look you can you can CBO has been right many times they've also been wrong sometimes I'm more focused on what this legislation is going to do for the American people I'm more focused on bringing down premiums bringing back affordable insurance for working-class and middle-class families I think that should be our focus and then we should keep working to fully repeal all of Obamacare so that's my focus I hope we get a CBO score but if we don't let's let's let's get focused on the things that matter to American families that's that's where I put my emphasis congressman you and the governor of your state John Kasich have disagreed adamantly on some of the points within the health care debate over the last couple of months particularly about Medicaid expansion which he said he signed on for for the state of Ohio he said is critical to many hundreds of thousands of people who attended in your state what do you say to those people who might not get that coverage I say we're trying to bring back affordable coverage you know this is a big difference between some of us who think that success should be defined as bringing back affordable coverage in the private sector where people can shop and buy the policy that fits their family's needs versus some folks who think oh no success is defined as signing people up for a government program I just don't define success in that way I define success as lowering the premiums so people can choose the plan that fits their needs and fits their family that's what we want to bring back affordable insurance lower health care costs and choice for American families not just signing people up for government can you guarantee if this bill becomes law that those people who are covered by Medicaid expansion signed on by Governor Kasich that they will be taken care of and covered they have nothing to worry about this morning the law allows for the Medicaid expansion to continue just a flat-out does that not necessarily something I agree with but it's in the legislation what we've chose to focus on is the things I said before conservatives engage in this debate we got work requirements for some of those same people you're talking about mark we also have the taxing is under Obamacare I'm going right away and now we have the option in this bill for states to seek that waiver and actually lower premiums in their state those are three good things that will help American families you think this gets through before I let you go they're going to pass the house I think it will pass the house but when I don't I don't know that we're there yet but I think we're close all right Congressman Jim Jordan leader the freedom


  1. BS!You had 6 years to get this right. President Trump gave you all you wanted and more by securing the election and Congress and the Senate. President Trump delivered big time! So what did Freedom Caucus members do?They squashed the election promise of repeal and replace. Why? Because the Koch brothers threatened to stop funding any members who supported president Trump! Get these bribed swamp people out! Don't buy into their lies or globalist elite agenda! They look human but their hearts are reptilian!

  2. another anti Trump Koch brothers Freedom Caucus swamp creature! Vote them out in 2018 or next time round. They are back stabbers!

  3. Obamacare's numbers have nowhere to go but up they were so bad For so long I don't know what people expected

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