Repost of: Another method to pop out a cyst. For medical education- NSFE.

get a better view which is good so we're just doing like a little it's called a punch excision make sure I'm not hurting you at all or anything okay like a little cookie cutter that that that squeezes it out there promise this there's no bill cyst is in here mmm pulsus contents right there and I'm gonna walls right here squeeze hmm cuz we want to try to get the whole sack out mm-hmm sometimes they're surprising they're done you're doing just fine though right mm-hmm here there's more it's trying to evade me hmm he's a different kind of pickup coming up here that has a little couple teeth that's cold so we're just hurting you right uh-huh just trying to move what causes those things it's like your skin turns into itself and quits a little sack under this time inside this up here so this is very sociable the macerated keratin and here's the actual SEC broke a little bit pieces of the sack you


  1. Your stitching is delicate and precise. My mother had small arm and shoulder cysts which were caused by insect bites. Her physician removed them but cauterised the incisions.

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