Reproductive Sciences Medical Center | Your No. 1 Fertility Clinic in San Diego

Welcome to Reproductive Sciences Medical Center. RSMC has one of the largest state-of-the-art fertility centers in the U.S. With comprehensive services in all areas of infertility in-house. It seems that in the United States as
well as internationally the need for fertility services and the demands for fertility services have been growing. The difficult part of seeking fertility
services for people is that it can be very daunting, it can be emotionally trying and the process itself is somewhat complicated. It incorporates
many aspects including IVF services and fertility services the possibility of
utilization of third parties such as a surrogacy, egg donations, sperm donation, all these things may be needed and may be involved. The problem is there hasn’t
been historically a coordination of all these aspects of the fertility process
and that lack of coordination has led to increased failure rates, increased
expenditures for patients, failed cycles, and emotional stress in trying to
traverse this complicated landscape. I think there’s a lot of things that set
RSMC apart from the other competitors, shall we say. We are there from the very
first phone call through the IVF process, the legal process, the pregnancy and the
delivery. Reproductive Sciences Medical Center is really going to set the benchmark for the industry in the United States. And the reason I say that, is
because we are addressing all of these previously uncoordinated segments of the fertility process which are quite complicated and we’re addressing those
concerns under one roof. A one-stop shop, if you will. High success rates come from everyone
working together. You need to have an outstanding lab facility, you need to have wonderful people that are working in the lab, and you need to do everything
exactly right to make sure that every patient has very best chance of becoming pregnant in any given cycle. As president and co-founder of RSMC, and as a physician who actually personally went through the infertility process many
years ago. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to be able to facilitate helping couples and people achieve their goal to ultimately have a family. It’s a very
rewarding process.

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