1. Flat tax: to whom would it benefit if not the 1% ?!? Oh, and INCREASE the military too, for the share-holders' sake. Thanks Ted !

  2. 5:19 "Abolishing corporate income tax" Americans are fucking crazy or what???? this video was watched only by 25,274 people by now, tells you something about American electorate.

  3. Remember dear American’s if you are NOT voting for Donald J Trump you are a “Treason / UN-Loyal to your heritage” Because Trump is self financing Presidential Christian Candidate who is Loyal to the Land he belongs and he have Powerful working chain Of US citizens to FIX the Anti-American, Anti-Christ & other Antes who are spoiling OUR blessed Land please pray and support Donald Trump, I am Praying May Lord God Almighty bless him to May he sits in the White House to make America great again as he said by all means since 9/11 to recent California’s innocent Killing we are suffering I am NOT against anyone One But it’s our right to Defend our Land who is feeding and supporting 80% of the entire World through our Tax payers Funds, Medical Aids, technologies, education, in Natural disasters and in others developments, As the Holy Bible says in Matthew 5:37 yes for Yes and no for NO, we have Hope in Trump because he is a Real Christian and believe in Holy Word and do apply it in his life too, Anti-Americans are Anti-Christ that’s way we American are still having in a Huge Hate rate in Muslim majority areas/lands after feeding and supporting them by all means enough is enough it’s time to say American land & its citizens are first and it’s time to Fix all type Of Antes to build our Nation Back .

  4. Keep spending roughly the same but cut our government's main source of income (income taxes)? Should be great for the deficit.

  5. I think the Flat tax Cruz is saying is going to kill his chances at becoming President. I think its a great idea, but its not something the elites want

  6. For Donald, I would disagree because he's saying he would get people jobs back when really we only NEED people who deserve the job and can run our town properly. For example, you're a doctor. You get fired because you give out the wrong medications to people and somewhat they die or get ill for that. Or maybe a pizza guy who never washed his hands! There's know the way you're going back because the trust is real. Don't say we WANT everyone to have jobs. Plus it doesn't matter what companies from other states are doing. And taxes! Lowering them! Do you know how much money you can lose for that? I get you want to make Americans or people of the united states happen but we just want to live in a world that is normal. Laws but no control over us people of the united states. Fraud and abuse you have to blame on the internet which just gives you a wrong idea. Ted Cruz for 2016 😀

  7. Jeb bush ( the pig farmer ) i'm just waiting for him to say no new taxes " read my lips " his father that is the greatest man he knows , wanted the new world order… lets not forget the facts where all america"s problems started from. which is this new world order crap. trying to change our constitution .

  8. You guys want to start countless wars and then nickel and dime americans on healthcare and social security? Idiots.

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