Research Master in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience: specialisation Cognitive Neuroscience

the research master in cognitive and clinical neuroscience is designed for international students who wish to continue their career in research the research master is situated in the broad field of neuroscience which aims to increase understanding of the mind brain behavior triad cognitive neuroscience aims to understand the human brain and how it relates to cognition perception and behavior sanika cath studied this master and is now working on a PhD on phantom pain in Oxford and when people have an amputation they feel phantom pain and I try to refer these changes by using the brain simulation so it's kind of a novel approach to phantom pain like watch there all these these things rotate together to make the watch work but if you take away one part the watch doesn't work anymore so we try to put it back together basically to make the brain work again as if working much I think the research masters is very well-known internationally already so when I said I was from Maastricht they knew what the master until when I got a description of my courses they were very happy said they would be very happy to have me I definitely think I'm a good researcher because I was here when I went to do an internship in Oxford there were also other interns and I have more background knowledge than most of the others because I did more have more courses than them and I have my background so I think it does help – for your development as a researcher – to do this research master yeah – to your master program it's very research oriented so we get courses and other masters would not get so it gets you an advantage also you get the opportunity to do an eight-month internship and I guess he starts a big advantage because eight months would be just enough to set up a project carried out do quick analysis and publish it woman when I started it was very fun that was such an international environment so there are people from Iran from Spain from Ireland from the States from the UK we have people teaching us coming from Italy Portugal from all different kind of countries the research master is definitely highly interactive you have a lot of contact with very well-known researchers a lot of their research is also world leading you can ask them directly questions about things that you do not understand I would definitely do an tomorrow I would not change it got me to such a good place I can't think of anything else that I would have wanted to do at this point so I'm very happy with my decision to do this because master I would definitely do it over again the majority of our graduates embark on PhD projects at top universities others pursue clinical training or are employed in industry on average most graduates find their desired job or training position within several months after graduation you

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