Research On Turmeric, Part One: Healing Herb

This video clip is about Turmeric, a very
popular supplement selling all over the world. And I am going to talk, about a little bit
about the science behind it. And I’m not a scientist. So I am not going to dwell too
much on it. But I like science because it’s precise. And it is the idiom that most people
can understand. And it is a very useful idiom and also a metaphor and also a science.
Well, this — I picked up this magazine here, “Life Extension” March 2016. This is a
magazine that publishes new discoveries in modern medicine, particularly in the field
of Herbology. They say that Turmeric can help with neurodegenerative
disease like Alzheimer’s, like Parkinson’s and then, also cancer. It is very interesting.
And it is highly documented. And I am going to read a little bit about what it does from
the magazine. And then he starts out saying that newly published data about Curcumin.
Curcumin is the chemical that is found in Turmeric. In Tamil it is called Mancal. “Astonished
scientists, physicians and lay public,” (So many good things can happen particularly
in disease, in the neurodegenerative diseases, you know, that are involved with the brain,
and then how about cancer?) and then She said — what is the, How can
it help neurodegenerative disease which is related to the brain and also cancer?” And
then he is saying that why is it so hard how neurodegenerative diseases and cancer are
related, and then how can Curcumin help with both.) “While neurodegeneration and cancer
may seem unrelated, they have multiple mechanisms in common. They include dysfunctional chemical
signaling” (and this is very important) “in the cells, dysfunctional signaling in
the cells, and abnormal gene regulations, as well as vulnerability to chemical stresses
and inflammation.” (See, these are the common things between the neurodegenerative disease
and cancer.) And then they have found amazing things and
then I want you to look at the magazine. And also, as I said this is not my field, but
then amazing things he reports, I am going to read only the topics: Curcumin’s Anti-Alzheimer’s
Mechanisms. Curcumin Battles Neurodegeneration and Cancer. Parkinson’s Disease. Curcumin
Combats Tumors. Curcumin Slows Progression Of Fast Growing Cancers. And then there is
a Table No. 2: Curcumin and Cancer Prevention Mechanisms.
So I remember my mother, when I was growing up in Rameshwaram, used to give me a glass
of milk with Turmeric and other spices every day when I would go to bed. And she used to
give that. And at that time, you know, I thought that is some practice that has no significance
for brain development or that can arrest cancer cells. But later on I began to understand
the, of course, recently I am very deeply involved in understanding the basis for Herbal
Medicine. And particularly in India, Herbal Medicine is acknowledged by the government,
Ayurveda and Siddha Medicine and a bunch of others too.
Now, I have made videos on how there is a Being behind these herbs. The Being can do
a lot better than, better than the chemical itself. Here the Curcumin which is found they
say the chemical combination or the chemical symbol for that is: C21H20O6. That’s Curcumin,
but this is science. But to talk about the Goddess behind Turmeric
is very interesting. Not only interesting, but very useful. In every auspiscious ceremony,
Curcumin is used. And whether it is a wedding or somebody has attained puberty or if there
is a house warming ceremony, or any ceremony associated with prosperity, fertility, always
Curcumin is involved. And then the people, but there are not many Goddesses with the
name of Turmeric, although there are a few scattered around. It is important to go revive
the Goddess Tradition behind the Curcumin and also the Phonemes that are appropriate
for her. And I just want to let you know that I am
now I’ve been involved in empowering the Herbal Medicine through Phonemes. The Phonemes,
according to [[Mystic Siddha] Agastya, give power to the herbs. So that’s why I started
Nambu Botanicals. And Curcumin is also available there. And there are many Phonemes associated
with Curcumin. And I will do a separate video on this pretty soon. God Bless.

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