RESIDENT EVIL 7 | Sheng Ya Pharmaceuticals & Umbrella Corps | RE7 Corporation Enemy Theory

At this moment we still don’t know who is
behind the events taking place in Resident Evil 7, but the creatures we’ve encountered
including the Baker family themselves lead us to believe there is something bigger at
play. We’ve looked into the supposedly dead Umbrella,
but perhaps there is a new player in the series. The helicopter photo we found with an Umbrella
or Umbrella Corps logo on it is probably just an easter egg, but if not it may be foreshadowing
a connection to the Capcom flop and canon confirmed Umbrella
Corps game that released earlier this year. Lets take a closer look at the Umbrella Corps,
and a very interesting mega pharmasutical company called Sheng Ya, to see if either
has any connection to: RESIDENT EVIL 7 The Umbrella Corps are a group of mercenaries
hired by different big name pharmaceutical companies to retrieve biohazard samples for
evil purposes, and it appears this group may be searching the area around a plantation
in Louisiana. Our inside information tells us they may be
searching in the right place as the sight of the Baker Family and their army of molded
is screaming biohazard outbreak. So who could have hired and sent them? While there are several different companies
mentioned in the 2016 UC game, the one that sticks out the most as a suspect is Sheng
Ya Pharmaceuticals, who we’ve also seen in the Heavenly Island manga, also canon This Chinese company had involvement in a
recent zombie outbreak on an island off the coast of South America involving, shocker,
a secret Spencer & Alex Wesker Umbrella facility and immortality research. The timing of everything is interesting as
well as this all surfaced in 2014, the same year that both Mia and the Bakers went missing. Would it be surprising if these events or
this company were connected to Dulvey? So would Sheng-Yahave sent them to retrieve
an old Umbrella sample at a Spencer family Plantation or nearby secret abandoned Umbrella
lab? Or maybe as damage control after a boat explosion
caused a sample and a BOW to be washed ashore in the swamps. I wonder if Ethan or Mia were involved with
or fighting/investigating this evil company. And I wonder if these bad guys would show
up in the regular game or just at the beginning or end as part of the story. Right now there isn’t much information,
and connections to a failed game and a Japanese language comic seem a little strange. And no, these pictures of the Umbrella Corps
game mixed in with RE7 materials don’t confirm anything, although that logo on the cover
is kind of bothering me. Anyways, I wouldn’t be too surprised if
at the end of the game Sheng-Ya sends in an army of Umbrella Corps mercs to retreieve
the sample and keep the biohazard alive in: RESIDENT EVIL 7 Crimson Army, do you think there is a connection
to Umbrella Corps and could Sheng Yay be the new Umbrella? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget
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  1. Its highly possible that they might be the new Umbrella. But we can't be too sure until after the footage/journals/diaries are actually CONFIRMED in the game. Good job.

  2. If umbrella corps is cannon this means wesker might be alive. if you don't know getting the highest score wesker will say good job or something can't really remember exactly what he said look it up.

  3. I don't see how Umbrella Corps could be a canon game, I thought it was just a uncannon game for the multiplayer. But somehow you made an awesome video and theory as always Barry :'D as an Albert Wesker fanboy I wouldn't be mad

  4. Theory: What if neo umbrella purposely exposed the baker family to a virus they were working on and were monitoring them as lab rats because they wanted to see the results but weren't able to because they were disbanded after Simmons died and they had to abandon and delete all information of other experiments they had been working on.

  5. My theory is that the person behind this is someone who worked for Spencer and had his own labatory outside Raccon City in case would get destroyed and was aware of the danger Spencer team would cause, and has been working on his experiement since then.T he Baker familly are his/her first victims. My choices would be Jessia and Raymond from Revelation 1, or Ada Wong I don't trust her or it's the old lady who might be Mrs. Spencer, it could even be the one person who sent HUNK team if it wasn't Spencer I would love to see Albert Wesker back but it wouldn't make any sense to me

  6. The amount capcom has defended Umbrella Corps kinda leads me to believe it will end up being relevant to the final game. And there was that whole "wesker" thing in umbrella corps which matches up with some of the leaks, but weskers inclusion in UC could have just been an easter egg.

  7. I've played and bought the game Day 1, it wasn't the best lol. I didn't know about the other companies though.

  8. Well, Sheng Ya is the newest of those organizations, so they still have a lot to show what are they capable of as well. My guess is – THEY will be the bio-terror group in RE 7.

  9. They're not going to tie Umbrella Corps with RE7. That game a was garbage and I'm sure they don't want that to interfere with what good RE7 has

  10. Better watch out Barry, you just might figure it all out and then Capcom will have to eliminate you. And I'm definitely not an undercover Capcom assassin that knows where you live. Cookies anyone!

  11. I don't get it.. Umbrella fell years ago… Did the UBCS and the USS (former Umbrella military units) remain to work with other people??

  12. it would be cool if Hunk and the USS soldiers from Operation Raccoon City somehow shows up to retrieve the sample from the Bakers.

  13. I think I've figured some it out but MAJOR SPOILERS FOLLOW (It's probably true)


    I'm kidding. I'm not gonna put the spoilers out in the open, I'm not a jackass, if you want them just reply "Give me spoilers doge lord"

  14. Okay, that confirms it for me. Mia was a contestant on Heavenly Island and sleeping with someone on the side. Which is why she "couldn't expect anything from" Ethan. But the bio-hazard happened thanks to Sheng Ya and Claire Redfield's Terra (failed to) Save her. Ethan is an overly forgiving man who is dumber than she hoped, as we aimlessly go save her three years later. Even though she still lied to us by going on the show AND CHEATED on us, for some reason we keep coming back for more and clearly bit off more than we could chew. That little girl told Ethan that "Mia hates you" based on that information. Mia's a b—h. We are so dumb.

    I know this sounds negative, but I am looking forward to it and hope some misery is in store for us. I mean FEAR: Extraction Point and Spec Ops: The Line were depressing, but epic, and I look forward to more depression via video-game!

  15. I'm not surprised that other companies will retrieved Umbrella's research (or what's left of it). And, of course, they will blow up both the house & the lab after they got the experiment.

  16. Hey I noticed that at 1:17 a molded in the very back was acting quite strange. It seemed to be attacking something but the character is obviously too far for it to be incited to attack. Could the enemys be fighting eachother? Very interesting….

  17. I guess is if mercs is appearing in RE 7 could be possible if Albert or Alex is alive ? I mean if they aren't so who take the lead of mercs ?

  18. How about this theory that I thought now. Ada(Neo Umbrella) test new virus with Baker's family. And Neo umbrella's leader is Natalia

  19. I'd be okay with Sheng Ya / Umbrella Corps / Different BioTerror Company breaking into the house SWAT style followed by the BSAA also getting into the house, both parties colliding with The Bakers and The Molded, and Ethan having to go from room to room trying to find a way outside. Once outside Ethan watches as the house fills with flashes of gunfire, blood, and screams…just to be black-bagged, tossed into a chopper, and told "Welcome to The Family" by The Merchant. The end!

  20. I think the Bakers were definitely stalked by one of these groups. If you look closely at Tape 1 you see the house is boarded up from the inside and I think the Bakers are trying to protect themselves. The million dollar question is though: why were this company stalking the Bakers? They must have had something of worth hmmmm 🙂

  21. Good Theories Bro. I researched also about a Deadly Island Comic Japanese Book RE, Their to close to be interconnected to the game. I'm Excited to play the game Phew. 😀

  22. I read a theory about this that stated Sheng-Ya were using their political influence over a chemical plant in Dulvey, Louisiana (where this game takes place) in order to test out the t-Miller virus, which Sheng-Ya had just acquired in 2014 from the research of Dirk Miller, who was one of Alex Wesker's associates before Alex had decided to flee from Spencer and move to Sushestvovanie Island as seen in Revelations 2. The Umbrella Corps unit are being used by Sheng-Ya as observers to this experiment and are watching what happens.

    Some agents have taken part in combat but are wishing to see what the effects of the t-Miller virus are. This would mean that the Baker family are infected with it, too. Not only this, but Mia "dies" in 2014, which is when Sheng-Ya raid Sonido de Tortuga island at the same time that Claire Redfield and other members of TerraSave launch an investigation there.

  23. fungus do a mind control bugs and make it died and plant come out the fungus virus it deferent I think the umbrella add something in the fungus and turn it to like turn people into molded or like the bakers like don't die but the bakers do not look like fungus virus the bakers heal him self if he gone and it mean some virus in them or a new virus there like virus sometimes it plant or not weird next week is IT COME OUT 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  24. collect the samples while shooting zombies

    collect the samples while shooting zombie dogs

    collect the samples while shooting lasplagas

    Collect the samples while dealing with the local bird population

    Collect the samples while shooting other samples and then collecting the shards with your bare hands.

  25. Makes sense as this rival company is the one that Wesker’s HCF worked for which helped developed the mold and its a Chinese company and guess who else was employed by this company, Ada Wong

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