ResMed AirSence10 (Enter the clinical menu)

one I'm doing a video on the clinical settings on a rest Med air since 10 CPAP machine I'm going to show you what they don't want you to know and that's how to enter the clinical settings menu and I'll do that first and I'll explain to you why I did it at the end of the video all right let's turn it on all right now if you can answer this question I need help answering it I need that to know how to eliminate this error code let's see right now I could just hit it it's telling me to change the tubing which is really not necessary at this point now normally this is the only thing that you're probably going to see on yours and there's some options where you could adjust the moisture and different things like that if you hold okay I'm gonna it's kind of dark here but I'm going to hold the this button here that's the home button and there's a button that's directly inside of this hold both of those at the same time for a few seconds okay it just went into the clinical menu I hope that showed up but you'll see right up at the top there's a way to exit out of the clinical main this is going to allow you now that you did that you could enter each of the same two and go into a whole bunch more settings on this machine see it just you may have not even known it was there it just goes on and on and on and then you could go back to home and now you can go into the sleep report let's see I had a bad mask seal and I know what happened there you could probably look some of this stuff on the internet so you can see my average use how many days I'm using it total ours on the machine pressure etc now the problem I was having was now that you see how to do this oh I need to show you how to exit so you go up to here did you see I'll kind of twist it exit now you're done so you know you're back just to you can't you can why go so far with it now all right so to get back into it press the home button and this inner setter button at the same time watch boom the clinical now you can get into it a little deeper go back and you're out the problem I was having now if you look at this to ramp time this machine is supposed to be smart enough that it knows this is what they're telling me ray it knows how much of this pressure you're going to need when you sleep the problem I was having when I was first put on this it was um if you have a leak you know it's normally default from 4 to 20 and what happens is at least with me was in the middle of the night you get a leak in your mask only the machine may not be smart enough to know you have a leak and then it starts to ramp up in an apparent attempt to compensate for it is what it feels like and I wake you know I was waking up in the middle of night this things all the way up to like 19 9 feels like a jet engines blowing through my my mouth and nose and around my face once it gets up that high you can't even recover from it you if you reseal the mask it's just like you came to go back to sleep it's so high so I initially once called the doctor and had it reduced to 15 the woman's telling me on the phone and this is what you get with this company called healthcare solutions the worst service in the world believe me I think they're not fit out of Florida with offices around the country absolute war service you know she's saying well the Machine knows what numbers you need if it's set from 4 to 20 it's automatically going to go to that I said well in theory that sounds like it's correct but it's not true so I had the machine reduced to 15 and once I saw how they did it and actually didn't show me how they did it they did it kind of sly bear when I took it to him that thanks to the internet and a company or a website called things called apnea boards or something like that I found somebody from Australia I think that posted how to get into his clinical menu so what I did let's get back into the clinical million and it's starting to improve okay settings all right let's see right here under max pressure see if it shows up max pressure right now I have said on eleven and another thing that was happening was when I first put the mask on it was it was like feeling it was like suffocating me almost you know because I wasn't getting enough air at four you know and I'm slowly getting used to it so you could actually set this for two for three you know so I wanted to actually head it up to almost five but then I backed it up and now at the max pressure of eleven you know to spray somebody watching this telling me I need a mask fitting I probably went through a ton of these masks already let's see the the maximum pressure is at 11 right now let me see maybe does not show enough there is Knox pressures at 11 so it will only go between 4 2 and 11 no matter how much it leaks see then you can actually set this say I put on 11 and it's actually helping me become more compliant with the device remember to exit click up here press the center button and you're out you're back to it and just figured I'd show you that so if you you know if you think you're competent enough to deal with this the problem with these things are there's some how they could probably control it remotely and trying to get something done like I said with the healthcare solutions is next to impossible so you have to call your doctor and some of your doctor calls them and they may eventually get around to it but my guess is they probably won't but at least you know now how to do it and if you fish around in there and you screw it up so bad you don't know what you're going there's a way to take it back to the default city and in other words you could start from Ground Zero again and it's in there and hopefully you'll figure it out anyway I wanting to get this video up about the rest meant air since – and tell you about the Porsche service of health care solutions I think the name is out of Florida alright everyone I hope you enjoyed it let me see if I can show you my mask this is it here as the headpiece on it and it kind of as the night goes on and you start getting leaks you could crank it tighter and tighter here but on that don't think that leak right there from last night is indicative I've actually had good results lowering the pressure down on it okay that's it please comment below the first comment I want you to tell me how to get rid of that error code that I showed you at the beginning of the video Thanks


  1. Thanks so much, your right on the money with that company, they didn’t even wanna show me how to access menu. Thanks so much

  2. Thanks for the info. Are you still monitoring this channel because I'm new to this machine and cpap machines in general and I'm having a lot of trouble. Need advice if you're still around.

  3. THIS GOES OUT TO ANYONE: I have an extra cpap machine that I'd be willing to give to someone, like if they can't afford one, or insurance issues, or anything, but it's the first one I ever bought, it's a resmed, it's small and portable, only thing is I would get brand new hoses and I had the full face mask, I got 2 hoses, 2 mask, but I'd definitely for your own awareness get whatever kind you want, I think i got several filters as well, so if anyone is interested or you know someone, please let me know, I like to pay it forward when I can, my email is: [email protected]

  4. I hope you realize by changing your clinical setting you have just lost all benefit of cpap,patients please DO NOT FOLLOW HIS ADVICE,PEOPLE HAVE DIED FROM THIS, IM A RRT with 30 years of very detailed cpap experience,feel free to contact me

  5. I think your mixing Up RAMPand EPR.

    RAMP is an adjustable timer setting for when the machine starts. It’s slowly ramps up the pressure to the prescribed level over the set time in minutes this is useful for some to help get to sleep especially if new to CPAP

    EPR ( Exhale Pressure Relief) which temporarily drops the pressure when your breathing out so it’s easier for the user as they’re not exhaling into full pressure which could cause discomfort.

    Both temporary adjust the prescribed pressure for user comfort but in different ways.

    Both are useful especially for people new to CPAP

  6. Throw it on to airplane mode if you want to stop it from communicating without your knowledge. (There is essentially a cell phone in this thing, a little too intrusive for me.)

  7. Thank you so much for posting this! I just got my new CPAP (replaced an old model) and could not figure out WHY I was waking up several times a night with a wind tunnel barelling down my arm! My old CPAP was set at 5 with a 15-minute ramp. This new one was set from 5 – 14! Thanks to your video, I was able to reset the maximum pressure and can finally get a full night's sleep. Thanks again!

  8. I just got this machine and it pulses, not sure if this is normal. It feels like it is hitting my nose 100 times a minute.
    They said the unit is bad, but I think there is a setting that is wrong.
    Any help is appreciated

  9. Grateful! My pulmonologist lowered my CPAP pressure remotely (to 6 cm). (He was relying on spurious results of a sleep study in which I slept only 2 hours.) On the lower pressure, I was in severe sleep deprivation for a week. With your video, I was able to change the pressure back to its original 8 cm. By the way, I am an RN, in ICU for 20 years.

  10. I was diagnosed (just one year ago) with serious sleep apnea. Nonetheless, after reading through this sleep apnea treatment method “amam fetching site” (Google it) on what OSA is, what its causes are, and what can be done about it, I rest much better during the night (pun intended). Now I`m doing the exercise on a regular basis to avoid being unwell once again. .

  11. Raise your bottom pressure. Nobody can breathe on 4, make it higher. I've been using an autopap for 11 years. It took me a while to figure out that having a small range near the pressure I need works the best. You don't want it on a super wide range. I used the smart card data to figure out what I needed. I just got a new machine today just like the one you have so thank you for making the video showing how to get in there so I can set my pressure. It's completely ridiculous to expect people to constantly be calling the doctor and going to the medical supply place to get it adjusted right. Also I suggest going to cpaptalk dot com, there are tons of helpful people there and a lot of great information. Hope you are doing well I noticed this video is a few years old.

  12. I've used mine for a week and every night the blasted thing would start to blow the mask off my face after about 3 hrs. of use and this coincided with the time I was sleeping the soundest. Needless to say it woke me up and kept me up to the point where I just shut the damn thing off. Then you get a bad boy report for not having used the device long enough and medicare does not like that! The outfit here in Santa Fe that dispenses these devices offered no help, there's no way to contact the res med people by e-mail, phone, or chat line so screw them. This little video may have saved my life as I have mucho trouble with apnea and Afib which is exacerbated by sleep apnea. I had the mask so tight on my face to prevent face farts that I rubbed the skin off the bridge of my nose to the point that it was bleeding when I got up the next morning and I had major dents in my head from the straps and was still getting face farts. Entering the settings menu and changing the factory set pressure from 21, yes 21, to 11 should make this thing functional. I even used a new mask last night that has a foam lining on top of the soft plastic and it was more comfortable but at 21 psi or whatever it still blew the face farts and enough air was entering my mouth that my cheeks would puff out. Really made for a relaxed nights sleep, say what? I'll see if my unit has an adjustment for EPR and set that on 3 as I was having to force air out with ever exhale way too much, felt like I was trying to blow through a sheet. Why in hell don't the mfgrs. , that could even be mfkrs, give us this info in the brochure is beyond me, this is not rocket science. Hasta la vista.

  13. When I first got my C-Pap they explained about the "ramp" after trying it I use to go to bed sit on the edge of my bed and turn the C-pap on and leave the mask sitting on my bed until it was up to pressure than put the mask on! when they called me and started asking me how I was doing with it I refused to answer any questions until they walked me through shutting off the ramp. When I get a new machine the first question I ask id"is the ramp on or off" THEN SHUT IT OFF Oh and yes I use a Bi-Pap , want to see me wake up in a hurry ? Let the power go out or the hose unplug or as once happened a broken mask during sleep. It's instant awake for me!So yes always keep a spare mask tube filters etc. and if you do get a new machine and your old one still works, put it away where you can grab it if needed you will never regret it!

  14. Hi everyone. I've just got my new machine and the thing keeps turning it's self of for a couple of seconds then starts to re ramp itself all through the night. The pressure for me is set for 14.6 but as others had said it's like a jet engine blasting in my face. Any ideas why it keeps doing this?

  15. Thank you for the video. Been on the cpap for two years, I remember the Dr saying I stopped breathing 60 times an hour and he set my pressure to 10. I checked the clinical today as per your video and the pressure was set at Four! The same ad the ramp pressure!!! I changed to 10. Thanks.

  16. Thank you so much. I've only been using this machine for a week but I'm already tired of waking up with so much air being blown in my face. I will try this tonight.

  17. Thank you so much for this information. The company that I got mine from in Utah is a useless joke also. They have awful service and try to hide things, and keep remote control of my machine. They also wanted to put me on a "suggested" automatic resupply for filters, hoses, masks, etc. for almost $1400 a year. They are as fraudulent as they come. I'm glad to find they don't have to control my machine. I too keep feeling like I'm both in a wind tunnel and suffocating at the same time. They just tell me it takes time to get used to it.

  18. Thanks so much for explaining this. My machine was also blowing way too hard. They adjusted it remotely (they can do that) and then suddenly upped the pressure again…without notice. At least I can control my own comfort now, instead of having to ask – AND PAY – for help with such minor settings Playing with peoples health for profit…it's criminal.

  19. I have had my machine for a couple days now and I had the exact same thing happened to me where it felt like there was a jet engine blowing in my face and I also have the same deal where I feel like I'm a little bit suffocating when I first put the mask on in the evening so I asked my doctor at the Sleep Clinic and he had no idea what I was talking about. And apparently the exact same things have happened to you so I'm definitely going to take this advice and change the numbers.
    Thank you very much

  20. Thank you for showing me how to get in. I got mine through the VA and I had a simple request – set the screen to show AHI (as the manual says "your provider" can do) so that I did not have to keep logging on to the ResMed webpage just for that. First, the tech at the VA did not even know that could be done, let alone how to do it. He said he would have to check with the ResMed Rep next time he came through. Every time I would check back with him, "Oh, I forgot". Finally, he tells me that that setting is for the medical personnel to see. Wrong!! The manual clearly states that it is for the user to see ("If set by your healthcare provider") so that he can have an idea how he/she is doing on the machine. Then he tells me I can just log into my ResMed Account to get it. My response: "Why should I have to log into my account when the machine can be set to show the same info immediately on the 'Sleep Report'??" Then he tells me , "Well, you can get the ResMed App for your phone." Once again, "Why should I have to put an app on my phone (to show my ResMed Account), when you can just set the machine to display the exact same info??" Talk about frustrating. And the VA makes a BIG deal about how they want us Vets to have a voice and a high level of participation in all of our medical care. What a crock. My belief, either: a) he was to "Busy" (read "Lazy") to find out how to do this, or, b) he did not think I was smart enough to understand what the AHI numbers meant, even they I could get them from my ResMed Account.
    Again, Thank You.

  21. Thank you! Too bad Resmed doesn’t see the value in collaboration with their end users, my guess is they charge health care providers for a support service and don’t want to lose that revenue. The problem they underestimate the user.

  22. Thank you by the way, I'm selling one of these and desperately needed to know the hours of runtime, so this should tell me .

  23. Isn't this the fireworks guy????? 😂 Lol wow! Totally random sir, but I watch your other channel by the way, and was looking for tips on my machine today on Google, and found this video!!!! Awesome man!

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