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Breath in, breathing out!
That’s what I say throughout! Breath in, breathing out!
That’s what I say throughout! Oh, so you’ve been watching me work out? Eh? Rather breathe in.. and breathe out. Ooooh. This is tiring. So anyways, why don’t we talk about
Breathing today? Still can’t get a hint? Well, today we’ll talk about the
Human Respiratory system! Zoom in! Alright, do this, right now. I am watching you. Just start running wherever you are Run, run, run, run, run! Now stop! Isn’t your breathing heavy? Well, that’s because right now your body
needs more oxygen to breathe! And you get oxygen from the air around you. Without oxygen, you’d be like a
car without fuel.. ..a water-less pool and wouldn’t
that be uncool? One of the major reasons why you’re
alive is Oxygen! So take a deep breath in. When you breath in, you take in
oxygen present in the air. The air then passes through your nostrils. There are tiny hair present in
your nostrils.. ..that obstruct all the dust particles Then the air travels through the windpipe,
also called the Trachea.. ..which filters the air inhaled. The Trachea branches out to
two tubes called Bronchi. Where tiny hair called Cilia move
back and forth moving the mucus inside. The Mucus is a sticky substance that
collects germs and other particles.. ..that might harm the lungs. The Bronchi then carry air into each lung. The right has three lobes whereas,
the left lung has two lobes. The left lung is slightly smaller in size
to give space to the heart. These lobes are filled with small and
spongy air sacs called alveoli.. ..where the exchange of oxygen and
carbon dioxide happens It is here, the blood picks up oxygen
and lets go off carbon dioxide. Just beneath the lungs, there’s a
dome-shaped muscle called Diaphragm.. ..that contracts when you breathe in and
expands when you breathe out. It also separates the chest cavity from
the abdominal cavity. TRIVIA TIME! The lungs are the only organs
that can float on water. A person breathes approximately
20,000 times in one day. So friends! Didn’t you just gasp and
grasp all the facts? Tune in next time for more fun facts. This is me zooming out!


  1. Woah! So amazing! I have to study for respiratory in class an this helped me so much. Thanks very much!

  2. Thank you so much for your amazing videos. They are short and very informative! My children and I learn new things from them. Thank you again for providing something that will help my children grow instead of just nonsense on YouTube. God bless yall

  3. Excuse me Dr. Binoculars on my school picture of the respiratory system the left lung has 3 sacs whilst the right lung has 4 sacs. Are you sure you are correct

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