Respironics Dreamstation Auto CPAP Clinical Setup

hey guys this is Adrienne from Texas medical research and supply located here near the Fort Worth area Fort Worth Texas I'm gonna show you today how to do the clinical setup or at least how to get in the menu and change the pressure what I have here is a dream station Auto PAP the CPAP that they're all basically the same if you have a model similar to this they all pretty much look the same so I'm just gonna turn it on here and show you what the settings are okay say I just got this machine it's set at 7 the pressure set at 7 now me personally I can sleep at about I don't know 11 to 12 seems to be my number where I get the best sleep so I'll show you how to get into this menu so all you do is make sure the machine is off you got the ramp button on the side here and you got this pushing button this big round turn button push both of these in at the same time and hold them down and watch the screen ok now you're in the clinical menu this is the clinical menu on the Respironics dream station okay so if I go to therapy click the button in now we have it sent to auto ok if I click this in I can change it to CPAP or autos pretty much the ones you're going to use so I'm just going to change this to CPAP because say I just want to actually set my pressure and there it is right there okay you see they're in increments of 5 they go all the way from 4 to 20 so say I wanted mine for the night set to 12 I would just click the button in again now it's set to 12 and I can simply just hit this top button in to exit back out now if I want to do the auto PAP the way auto PAP works is very simple also okay so you have an arrow down and arrow up on there your starting or your say your lowest pressure you can set it if you don't want it to be four you can set it at your absolute lowest pressure that you want the machine to operate at so I usually I usually I don't care I let the Machine judge the way I breathe so in your top level it won't go any higher than ten so your top level I got my machine set at twenty so you can see from four to twenty those are the its those are the pressures in between I just click it again okay so now I have it set to auto so when I just stick this mask on my face at night it'll go from anywhere in between four and twenty okay that's pretty much that's pretty much it and then I can go click the main menu and if I want to go back into therapy say I just want to I'm gonna I'm gonna switch this actually so I can show you oh go to CPAP and we'll set the OH we'll set the pressure to I don't know just an experiment here but set it to fourteen okay we need the top button it goes back to the menu there we go so now we're at fourteen it's that simple so that's basically the clinical menu there's a few other settings that you can get in in there and kind of look around you can set the Machine to where it automatically turns off when you take the mask off your face for those of you who like that I personally don't like it but I guess it helps for some people that take their masks off because you don't want to interfere with the the readings because if you ever masks just off and it's just laying there on the table or on the bed or whatever you know you don't want to do that so if anyone has any questions just comment below please like and subscribe I will have a lot more information in videos about these different machines again this is the Respironics dream station the model this is the model it's a DSX 500 s11 which is basically an auto CPAP with humidifier I got the humidifier right here so this just plugs into the back of that so if anyone has any questions just let me know or you can visit us on the web at Tex Med research comm ste X meed and then research comm thank you have a good day


  1. I work at a sleep clinic. You are not supposed to make those kind of changes without a script from the Dr. You could develop health issues if you do not use the machine as prescribed by your sleep dr. I skipped thru the video so you may have said this but if not………you can be held legally liable for showing this and if folks do what you say and get sick… can be sued. I suggest in future videos to mention to not make these changes without Dr. Permission.

  2. Thanks heaps – was wondering about the black art of setting the pressures. Thsis means i can do it myself now.

  3. Patients should not change their own CPAP pressure. The sleep study determines the proper pressure and changing it can actually make your apnea worse. I’ve been an RT for 30 years.

  4. I have this cpap. My heated hose tore and they sent me basic tubing. Do I just attach the hose to the humidifier part?

  5. my Phillips dream machine has been a life saver these last 8 months. then… I wake up in the middle of the night and it isn't working screen is flashing "service required 031718 – 01472" Help me O CPAP guru …please?

  6. Hi my Dreamstaion doesn't have the Auto button. Is mine an older one (bought new 12 months ago) Iam want to adjust my minimum pressure to 4 but cant seem to find the location.

  7. Traveling in Europe – My Dream Station Auto CPAP died. The supplier sent me another with no instructions on how to set it to my diagnosed pressure. Watched your YouTube video and set it from the pre-set 4.0 to my Rx of 9.0. Works perfectly. Thank you Texas Medical Research.

  8. How do I get my machine to start automatically when I put my mask on. My old machine would start as soon as I take my first breath.

  9. Thanks for the video,so that means dreamstaation can set to APAP or CPAP?
    Clinic said that APAP can be switch to CPAP but not the opposit

  10. I'm too old school for all these fancy-schmancy features. Don't need 'em, don't like 'em, don't want 'em. So off they go. But to each their own. I had my previous machine for decades. Yes, decades, plural. Old school, I told ya. Thank you.

  11. I change my pressure from 9 to 10 and started my machine and it worked great. But, the next day I started my machine and it's back to the old settings. Is there a way to save my changes so I don't have to redo it everyday?

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