ReStockKit Visual First Aid Refill- Restock Tool

>> MFASCO: Hello everyone, my name is Mike
with MFASCO Health and Safety. I’ve been helping people restock their first
aid supplies for over 30 years. I mention that because today, I’m excited
to introduce a whole new way to restock your first aid cabinet. RestockKit is a visual refill system that
is the fastest and easiest way to refill your industrial first aid cabinet. If your kit looks anything like these, and
you don’t want to fuss with creating a checklist, then RestockKit is for you. Here’s how it works. First, select the first aid kit that best
matches what you have. Now, use the quick navigation buttons just
above the kit image to print your checklist. Next, check your cabinet, place a quantity
or a check mark in the square for the items that you want to restock. When you’re done, come back to the RestockKit
page where you got your checklist. Using your completed checklist as a reference,
find the items on the RestockKit page and click each item that you want to restock. A pop up box will appear where you can change
the quantity to whatever you need, and then add to cart. Continue referring to your checklist and add
all the items that you need. When you finish ordering, click the Checkout
button to complete the checkout process. RestockKit can also remind you to check your
first aid supplies. On the RestockKit first aid cabinet page that
you just used, click on the gray circle above the kit that says, Schedule a Reminder and
then enter the email address where you want the reminder sent and select your frequency. Then click Create Reminder. That’s it. When the frequency date arrives, an email
will be sent with a link back to the RestockKit page where you can begin the process again. You can cancel the reminder at any time and
there is no obligation. We have many other helpful resources to help
you get you started checking your first aid supplies. See our blog or search our website for more

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