Restore Addiction Recovery – Jon's Story

my name is John Lucas I live most of my life here in Ohio I grew up in upstate New York and I was raised by a Christian family so I had a really good upbringing I knew right from wrong my issues with addiction started to become evident in high school I can trace it all the way back to when I was a sophomore I had received an injury and track and what that led to was me being prescribed opiates and I'll never forget the first time I accidentally got high off opiates it was like my eyes were opened all of a sudden I could focus you know I was one of those kids who really struggled with paying attention staying focused and what this seemed to do is it took away all my social anxiety helped me focus and I really felt like wow this is how I should feel all the time and from that moment forward drugs became a pitbull part of my life as this issue began to bloom it went from prescription painkillers to full-blown heroin because it was cheaper it was more affordable and it was everywhere and it was at that point that my life just started a spiral out of control and I remember one particular day waking up in a puddle of my own puke looking around and seeing syringes and just wondering how did I get to this point in my life and at that point I thought I was completely broken but I was not yet ready and it took about another 2 or 3 years of falling on my face getting clean with cheer willpower and then relapsing all over again but what I started to realize was there was not no answer with him myself that could have saved me or broken these chains of addiction and I'm terrifying because at this point I realized I'm the issue and I don't have the tools that fix this so when I came to the ministry and a coordinator by the name of Michael Sabo sat down in front of me he told me John you were looking for something in this world that the world can't offer and at that point he started to impart himself to me he said listen I've been where you're at I've sat in the same chairs you were sitting in and what you're thinking right now I also have thought those thoughts and I've had those feelings I'm here to tell you that there is hope through Jesus Christ I've done treatment programs have done outpatient and inpatient but what I was experiencing here wasn't just a temporary altering of behavior I started to feel authentic transformation take place in the inside of me but in the safe confines in this ministry I was able to face these internal battles that I've had my whole life that I was just masking with drugs and for the first time in my life I began to take pride and who I was as a man and more importantly who I was in Jesus Christ and that's what it all comes back to with Jesus Christ my identity being in him and as I started to walk as a responsible man of God I saw all these things start to fall in place in my life I was in this atmosphere of love and acceptance and men wanting a better life searching for their identities in Christ and the ministry just provided this whispers I used to wake up with fear desperation pain anxiety absolute depression and hopelessness me now I wake up every single morning before work I am just there's joy I just wake up and even this morning I wake up with just waves of joy coming over me that's just I have hope something I never had before because I know what God's done in my life up until this point so I know what he's gonna do with the rest of my life I just continue pursuit him you


  1. How do I get the help this man got? I want the same exact help because our stories are identical except that…ugh never mind no one is going to see this anyway.

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