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Hi folks, I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist, Brad Heineck physical therapist Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet in our opinion of course, Bob. Today Brad we’re gonna talk about how to restore your bad neck curve with a simple towel stretch And we’re also going to talk about why you want to restore it and why you get that curve possibly And what can influence it just from day to day work and activity and stresses but There are people out there! Hi. Take a look at them. By the way if you are new to our channel Please take a second to subscribe to us. We provide videos on how to stay healthy, fit, pain-free, and we upload everyday Also, please go over to Facebook and like us because if you don’t like us We’re gonna look like this face right here sad, but if you like us we’re gonna look like this What are we doing with this thing? I think it’s always a wonderful demonstration of the stresses on your neck The simple activities such as working at the computer, driving your car, watching a movie at your couch Yeah, cuz a bowling ball weighs about well some of them they I think they run it from about 10 pounds to 16 pounds And your head is about 10 pounds Yeah, you got all that brain that you have in there. I don’t know if it’s brains but something’s in there So anyway that ball on top of your spine Puts a lot of stress on you, you get that massive intelligence and yeah There’s that weight there and something has to hold it up and it’s the spine and then the neck muscles around it Let’s say we are sitting with your cell phone Or at a computer and your head is going forward like this and that weight of your head takes a fair amount of energy to support, so i’m going to go ahead like this, so the Formula is basically every inch you go forward that’s another 10 pounds of stress on your neck It doesn’t mean your head is gaining 10 pounds, but the physics of it the leverage of your head being For example that’s the whole deal with this, Bob is it easy to hold it here? Okay, so right now. Yeah It’s lined up. You know this would be my ears are right over my shoulders They’re looking at the profile, if I start going head forward, now look at this Brad I can even hold this with one hand, the muscles don’t have to work that hard Start going forward, all right now There’s a little bit of stress on my wrist and you know imagine this stress for hours, because this is what people do, so if I’m looking at my cell phone I’ve got about the same angle as this Take this hand off of there Bob. Yeah, see it’s much heavier just because of the angle and the physics of it And so let’s say you’re way forward like this You know and these are people I see going down like this looking at their cell phone Now I mean my hands are fatiguing so this is always a great demonstration And we want to take that frown and turn it upside down right there you go It’s for that cute, yeah Yeah, all right, so let’s get rid of this, so if we look at the neck itself and the head would be here Here’s our spine That bad neck curve that we have in the title of this is this putting an awful lot of stress on The spine itself and it’s not so much the vertebra that causes a problem It’s the discs between the vertebra and it can pinch the nerves that come out, which eventually into the shoulder and into the arm So you get pain in the neck and it refers down to the arm, or all the way into the hand Also with this it’s not just a spine But there are muscles particularly the scalene muscles that are right in here and they help hold your head up When you go forward they tighten up. They’re part of the muscles that are holding your head from flopping down like this and They can actually pinch the artery the vein and the nerve Complex, and not only irritate the nerve but can restrict the blood flow going down into the arm And that’s why you start getting those sensations into your arm and sometimes they’re very strange sensations They might be like numbness and tingling and sometimes you do get different Sensitivity to temperatures, exactly so and now there’s more Bob, but wait There’s more, I always like saying that, but wait there’s more But TMJ problems with the jaw with your head forward like And that’s very easy to relate to Brad because just try to swallow with your head like this, And now try to swallow with your head lined up correctly And you’ll find out that there’s a great difference, and if you eat like that with your head forward You are eventually could develop you know Problems with your jaw right that TMJ issues. It’s not lined up. The other thing I’d like to bring up Brad is that when your head is like this now this part is forward this part is extended and this is where you get tension in here, right up in that upper Cervical area and that results in the headaches now, so if you’re getting headaches that feel like they’re coming from your neck And they’re going up, a lot of times They’re one-sided They’re going up one side of the head and maybe even into the eye that is the greater occipital nerve you’re putting pressure on So that’s another reason why a bad neck curve can result in pain So how would I take care of this it can be very simple you can you know grab a towel Just go to the bathroom grab a towel in the kitchen wherever You also can use this stretch out strap I want to get a chair because this is best done in a chair, I agree Now I’m going to use a stool here I should’ve probably been prepared. I don’t see our stretch out strap right off the hand, it’s right down there Bob It’s on our shelf displayed to everyone on the floor, in front Bob Wow Have a seat Bob Okay, am I using this or am I using a towel? We should use a towel because we said a towel Before you get to the towel you do a very simple little stretch warm up, our chin tucks, always the chin tucks While you’re getting your towel prepared you can do a few chin tucks, the other thing when you’re doing the chin tucks you already want to make sure you in good posture. I don’t want you going down here, I mean your shoulders got to be up they’re lined up over the hips your ears are lined up with the shoulders Okay, we got the towel Now there’s two ways you can use this towel Bob You show them your way, and I’ll show my way, mine I use the edge of the towel, that’s called the selvage Yeah, we usually have someone correct us in the comments And I go like this and I actually make a cool cape Use that edge right underneath my ears or I can move up and down the spine as needed With some people it might be more comfortable I think I’ll do the corners And I roll it around like this and you get a little more padding this way Because sometimes we’re getting real specific and with the solfege it’s too aggressive, and you’ll know But here, and it does work best to have a chair that you can lean against like Bob has, yeah exactly You can do it without it, but it’s more comfortable with. in other words You can do it standing or sitting but it is more comfortable sitting relax your back, go ahead Bob, On this one the difference is I know I got it like right below my ears As you see lined up here, and I got the edge there I’m gonna actually when I bring my neck back my hands go up with it, So I’m a lot of times we say we even make little bunny ears We call it, like this Brad, and then we follow the bunny ears, or the bunny ears follow you I never say that to my patients but Bob does, I got a different one I’m a lot more fun apparently, okay Brad don’t you show your direction? So with this a lot of times, I’ll have people just start here And they go back like this and correct that curve and go back and relax And this is for people that, now you’re pulling down, yeah I’m pulling gently and you can also go up with this as well and Pulling up gently, so I’m pulling up towards the ceiling right now And whether you’re doing either one this should feel like a good stretch on your neck This is not no pain no gain. This is you want to actually normally less pain If it still hurts when you’re doing this you might have to make adjustments like if you’re doing this one You might try a little lower and go down a little bit lower and give it a try My neck just cracked there a little bit A little cavitation for Christmas. Oh yes, I got my Christmas tie on, it is a few days before Christmas Yeah, they’re singers, maybe we should sing Bob Alright anything else Brad you want to show No well, if you do happen to have the strap a couple things nice about the strap is it has the loops and that way if you have arthritic hands, and you have a hard time grasping that towel you can get your hands in here and get your thumb in there, or you can grab it like this and here, I’m gonna go down And every six inches there’s a loop so it makes it very versatile and there you can see I can start low That actually works out good because there’s a lot of people that don’t like the pain at c7 So this is actually a great way to really kind of get focus on that area where you can’t really with a towel and you wouldn’t do it with a shirt and tie on like this, you got to have a t-shirt on where you can get, because This canvas tech material actually grips on your skin and your body Wow that’s cool Brad. I didn’t realize that, well we learn something new every day Yeah, go ahead, one thing that I found out by starting to use the stretch out strap Which you always talked about if you have arthritic hands and stuff But even when I’m stretching my hamstrings. I put my hands in that loop and it’s just relaxing I’m not pulling, right I’m laying there and kind of letting gravity do its thing and that’s the key to stretching Learning how to relax and breathe and let your body stretch Don’t force it, so this is a new discovery Brad because it’s really hard to get down to that lower spine. Yeah, right here, Wow that is cool Now you can see that, it kind of grips in there, you better believe it’s gripping, Wow So that’s like if you’re getting kind of knots in that upper area there, get to the upper thoracics a little bit Wonderful. Okay. Well once again we discovered I’m thinking we’re getting close to that one big discovery we’re working on, we can fix just about anything Except for a broken heart, there you go is it right in here Bob? We work hard every day to do it I don’t know. It’s over here somewhere. Thanks for watching You


  1. I sometimes notice myself tilting my head back while play games. Also turning my head hurts when I do that. This is great thanks bros.

  2. Thankyou today I woke up with neck pain because of the pillow, I changed it to medical one but still I'm not feeling okay,so please give me advice for how to get the perfect pillow,thanks again.

  3. I really watch my neck posture when sitting and walking but every single morning I wake up with my neck forward and I don't know what to do I sleep on my side and I have pillows all around me but somehow in the middle of the night my neck goes forward any ideas?

  4. You guys are awesome as always πŸ™‚ stay blessed and live a long healthy life for us to learn more from you two πŸ˜€

  5. You two Souls are so Awesome.
    I was hurt so bad Through Medical Malpractice to my neck.
    I Shed My Blood Over The Los Angeles River Bridge on September/15/2008, My Scalp was torn off, Multiple Fractures to My Flesh Body's Scull (Went Brain Dead, Left Flesh Body, Went Straight To Heaven), Fractured C1-3, T1-3, L1-5, Broke Two Ribs, Punctured Both Lungs, Fractured My Left Shoulder, One Leg, and One Arm. Anyways When I Was Taken Out Of Coma The 5 Surgeons That Bolted The Halo In My Skull Asked A Nurse That Was Working Her First Day On The Job To Help Them When They Were Looking Me Over Because No Other Nurses Were Available. I Put The Surgeons In Awe And As They Were Talking About How It Was Impossible For Me To Do What I Did They Asked Their Nurse To Put Some Type Of Cream On My Staples, She Spun Around Behind Me And Her Clothes Caught The Back Bars Of My Halo And She Ripped My Halo Out Of My Skull And Refractured My Neck (One Of The 5 Surgeons Grabbed Her By The Throat And The Other 4 Surgeons, Two On Both Sides Of Her, Looked Like They We're About To Start Punching Her As I Shouted To Leave Her Alone And Help Me). Anyways They Covered Everything Up By Altering My Medical Records When I Tried To Sue Them Through The California Medical Board And Treated Me So Terrible Untill I Left The Hospital.
    Now My Neck Is Curved and They Claim I Have Ankleosing Spondilitus and This Video I AM So Great full For.
    I AM So Sorry For Trying To Tell You ALL What Happened To Me, I Need A Lawyer So Bad, But Thank You Guys So Much!

  6. How long should I do this a day? Twice a day? Once a day? And for how long is suggested just 5 mins and my neck is so relaxed compared to before. I don’t have the curve in my neck and my neck is slightly crooked due to a car accident in 2015.

  7. Hello guys.
    I have a herniated disc at L5-S1.
    Is there anyway I can send you my gym training program so you can tell me which exercises to remove/replace ?
    And perhaps I'll also send a picture of my lumbar MRI.

  8. Dear Bob & Brad, I am one of your long term subscribers, your content is amazing.
    It is very nice of you both to make these amazing videos and present it with touch of Humor.
    Your chin tuck technique helped me a lot for almost an year but it is not work for past few weeks. I am not sure if am doing anything wrong.
    I have herniated disc in my neck for past three years, extrusion c6-c7. My right arm nerve pinch by the herniated disc.
    Two years after the incident were miserable, for almost 1 year your chin tuck exercise every morning and during the day saved me.
    Past few weeks is different. I am continuously checking my posture, doing chin tucks, doing the towel exercise, but nothing seem to help. What else can I do?
    Please help, thank you in advance.
    My email: [email protected]

  9. I love watching you guys -wish you would advise people if they had a new hip each time if they should do certain things like pulling you knees to chest for back exercises etc. thank you M,k

  10. You guys are great!! Love your channel!! Can you recommend a good pillow for someone who is a side sleeper
    And suffers stiff necks also likes a some what firm pillow??? Would really appreciate your recommendation???
    Thank you!!!

  11. How does forward head posture (straight neck or even reversed neck) pinches the curve? If anything it looks like it opens up the hole for the nerves. Please explain!!

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